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How to work from home when you have a three year old demon

Since November of last year, I’ve been working from my bedroom doing tech support for a security company and I love the fact that I don’t have to leave the house, but boy did I underestimate how hard it would be to do being a mom who is always home with kids. Especially my threenager. If you are a dedicated reader, you’ll remember a post I did months ago about the Pros and Cons of working from home. I love that I get to be around my daughter more but being around her more makes me want a break more. This post is more as an update from my previous one. So, my daughter knows that I work from home and knows my hours and when to be quiet, for the most part…but sometimes, she’s an absolute demon and will find any reason to scream like a banshee when I am on the phone with a customer. I’ve had to seriously prepare like it was the zombie Apocalypse on my work days when dealing with her. I don’t have a babysitter, because I don’t want to pay one, if you’re wondering. Here’s what I do:


If you really can’t get a babysitter or don’t want one like me, make sure you stock up on snacks at your work station so if your kid is in the room with you, you can keep them fed easily. I work early in the morning, so my daughter will wake up when it’s breakfast time and I can’t always just get off phones to get her cereal. I keep granola bars, fruit snacks, and any other healthy breakfast-like snack near me during work hours. I now have a mini fridge in my room, so I can keep a small glass of milk and juice in there too. Oh, a tv tray is a great thing to keep in there too.

Child gates

Since my daughter is only three, there is no way in hell she can roam the house alone. She will destroy it. So, I put a child gate up in the hallway blocking off the living room, making so she’ll only be able to go into my room or her room. She hates the gate but doesn’t fight me about it too often. I just tell her if she goes in the living room by herself, the cats will eat her. Don’t judge me, it works.


I don’t know if tablets are your thing, but that’s what keeps my daughter the most occupied. I also bring coloring books and crayons in my room as well to keep her entertained. Since I have the rest of the house blocked off, my daughter can only go in her room or mine so if she gets bored in mine, she’ll go play with her toys in hers.


If you work from home and are attached to your computer by a headset, I HIGHLY recommend getting a wireless headset or a headset with a really long cord so you can wipe your kids butt. No joke, it was a nightmare before I had a super long cord.


Stock up on juices and water in your work space, because kids are always so thirsty and want drinks when you are in the middle of something. For whatever reason, when my daughter says she’s thirsty, she does not stop saying it until I give her something. So I keep waters mainly, right next to me for that reason.

Working from home is awesome, but it can be difficult when you don’t have a babysitter or when your kid is a demon like mine, but these tips are how I handle it and it turns out alright like 90% of the time.

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Three year old’s and what they do when you’re not looking

Arts & Crafts (1).png

My husband has always said our three-year- old is a ninja. Anytime I left, I always came home to something ruined, or destroyed because of our daughter. I argued with him because our daughter never got away with that kind of stuff when I was home-I paid that close attention to her. So, she never really got into things on my watch… Until recently.

I think she caught on to the fact that I watch her closer (Way closer) than anyone else and she got quicker and sneakier at doing things she isn’t suppose to do. Here is how sneaky my three-year-old has become because of me.


Red Lipstick

Averie and I were in my room watching T.V., she was sitting on my bed with one of her toys, watching PJ Masks. I walked out for not even 3 minutes to get a snack and drinks for us, and when I come back in, I sit on the bed and she’s in the bathroom washing her hands. I ask her to come out and when she does, she walks out all nonchalant, with bright red lipstick all over her face, eyes, stomach, legs and arms. I asked her, “What on earth is on your face?!” With a little smirk, she replied, “There’s nothing on my face.” In a matter of three minutes, she managed to find a tube of my liquid lipstick and cover pretty much her whole body in it. It took days to get it all off of her. 



Dish Soap

One day, I was sitting on my bed folding clothes and Averie was in her room playing…So I thought. I keep my door wide open and her room is right next to mine so I should of seen her leave her room… but I didn’t. My husband was outside, working on my car and when he walks in, he finds our daughter at the kitchen sink doing dishes with an entire bottle of dish soap. It was a brand new bottle that hadn’t even been used yet and she dumped out the entire bottle into the sink of three plastic bowls that were already clean before she got to them. There were so much bubbles, that they were still present in the sink hours later. 


One day, Averie said she had to pee (Don’t know why, but she always insists on telling me before she actually goes to the bathroom), so I tell her to go and to not play in my in my bathroom… I don’t know why I thought she would actually listen this time, but I did. She was in there for 5 minutes and when I went to go get her out, she had gotten into my Vaseline and put it all over her face and in her hair and topped it off with putting 4 bows in the front of her hair. After that, she gets in my bed, full of Vaseline and falls asleep.



