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Mama loves planners *Free Planner Pages*

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Having OCD can suck sometimes. Like badly, but parts of it, I don’t mind. Like the part that makes me super organized. I like being organized. I like knowing where things are when I need them. I like like having things written down in detail. That’s not a bad thing, right? If I’m not organized, I feel like I’ll forget something

Now, I’m going to clarify what I mean. I don’t organize my closet in alphabetical order (I do however have it organized by season and USE to organize it by color) or organize my socks for each day of the week. I have the important stuff organized, like bills, recipes and my plans for the weeks and months. That’s normal right?

I use planners to accomplish all of this. I am super obsessed with planners. I have like three of them right now. I even have my own planner that I’ve made from a binder. It’s a lot cheaper this way, I might add and you can customize it anyway you want. It’s ridiculous how expensive a decent planner is these days.

When you have multiple kids, a job and side jobs, a planner is a must. That’s a lot of different things to plan. Doctor’s appointments, cleaning jobs, school functions, and so on. I don’t know about you, but I need to write all this stuff down and plan for them. Since planners have become so expensive, I started making my own planner pages and put them all into a binder to make my own planner. A heck of a lot cheaper and everything is exactly the way I want it.


I thought I would share what I have made with all of you.


monthly calendar    weeklycalendar    monthly bills   weekly to do

Just click to down load and make your own planner

password organizer    birthdays    contacts    weekly menu

Hope you all enjoy.

recipe card    shopping list    notes  personal info

You know, I may not forget a lot of things, but I do forget birthdays, so that planner page is very useful to me. The only reason i remember most birthday’s is because Facebook tells me. Good ol’ Facebook! My favorite part of my customized planner is the bill organizer. I have a lot of bills- random little bills as well which can be forgotten about (mostly by my husband) and this keeps it all organized! 

What I have been trying to do lately is meal plan. We can never decide what to do for meals, so I think planning a week in advance will eliminate that problem.