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5 Important Reasons Why Your Kids Should Clean

5 Important reasons why your kids should clean

My Three-year old has known how to use a vacuum since she was one and a half. She helps me do laundry, clean the kitchen and fold towels. She was taught at a very young age that she needs to clean up after herself. I can ask this girl if she wants to help me clean and her answer will always be, “YEAH! I love cleanin!” She does more than what other kids her age would do. (She does have an OCD mama, who loves a clean house.) I’ve been told, “Why do you have your kids clean so young?” and, “They are just kids, let them have fun.” Well, I will tell you why my three-year old already cleans up after herself and cleans with me. ONE: I don’t want her thinking it’s okay to trash anything without there being consequences. TWO: I also don’t want her thinking it’s okay to destroying other people’s houses either and things. And THREE: From day ONE, you are teaching your kids. You are teaching them what love is, what caring is. Then they learn what respect is and how to be independent and responsibility is. It’s just ridiculous to not teach them something while they are young and their brains are sponges. Makes no sense. 

What everyone does in their own house is not my business, but think about it this way… What favors are you really doing for your kids if you aren’t teaching them how to be more self-reliant, respectful and responsible? Absolutely NOTHING. You are ;ruining them. I’m not saying give them full on chores every single day. None of my kids have daily chores. They just know that if they make a mess, they clean it up. I am preparing my kids for when they go to other’s houses, school, college and just adult life. It’s just common sense to teach your kids this really. There’s just no excuse for it really. Them not doing it right is not an excuse… How else are they going to learn to do it right if they don’t do it wrong first? 

A lot of parents just don’t even know where to start with assigning chore tasks to what ages, so I have created a guideline to help y’all out. 

1. Chores help kids learn responsibility and self-reliance

Assigning your kids tasks around the house teaches them responsibility. Chores that personally affect your kids such as cleaning up their room/toys and doing/helping with their laundry can help them become more self-reliant at the same time. It also gives them something to be proud of themselves for-that they are mature enough to take care of themselves.

2. Respect 

You don’t fully know how much your parents do for you until you’ve left home and are now doing everything for yourself. Giving kids chores to do will  reinforce respect for the ones that care for them. They will become more aware of the messes they make if they are assigned to cleaning tasks around the house and have more respect for the work that goes into maintaining a household. 

3. Chores help teach life skills

your kids won’t be young forever. In just a blink of an eye, they grow so fast. Eventually, they will be out on their own or in situations where they have to know how to do things for themselves. It’s your job as a parent to provide them with that knowledge of how to take care of themselves. They are going to learn to do that if you always do everything for them. When they are out on their own, they will need to have learned how to do their laundry, cook, and just how to maintain a home. Not all of this is taught in school, therefore it is your job. You aren’t doing your kids any favors if they are 10 years old and you’re cleaning up their toys, or doing their laundry. You are then at that point teaching them that they will have someone to do these things for them. you are suppose to teach them how to be an essential part of society.

4. There are consequences

This is important. Like super important. Think about this. You teach your kids right from wrong. You teach them that they need to take responsibility for themselves. These life skills are going to be used for the rest of their lives! They need to know that there are consequences for everything they do. Obviously the consequences differ in different situations. Action: They don’t take care of their toys/stuff. Consequence: Their toys/stuff get broken or lost. Action: They don’t clean up after themselves at someone else’s house. Consequence: They may not be wanted over there anymore because they have no respect. The action and consequence thing can fall on the parents as well. Action: Not teaching your kids to clean up after themselves and to take care of their toys. Consequence: They more than likely won’t do it at someone else’s house and that’s pretty embarrassing for you as a parent. Action: They aren’t taught basic life skills growing up. Consequence: You might be the one doing their laundry, and making their bed and catering to them after they should of already moved out. 

5. Help improve time management skill’s

Chores can help older kids and teenagers build good habits early. It teaches them to set priorities and manage time. Think about it this way, if they were taught at a young age to just pick up after themselves instead of leaving it and contributing to the mess, then they would save time and not have to handle an even bigger mess later. 


There are chore tasks that are appropriate for each age group. My daughter is three and has known how to use a full sized vacuum since she was one and a half though. 

Chore list per age group (1)


There should be no reason at all why your kids can’t help clean up, especially if they’ve contributed to the mess. If you continue to do everything for them, they will never learn. This is a rule in my house. My girls know that they have to clean up their room when they are done playing in there, as well as other kids that play in there, they have to clean up their own mess too, or there’s no playing. 