Snack Queen

All this girl wants is snacks. I swear, she just thinks of me as her snack bitch. She won’t eat lunch or dinner hardly ever, but she can eat snacks all day, everyday. The other day, she had already had a string cheese, a granola bar and fruit snacks, all within an hour and of course, she wanted more. I told her no more for right now and then she disappeared into her room. I go in there after about 5 minutes, because she was being quiet, and find her eating more fruit snacks and crackers… I don’t even know how she got them. All the snacks are up in a high cupboard in the kitchen and I was in the living room the whole time and didn’t hear her at all.

My three-year-old has become a master ninja if she’s figured out how to sneak around me. I notice everything. 

Tell me about your toddlers and their sneakiness.


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Activities for your kids when they are bored


This is the number one phrase that drives a mom crazy… “I’m bored, mom!” My teenager use to say it all the time. He doesn’t anymore since I started giving him no so fun things to do so he wouldn’t be bored. HA! Right now, it’s my 5-year old that says it. She’s got a sister and a room full of stuff to play with and she tells me she’s bored. My idea to solve bordem is make them clean but then we all  know they’d be complaining about that. So here is a list of kid friendly things to keep your young ones from driving you crazy with that phrase. 

Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts

What my husband and I did was cleared out one of our lower kitchen cupboards and turned it into the craft cupboard. We have everything from coloring books to glitter in that cupboard and our girls love it. Keeps them entertained for hours. If  you’d like to create something like this, here’s what we have in ours: 

  • Coloring books & crayons
  • Markers
  • Glue sticks
  • Notebooks
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Stickers
  • Foam shapes
  • Googly stick on eyeballs
  • Construction paper
  • Pencils
  • Kid friendly scissors
  • Glitter glue
  • Color by number books
  • Puzzles


Arts & Crafts (1)

The other day, my husband build a blanket fort in the living room for the kids and they spent like 2 hours in that thing. Literally just laying there. We filled it full of pillows, books and their stuffed animals and they just had a blast. Here’s what you need to make a successful blanket fort:

  • Blankets of course
  • Furniture such as couch and/or chairs
  • Pillows
  • Books/coloring books
  • Toys

Learning activities


My 5-year old is all into homework and learning right now. She loves learning to read and write words especially. I have partnered with  to provide you guys with some awesome learning activity worksheets. Here is a message from Courtney at

Little ones are always on the move, so they will love tracing these transportation words. Moms will love the practice kids get with letter formation and word recognition. For even more fun educational resources, visit

Here is a list of what offers:

  • Maze
  • Word search
  • Word search with images
  • Crossword puzzle
  • Word scramble
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Division
  • Multiplication
  • Spelling Test
  • Matching words to images
  • Word Tracer

Right now, I am featuring their word tracer worksheet. My 5 year old loves things like this, especially since she’s learning to read and write. This has been a big help to her and it’s such an awesome feeling to see how proud of herself she is for writing words! You can download their worksheet below or go to their website and look at all their worksheets they have for grades pre-k to 5th grade! Click the link below to download this word tracer worksheet!


word tracer_travel

Movie & Snacks

We like to all watch movies in the living room. On the floor with pillows surrounding us, eating snacks. The girls love to do this and so does my teenager really. Good way to keep them all occupied. Another genius way to keep them entertained would be to put them in a box. Don’t know why, but kids love boxes. A good snack would be fruit pieces. My kids love fruit. Below I have listed everything that would be good to use during movie time:

  • Pillows
  • kid tray full of fruit
  • blankets
  • Boxes
  • Juice boxes

Cat Toys

As funny as this sounds, give them cat toys when they say they’re bored. They’ll either play with it (Like my daughter does) or play with the cat with it if you have one. If not, then the toy should entertain them because you know that things that aren’t theirs seem to entertain them more than the stuff that is theirs. My three-year old will play with our cat for hours with a cat toy. The funny part is, our cats will following her for hours.


Outdoor fun!

Let them play outside (Not when it’s freezing of course). Get a swing set or a jungle gym for them to play on. My daughter would sleep outside if I let her. She has a playhouse, a jungle gym and a swing. She lives all of them, but would play in the dirt over anything. Even if we had absolutely nothing in our backyard, she would still rather be outside.  She is actually okay with the idea of her sleeping in her playhouse.  She won’t sleep in her room, but she’ll sleep outside. Go figure. 


There are a ton of other things your kids can do, these are just my personal favorites!

Hope you all enjoyed, and please check out



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12 must have items for a toddler mom

t to know me.


HAIR TIES. Toddler are mess eaters (They are pretty much messy at everything they do). Keep these suckers in your purse, wallet or bra or wherever when you leave the house, trust me. You never know when you’ll need one. 


De-tangler spray… for when they do get food in their hair and refuse to let you brush it out because it hurts. 


