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How to become a morning person.


Let’s be honest here, as much as you say you’re a night owl, if you’re a mom, you are forced to be a morning person because for whatever reason, kids like to wake up at the butt crack of dawn, and it’s just more convenient considering everything happens during the daytime.
If you are a night owl and have been most your life, but would find more beneficial to be a morning person, then follow these tips. I know how hard it is. I’ve been a night owl since I graduated high school, so much that I worked graveyard for almost 2 years. Once I became a mom, the night owl life just wasn’t working for me anymore.


Let’s face it, mom’s never get enough sleep, but in order to become a morning person, sleep and enough of it is essential. You should plan for at least 7 hours of sleep. I know, not always feasible – sometimes you wait for your little’s to go to sleep to get that much need ME TIME, which is understandable, but if you put your little’s to bed around 7:30 – 8:00 pm, and you want to be in bed by 10 in order to get up by 5:30 am, and get 7 hours of sleep, that leaves you 2, to 2 and a half hours of to have me time.



I cannot stress enough how important having a routine is just when having kids, let alone be a morning person. Number one thing to remember when sticking to a routine is to NOT HIT THE SNOOZE BUTTON ON YOUR ALARM! I know this is hard for some (I’ve actually never hit the snooze button. No, I’m not lying.) but you have to just get up. That zombie exhaustion once you start moving around (faster with coffee).



Make a point to get up at the same time EVERYDAY, or at least close to the same time. This is the quickest way for your body to get use to the routine. Eventually, your body will think of it as normal and it will become easier.



Yes, this is important to becoming a morning person. We all know eating healthier makes you feel better. Don’t eat to late or it might keep you up and don’t skip dinner or you might wake up hungry, both of which will ruin your sleep and lack of decent sleep will ruin your routine. Healthy snacks thought out the day are essential as well, as they can provide healthy energy.



In order for you to have a constant routine, your kids need to have one too! Think about it, the later your kids go to bed, the later you go to bed, which means less sleep for you! Besides, kids need consistency and a routine.



This is the biggest tip to becoming a morning person. If you have a shitty attitude, you won’t accomplish anything. It’ll be hard at first, but you gotta do it, so just embrace it. Trust me, it gets better and easier!


I’ve been a morning person for the last 5 years. I’ve gotten up no later than 7am for work. Now, I get up even earlier than I ever have before. I get up at 3 to be to work by 4am. I just started this shift about a month ago and it was hard at first, especially because I have insomnia, but it’s gotten easier. Before this 4am shift, I worked the 6am shift for years.

Stick to your routine and be consistent with it and you’ll be a morning person in no time!


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How I grew my blog followers list.


Hello fellow bloggers and bloggers to be. So I’ve been blogging for about 4 years. In the beginning, it was just for fun, and I wasn’t consistent with it, but then I realized that I actually love blogging and it’s something that I wanted to do consistently. The one thing I struggled with though, was getting others to read my blog… Are you having this problem too? Well, it takes work and consistency for sure, but it’s possible to get the followers you want, and I’m going to tell you how… Just like anything else in your life that you want to accomplish, this will take dedication and hard work, but most of all, passion.
one of the biggest influences is…

20180823_081149_0001Share your blog on social media to let everyone know that you’re blogging. Create a Facebook or Instagram or whatever other social media page you’d like, specifically for your blog for quicker interaction about your blog. Doing this has really had an influence on the growth of my blog followers. Using social media will get your blog to your family and friends who don’t live near you. Make sure to create a post on social media for every new blog post of yours.

20180823_092717_0001Following, commenting and sharing others blogs is one of the best ways to get followers. Show your support to your favorite bloggers and 90% of the time, they’ll show love back. Create a post informing everyone about your favorite bloggers and why they are your favorite, with a link to their blog and they’ll more than likely share yours in return which promotes your blog.

20180823_100127_0001I cannot stress enough how important this is. Plan your blog posts ahead of time so you never struggle with writers block when you haven’t posted in a while. This will keep you from being inconsistent. It’s always a good idea to write and proof read ahead of time as well, to ensure there isn’t any errors. Once you get your posts all typed up, schedule them for specific days of the week so your readers know when to look for your posts.


How I (1)



20180823_100554_0001.pngMake sure you add pictures to keep your readers attention… Reading long, lengthy blogs can be boring and stray your readers away. Break apart your posts and separate by adding pictures… Best to use original photos or photos from a  stock website, such as What I’ve found  really beneficial is creating a special feature image; one that shows as a preview when you share your blog post on social media. This about it… Why does something in a store, like hair care or make up products first attract someone’s attention? THE PACKAGING… not the words. Same scenario for blog posts.

20180823_112013_0001.pngI have come to realize that tags are a pretty essential part in gaining followers. At first, I didn’t really use tags at all. One day I was searching WordPress  for a specific topic and realized that the posts/blogs that were coming up in my search were the ones that were tagged with the words I was searching. I then started tagging my posts to make it easier for other bloggers to find specific topics they’re looking for. Don’t over tag your posts… You don’t want your blog popping up under tags that doesn’t pertain to it. This bothers bloggers. Here’s an example of how to tag your posts accordingly. If you’re writing about how your mental illness affects your life as a mother, you would tag, Mental Illnesses and motherhood. You can also tag a specific mental illness to be more detailed. 

20180823_115225_0001.pngThis is a very fun way to gain followers. Collaborating with other bloggers to write a post together or having a guest blogger post on your blog can make your blog explode with new followers. Think about it… Whoever you have guest post on your blog will probably tell whoever they know about it and more thank likely post it on social media which directs people to your blog page!

Last, but not least…

20180823_115834_0001.pngTell your friends, family, neighbors or whoever you talk to on a regular basis about your blog. The ones who are going to support you most are the ones who know you most. For the longest time, it was only my family and friends who actually followed my blog. Sad, right? Haha. BUT now, I have more that just my family and friends following, commenting and sharing my blog. People are interested in what I write…enough so that I’ve been asked to guest post on multiple blogs. Follow all these guide lines, and I promise you, your followers count will increase. Mine sure did. In addition to that, you must be consistent and not give up. You got this.