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Activities for your kids when they are bored


This is the number one phrase that drives a mom crazy… “I’m bored, mom!” My teenager use to say it all the time. He doesn’t anymore since I started giving him no so fun things to do so he wouldn’t be bored. HA! Right now, it’s my 5-year old that says it. She’s got a sister and a room full of stuff to play with and she tells me she’s bored. My idea to solve bordem is make them clean but then we all  know they’d be complaining about that. So here is a list of kid friendly things to keep your young ones from driving you crazy with that phrase. 

Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts

What my husband and I did was cleared out one of our lower kitchen cupboards and turned it into the craft cupboard. We have everything from coloring books to glitter in that cupboard and our girls love it. Keeps them entertained for hours. If  you’d like to create something like this, here’s what we have in ours: 

  • Coloring books & crayons
  • Markers
  • Glue sticks
  • Notebooks
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Stickers
  • Foam shapes
  • Googly stick on eyeballs
  • Construction paper
  • Pencils
  • Kid friendly scissors
  • Glitter glue
  • Color by number books
  • Puzzles


Arts & Crafts (1)

The other day, my husband build a blanket fort in the living room for the kids and they spent like 2 hours in that thing. Literally just laying there. We filled it full of pillows, books and their stuffed animals and they just had a blast. Here’s what you need to make a successful blanket fort:

  • Blankets of course
  • Furniture such as couch and/or chairs
  • Pillows
  • Books/coloring books
  • Toys

Learning activities


My 5-year old is all into homework and learning right now. She loves learning to read and write words especially. I have partnered with  to provide you guys with some awesome learning activity worksheets. Here is a message from Courtney at

Little ones are always on the move, so they will love tracing these transportation words. Moms will love the practice kids get with letter formation and word recognition. For even more fun educational resources, visit

Here is a list of what offers:

  • Maze
  • Word search
  • Word search with images
  • Crossword puzzle
  • Word scramble
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Division
  • Multiplication
  • Spelling Test
  • Matching words to images
  • Word Tracer

Right now, I am featuring their word tracer worksheet. My 5 year old loves things like this, especially since she’s learning to read and write. This has been a big help to her and it’s such an awesome feeling to see how proud of herself she is for writing words! You can download their worksheet below or go to their website and look at all their worksheets they have for grades pre-k to 5th grade! Click the link below to download this word tracer worksheet!


word tracer_travel

Movie & Snacks

We like to all watch movies in the living room. On the floor with pillows surrounding us, eating snacks. The girls love to do this and so does my teenager really. Good way to keep them all occupied. Another genius way to keep them entertained would be to put them in a box. Don’t know why, but kids love boxes. A good snack would be fruit pieces. My kids love fruit. Below I have listed everything that would be good to use during movie time:

  • Pillows
  • kid tray full of fruit
  • blankets
  • Boxes
  • Juice boxes

Cat Toys

As funny as this sounds, give them cat toys when they say they’re bored. They’ll either play with it (Like my daughter does) or play with the cat with it if you have one. If not, then the toy should entertain them because you know that things that aren’t theirs seem to entertain them more than the stuff that is theirs. My three-year old will play with our cat for hours with a cat toy. The funny part is, our cats will following her for hours.


Outdoor fun!

Let them play outside (Not when it’s freezing of course). Get a swing set or a jungle gym for them to play on. My daughter would sleep outside if I let her. She has a playhouse, a jungle gym and a swing. She lives all of them, but would play in the dirt over anything. Even if we had absolutely nothing in our backyard, she would still rather be outside.  She is actually okay with the idea of her sleeping in her playhouse.  She won’t sleep in her room, but she’ll sleep outside. Go figure. 


There are a ton of other things your kids can do, these are just my personal favorites!

Hope you all enjoyed, and please check out



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Baby Alive Real as can be doll REVIEW

untitled design (2)

I’m sure every parent if not, most have heard of the baby alive dolls. They are dolls that imitate real babies and toddlers. You can feed them, nurture them, talk to them and change their diaper (Yes, they do wet). Well they are a bit on the pricey side, but they are great at teaching your little’s how to take care of a baby. 

My daughter turned three years old on the 10th and this was her birthday gift from her dad, grandma and me. I was adamant about not buying one because of the price tag, but my daughter loves baby dolls and she’s great with them and with taking care of them. She seen the commercials and her big sister has some of them and she just fell in love with them.

So, this is the one I got her, because this is the one, she picked out about a week before her birthday.


