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Activities for your kids when they are bored


This is the number one phrase that drives a mom crazy… “I’m bored, mom!” My teenager use to say it all the time. He doesn’t anymore since I started giving him no so fun things to do so he wouldn’t be bored. HA! Right now, it’s my 5-year old that says it. She’s got a sister and a room full of stuff to play with and she tells me she’s bored. My idea to solve bordem is make them clean but then we all  know they’d be complaining about that. So here is a list of kid friendly things to keep your young ones from driving you crazy with that phrase. 

Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts

What my husband and I did was cleared out one of our lower kitchen cupboards and turned it into the craft cupboard. We have everything from coloring books to glitter in that cupboard and our girls love it. Keeps them entertained for hours. If  you’d like to create something like this, here’s what we have in ours: 

  • Coloring books & crayons
  • Markers
  • Glue sticks
  • Notebooks
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Stickers
  • Foam shapes
  • Googly stick on eyeballs
  • Construction paper
  • Pencils
  • Kid friendly scissors
  • Glitter glue
  • Color by number books
  • Puzzles


Arts & Crafts (1)

The other day, my husband build a blanket fort in the living room for the kids and they spent like 2 hours in that thing. Literally just laying there. We filled it full of pillows, books and their stuffed animals and they just had a blast. Here’s what you need to make a successful blanket fort:

  • Blankets of course
  • Furniture such as couch and/or chairs
  • Pillows
  • Books/coloring books
  • Toys

Learning activities


My 5-year old is all into homework and learning right now. She loves learning to read and write words especially. I have partnered with  to provide you guys with some awesome learning activity worksheets. Here is a message from Courtney at

Little ones are always on the move, so they will love tracing these transportation words. Moms will love the practice kids get with letter formation and word recognition. For even more fun educational resources, visit

Here is a list of what offers:

  • Maze
  • Word search
  • Word search with images
  • Crossword puzzle
  • Word scramble
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Division
  • Multiplication
  • Spelling Test
  • Matching words to images
  • Word Tracer

Right now, I am featuring their word tracer worksheet. My 5 year old loves things like this, especially since she’s learning to read and write. This has been a big help to her and it’s such an awesome feeling to see how proud of herself she is for writing words! You can download their worksheet below or go to their website and look at all their worksheets they have for grades pre-k to 5th grade! Click the link below to download this word tracer worksheet!


word tracer_travel

Movie & Snacks

We like to all watch movies in the living room. On the floor with pillows surrounding us, eating snacks. The girls love to do this and so does my teenager really. Good way to keep them all occupied. Another genius way to keep them entertained would be to put them in a box. Don’t know why, but kids love boxes. A good snack would be fruit pieces. My kids love fruit. Below I have listed everything that would be good to use during movie time:

  • Pillows
  • kid tray full of fruit
  • blankets
  • Boxes
  • Juice boxes

Cat Toys

As funny as this sounds, give them cat toys when they say they’re bored. They’ll either play with it (Like my daughter does) or play with the cat with it if you have one. If not, then the toy should entertain them because you know that things that aren’t theirs seem to entertain them more than the stuff that is theirs. My three-year old will play with our cat for hours with a cat toy. The funny part is, our cats will following her for hours.


Outdoor fun!

Let them play outside (Not when it’s freezing of course). Get a swing set or a jungle gym for them to play on. My daughter would sleep outside if I let her. She has a playhouse, a jungle gym and a swing. She lives all of them, but would play in the dirt over anything. Even if we had absolutely nothing in our backyard, she would still rather be outside.  She is actually okay with the idea of her sleeping in her playhouse.  She won’t sleep in her room, but she’ll sleep outside. Go figure. 


There are a ton of other things your kids can do, these are just my personal favorites!

Hope you all enjoyed, and please check out



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50 Stocking stuffers for your teens

40 stocking stuffers for your kids (1)

Here I am with more stocking stuffer ideas. This time it’s for the teenagers who are harder to buy for than toddlers and young kids. This age, their interests change so quick, which makes them sometimes hard to shop for. Here are some things that teenagers will like and actually use!


