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5 Ideas to try out this Fall

Fall is here and in the air, well not for us Vegans. It’s still mildly hot but soon jean jacket weather and ugg’s will be upon us as soon as we can blink. There are a bunch of fun things and activities you can do this fall with and without your kids. I’ve only come up with a list of five but I’m sure you can find more near you!

#1 Pumpkin Patches

Typical I know but it’s a fun event to visit while with the littles. When visiting you can pick out pumpkins, go on rides, feed the animals, and some even have hay rides or horse riding!

I will advise this fall when done with the pumpkin patch to check the kids, cloths, and pets for ticks. There has been reports at different patches all over of people getting bit and not checking. So be safe but don’t let that scare you from having some fun.

#2 Trunk or Treats

Every school and church I know has this. Trunk or Treats are a fun way to get out of the house pre Halloween with the kids and let them ware their costumes, supporting the community, and having fun with the activities they have their. Seeing all the different themes to the trunks are a plus too!

My favorite theme by far was a car done by my friend in a skeleton theme! It was the best trunk that year!

# Throw a Costume Party

ADULT ONLY costume/Halloween party is the perfect pass time and fun way to socialize. Adults like to have fun on this holiday too so why not host a party! Have fun games, costume contest, and spiked punch!

Decorate and have a monster of a time with friends, family, or even co workers!

#4 Paint/Carve Pumpkin

Carving Pumpkins together is a fun family activity that everyone can enjoy. Picking out different kinds of pumpkins and outlines! There are so many ways to run wild with pumpkins this year.

However in my house we paint pumpkins, I love seeing their artistic side come to life. They have painted bats to mummy’s. It has been come an arts and crafts project.

#5 Thankful Jar

Getting ready for Thanksgiving is easy, Why not make a thankful jar. Everyday of fall write on a small paper what your thankful for, have the kids write some too! Then on thanksgiving or you can even go up untill Christmas, read all the cute things you are thankful for through the month(s).

So there ya have it folks! What are somethings you are going to try out this fall?

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Goodbye August. Hello September.


I cannot express enough how happy I am for August to be done and over with. August was a terrible month for my family and I. Tons of anxiety attacks, father in law putting a financial strain on us and an emotional strain on my husband, my family treating me  like I am nothing to them, and just all around, a lot of unhappiness. Not to mention, August was disgustingly hot and humid! I hate the heat, but I hate humidity more. It does no good for my hair.

Speaking of the heat… more than half the summer, I’ve no air conditioner in my car… Turns out that I needed the most expensive part to fix it. Which we couldn’t afford since our financial situation was tough due to my father-in-law. So I chauffeured everyone around in a car with no air when it was like 109 degrees outside, so naturally, it was 200 degrees inside my car. I used a spray fan as my air for a while..

Another shitty thing that happened was that I found out my car registration was expired a freaking week AFTER IT WAS ALREADY EXPIRED. So, yes I was driving around with no registration for a good week… I never received anything in the mail stating that it was going to expire and I swore, it was going to expire in September… Horrible case of mom brain right there. (I still think the DMV messed up, not me. lol)

My husband hurt his back again in August and this time was worse than any other time he has hurt his back. He now needs physical therapy and more appointments with an Orthopedic specialist. A doctor told him that he more than likely has Degenerative disc disease. So, as you can see, August can go f*** itself.

September is here and I’m excited for it! Here’s why.
It’s not suppose to be as hot this month and definitely not humid!
I finally have air conditioner in my car so now I can drive around the rest of the summer comfortably without a pool of unwanted boob sweat! So, that’s nice.
My father-in-law will be out of our house before next weekend, so that financial stress will be gone. [I could honestly cry about this because I’m so relieved.] 

September to me has always felt like the “getting ready for the awesome holidays to come” month. I start putting up fall decorations and shop for Halloween  stuff (Even though I have 3 bins full already). My husband says it’s too early to decorate, but I don’t think he really knows what he’s talking about… at all. This year for Halloween, we’ll be having a Halloween party and haunted house, so my excitement for Halloween is REAL this year.

In conclusion, I’m sooo happy August is over and September is here AND fall is almost here. Something to look forward too when literally my entire year has sucked thus far.