Color wonder paper and markers because they insist on using markers but can’t be trusted with real ones to not destroy the walls. 


Step stool. They want to almost everything themselves, but can’t reach anything. (Averie helped me with laundry the other day using her step stool. She even started the washer for me.)


Cocoa butter Vaseline works great for their lips. It has helped my toddler more than chap stick ever did. Works great for dried out noses as well. 


Potty Seat. WOOO POTTY TRAINING. It’s a pain in the rear for me. She’s stubborn. 



Glow in the dark stars. 


I just recently took the tv out of Averie’s room and the glow in the dark stars have really helped her to adjust without the tv. 



Leapfrog My pal’s. 


Leapfrog My Pal Scout/Violet toy. My daughter loves this toy. It’s helped her learn her ABC’s, count, and learn songs. She will talk to this toy all night. 



Baby doll (for a boy or girl). It teaches them how to care for babies and prepares them for when they are mommies and daddies. 


Headache relief for when your toddler insists on being an A-hole all day. 


Tablet for when they are absolutely impossible. Trust me, this comes in handy when you want a nap. 


Wine. Enough said. Mom’s of toddlers will just get it. 


What are your essentials for your toddlers, big kids or teens? Let me know down below. 



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You know you have a toddler when…


…they insist on looking in the toilet after you’ve done your business.

you find the fridge open, and the ketchup, pickles and milk on the floor.

you never get a full drink to yourself.

you find your shoes, keys, socks, and brush in their rooms, hidden behind their pillow.

you hear them talking to inanimate objects as if they were people.

the word you hear like 90% of the time is the word snack.

you give them what they ask for and then get yelled at because in 2.5 seconds they decided they didn’t want it and you didn’t already know.

TODDLER: Small creature who is only hungry after you throw away the food they refused to eat the first eighty times you offered it to them.

they refuse to put pants on…

they hide their pants because they don’t want to wear them.

they insist on wearing someone else’s pants.

Pants are for mere mortals.

they never want to take a nap at naptime, but will fall asleep like 2 hours before their bedtime.


they don’t want to go to sleep at bedtime so they start demanding drinks.

baby shark is stuck in your head 24/7.


they sing a song about brushing their teeth in the baby shark song melody.

they know how to navigate YouTube better than you do.

they want to “Help” with literally everything you do.

they want to do everything themselves.

you go through an entire box of Band-Aids in a week.

Band-Aids have magical healing powers.

they don’t want to eat what you give them, yet they are always hungry.

they want to eat what is on your plate and not theirs when it’s literally the same food.


Do you have a toddler? What are some of the things that your toddler does? Tell me down below in the comments.



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How to drive Mama crazy in 5 easy steps: Toddler Edition

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Motherhood is trying, tiring and sometimes just drives us crazy. Lately, with my girls, I’ve gotten to this point. Almost to the point of day drinking, but not quite. They are both good girls, but are demons when they are together… Mini little demon tornado’s who listen to nothing I say. They know exactly what to do and say to push my buttons. Here’s how they drive me crazy in 5 steps:


Lanaia playing with her food and then getting her sister to play with her food, which results in a mess and Averie no longer wanting to eat her food. The part that drives me crazy the most is that Averie was eating her food no problem before her big sister started with her food and told her to do the same thing. 


Averie has been doing this thing lately where she’ll scream bloody murder when she doesn’t get what she wants. Literally about everything. I can’t break her of it. I’m to the point where I have to just ignore it when she does it or I’m really going to start day drinking. The worst part is, she knows it drives me crazy and she will do it just to see me get mad. 


There’s a perfect way to drive me nuts. Lanaia will ask for something and I’ll tell her no, then she’ll ask why and I’ll explain why (more than once) and then she’ll please a million times like her life depended on it, thinking the more times she says it, the chances of me giving it to her will be in her favor when iin reality she just gets time out. 


Averie likes to literally throw her toys across the room, at the wall, at the window and just all over. This drives me crazy, but it drives me even more crazy when her five year old sister starts doing it with her. Obviously she has more force because she’s stronger, so imagine when it’s like when she throws toys at the wall. Sigh. 


So this is just the cherry on top. Lanaia literally  cries about everything. Not exaggerating. Anytime she does anything, like trips over her own feet and falls 2 inches from the floor ON A PILLOW and cried like she broke a bone. Just the other day, her dad took her and Averie to McDonald’s for ice cream and to play in the play area. Averie is flying all over the play area and Lanaia cries because she’s scared of going up a few steps. This girl cries over flies landing on or near her. lol 

All of these drive me mad. Sometimes I hide in my closet, I’m not going to lie. 

What are the things your kids do that drive you crazy? I love stories, especially if they’re not mine.