  1. Blackhead removal kit
  2. Gel pens
  3. Face mask
  4. Lip treatment
  5. Head phones
  6. Wallet
  7. Journal/planner
  8. Make up brushes
  9. Compact mirror
  10. Small makeup bag
  11. Lotion
  12. Hair ties
  13. Body wash
  14. Makeup brushes
  15. Gift card for food
  16. Socks
  17. Sleep mask
  18. Bath bombs
  19. Body spray
  20. Gum
  21. Beanie
  22. Watch
  23. Comb
  24. Portable charger
  25. Lanyard
  26. Grooming kit
  27. Video game store gift cards
  28. Book
  29. SD Memory card
  30. Hand warmers
  31. Headphone splitter
  32. Hand sanitizer
  33. Texting gloves
  34. Tic Tacs
  35. Bluetooth speaker
  36. Movie tickets
  37. Razors
  38. Insta camera
  39. Sticky notes
  40. Toothbrush
  41. Starbucks gift card
  42. Coffee mug
  43. Travel sewing kit
  44. Travel tissues
  45. Hot cocoa, tea or coffee
  46. Pop corn
  47. Candy bar
  48. Chips
  49. Cookies
  50. Gloves


Again, there’s no need to spend that much on stocking stuffers. You can get most of these at the dollar store. So, don’t hurt your wallet by over paying on stocking stuffers. Teenagers are already expensive.

What are some things you like to put in your teenager’s stocking?


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How to drive Mama Crazy in 5 easy steps: Teenager Edition.



Honestly, I’m surprised that my 15-year-old step son hasn’t caused me to day drink yet! I swear, anything I say to this boy goes in one ear and out the other instantly. Getting this kid to take important things seriously is an ongoing battle. Him doing anything his parents ask him to do when they ask him to do it seems hopeless. Here’s how this boy drives me crazy:


Last week, I gave Dom his TV back after him getting it taken away for a while and I asked him to clean off his TV stand so he could put his TV on it because I was having the cable guy come the next morning to run cable in his room. Well, the next day, while he was at school, I go into his room to put his clothes on his bed and noticed his TV right in the MIDDLE OF HIS ROOM on the FLOOR in FRONT of the TV stand because he was too lazy to clean of the stand. I texted him to chew his ass for not doing what I asked and this is what he responded with…



The gross things I’ll find in this boys room will make anyone day drink…. Old dishes with some food still in them most of the time it’s cereal bowls with milk still in them. Cups or milk, cups of soda and cups pf juice in them. The nastiest thing I’ve found was a wad of gum sitting on his shelf. This was like an entire pack of chewed gum! He was too lazy to walk 6 feet to the garbage can.


I’ll sit on our couch and reach between the cushions to find something I dropped and find my step son’s disgusting socks instead. He leaves them literally everywhere EXCEPT for his laundry basket. He spends the majority of the time locked in  his room, why can’t he take his socks off in there?! He’s got his dad’s nasty smelling feet too.


So getting my step son to clean anything is like pulling teeth… When we finally get him to clean something, he’ll do it half-assed. One day, I asked him to clean HIS bathroom (three times I asked I might add) and when he finally cleaned it, it honestly looked like he just moved stuff around… He cleaned part of the inside of the toilet but not the outside which was nastier than the inside. He put more effort into half-ass cleaning than he would have just actually cleaning it right. 


This one really drives me crazy. This kid literally eats everything. He doesn’t care who’s it is. He eats 90% of the cereal and milk, pretty much all the snacks… The worst part is that it’s within a 2 day span that he demolishes the snacks. I noticed that he’ll do this when his dad and I  are not around or asleep, so that we have no proof that he did…? I don’t know. 


This kid is going to make us go broke with how much we spend on groceries now that he’s in his teens. 



I decided to give y’all an extra. So, he denies anything he does wrong. He can never be in the wrong even when there’s not hiding it. He will lie and make stories up that doesn’t point to him. He blames his faults on other people and sticks to his stories even though he’s a terrible liar. He knows he’s a terrible liar and that no one believes him but he still sticks to his story. Lol