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12 Strange things about me.


Hey y’all.

I’ve decided to do one of those “Every body resorts to these kinds of topics when they have writers block” topics, but I switched it up and decided to tell you the strange things about myself instead. Yes, it’s okay to laugh at my weirdness.

1. I have and obsession with paper. I love notebooks, new packs of paper and anything I can write on, pretty much. (I carry around 3 notebooks in my purse.) I will puy new notebooks, paper, index cards… anything paper when I don’t need it.

2. I also have a purse obsession. I’m not so bad now, but I use to switch purses every week.

3. When I sneeze, it has to be 3 times or more. If it isn’t 3 times or more, I don’t feel right and will make myself sneeze a third time.

4. I work in a place where I literally talk the entire eight hours that I am at work, but never have to talk or even see a single person. (Riddle much? Lol)

5. I have a very, VERY sick obsession with pimple popping, black head removal and white head popping videos. I honestly get a sick satisfaction when I watch these videos.

6. I also LOVE to pop pimples on myself when I have them and others when they let me, which my step son never lets me.

7. I have an obsession with dog’s noses. I love them and love to poke or grab them. My dog has learned that I love this and don’t give him a choice and just lets me do it now. Lol

8. Other people carry around a tooth brush or dental floss, but I carry a pair of socks in my purse all year around.

9. Oh yeah, I carry my pimple popping tools around with me… just in case.

10. I carry around a jar of Vaseline for…. Let your mind wander for a momentmy nose when it dries out. Where was your mind at? HAHA

11. I have a fear of space so extensive that I have a hard time watching movies about going to space. It makes me uncomfortable and just freaks me out. I don’t know why for sure, but it’s probably because space it too big and most of it is unknown, which I also hate.

12. I have a crazy obsession with Halloween. I mean to the point that I’m already planning next Halloween on November 1st. I also decorate like a maniac. I think this is normal, but I’ve been told by many that my love of Halloween is strange. This year, I plan to get a black Christmas tree and decorate it with Nightmare before Christmas stuff.

There you have it. Now everyone really knows what makes me so weird.
What are your strange traits or habits? I’d love to know them in the comments below.


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CLEAN FREAK SERIES: 10 strange cleaning hacks


Brace yourself, these hacks are weird, but they actually work.

1.) Can’t find your duster? No problem! Use a lint roller to dust everything. Best part is, the dust sticks to the roller and won’t be flying everywhere and making you sneeze. Don’t know about y’all, but dust makes my allergies go crazy!

2.) Tired of wearing your arms out by scrubbing, scrubbing, scrubbing the stuck on food off your dishes? Put a dryer sheet in yours sink full of dishes. It will soften the stuck on food, making it easier to clean off.

3.) Do you have pet hair everywhere and can’t find your vacuum? (Yes, it’s possible to lose a vacuum, my husband has done it. Hahaha.) Use a rubber glove to remove pet hair from your furniture.

4.) Need to clean your mattress? In a spray bottle, mix half a shot of vodka with some water and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Spray your mattress and let it air dry. The vodka will help kill the odor producing bacteria lingering in your mattress, and the essential oil will keep it smelling good.

5.) Can’t get that disgusting ring in your toilet to disappear? Coca-Cola will clean it for you. Pour a can of coca-cola around the rim of the toilet so that it coats the whole bowl. Leave it sitting in the toilet overnight so the acids in the Coca-Cola has time to break down the ring. Just imagine how bad Coca-Cola is for your body if it can break down rust rings in the toilet…


6.) Dusty ceiling fans? Use a pillow case to dust your ceiling fans so all the dust doesn’t fall on your furniture or floor, but will fall into the pillow case. Easy, right?

7.) Dirty iron? Scrub your dirty, discolored iron with white vinegar and salt to clean and make look brand new again.

8.) Did your kids put their artwork on your walls? Before scrubbing off the crayon, heat it up with a blow dryer to loosen it and then wipe away with sponge and soapy warm water.

9.) Clean dirty blenders quick! Fill dirty blender with warm water and a nickel sized amount of dish soap and turn on high speed for about a minute and then dump out and rinse out. BAM! Clean without having to scrub it.

10.) Dishwashers can clean more than just dishes… That’s right. You can stick numerous things in the dishwasher to clean them. Bath toys, shoes, hats, light covers… Bet you didn’t know that, huh?

When you don’t have the tools to accomplish  a cleaning task, you have to improvise. One of the things that mom’s are great at anyways.
If you liked these strange cleaning hacks, like, comment and/or share. Do you have strange cleaning hacks that actually work? I want to hear about them. Let me know in the comments below.