Here’s what she comes with:

  • Outfit she’s in
  • Pacifier
  • Bottle
  • Hat
  • Soft blanket that you can swaddle her with
  • Batteries that are already in her


So, apparently, this doll has 80 + lifelike expressions, movements and real baby sounds like, giggling, babbling and other noises. So far, I haven’t noticed anywhere close to 80.
What she does do that I’ve seen:

  • Cries (Especially when you tip her upside-down LOL) and makes a sad face
  • Blows kisses when you put her hand to her mouth
  • Moves her head towards you when you talk to her
  • Nuzzles you when you hold her
  • Makes suckling noises when you give her a bottle or pacifier
  • She giggles and smiles when you tickle her belly
  • She goes to sleep when you rock her (Creepy thing is, when she goes into sleep mode, her eyes open back up)
  • She burps when you pat her back
  • Babbles at you when you talk to her

Here comes the part that everyone wants to know… The price.

So, for whatever reason, the three races that they have are all different prices. Don’t know why. They all do the same thing.

African American doll is $99.51 on Amazon (When I got it, it was only $90.99)

Mexican doll is various prices on Amazon because it’s only sold by third party sellers.
Prices range from $93.10 to $159.99

Caucasian doll is also sold by third party sellers.
Prices range from $69.68 to $117.95

During the holidays, all this info changes. This past Christmas, they were cheaper and weren’t just sold by third party sellers.

The only store I found to sell them was target. Maybe that’s because they literally just came out in August of 2018. I don’t really know.


Everyone that knows me will know that I think it’s ridiculous to pay so much for a freaking doll… Especially because most of the time kids ruin their toys. I was so adamant about not buying one of these brands of dolls because they are too much, but I caved because the look on my daughter’s face when her big sister wouldn’t let her hold hers, broke my heart. Besides, my daughter is really good with baby dolls and so far, since she’s had this one, she’s taken great care of it. Her baby even sleeps in a little baby doll crib right next to her bed, all tucked in.


Here’s my personal review of the doll:

I think it’s great for kids who love baby dolls and don’t destroy their toys. Do I think the doll is worth the price? Heck no. So, I’ll probably never buy another one. For over $100, I think this doll should crawl or be able to learn how to say actual words. Lol.  Do I think I made the right choice by getting my daughter one? Yes, I do.  She treats it good and loves babies. The look of pure joy on her face when she opened it was pure joy for me to see how happy she was that she got one of her own.  Out of 5 stars, I’d probably give it a 3.5 to 4 stars, only because I think it’s too expensive for a kid’s toy and should do more for how much it costs. Honestly, I think the doll is creepy. She’s got big eyes and turns your way when she hears you talking… Maybe I watch too many horror movies.


Here’s my three-year old’s honest review: 


She likes it, obviously. I asked her, “Do you love her?” She said, “Yessss, she’s sooo cute!” I also asked her, “What does she do?” She said, “She cries. Look! She’s crying now. Awww, baby, don’t cry. Mama’s here!”


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Three-year old’s are possessed

7 ideas that will lift your holiday spirit (2)

So, I am going to bitch for a moment… ready? Here… I go… Y’ALL ARE LIARS! All of you that told me that terrible twos are the worst, are liars! Three-year old’s are horrible! Terrible twos were nothing compared to ass-hole threes. When my daughter turned two, she was still baby talking a lot and wasn’t as mobile as she is now, meaning she couldn’t out run me and definitely wasn’t quicker than me. Yeah, two-year old’s have a few tantrums here and there, but nothing a Popsicle won’t fix. (Yes, sometimes I bribed my kid to get some peace, don’t judge me.) It’s a whole different ballgame when they are three though. More like a whole different stadium! First of all, they can talk… full sentences… Which means they can argue with you and it makes sense (most of the time anyway). They run faster than you thought their little legs could run. They have been taking ninja classes behind your back because they can swipe something of yours right in front of you and you miss it completely and later find it in the bathtub. They throw what I’m pretty sure is demonic tantrums and when said tantrums occur, they are ruthless. They know what to say to just mess your whole world up. You can’t bribe them when they have these kind of fits… Honestly, it almost seems like they need an exorcism.


Here’s some stories about my three-year old demon…. I mean little girl..

About three weeks ago, my husband and I experienced her first real HORRIBLE tantrum, and it was all over a toothbrush…. My husband was trying to help her brush her teeth, and she wouldn’t let him, so he let her do it. She wanted to squirt the toothpaste on, but he had already done it for her. So, he rinsed it off and handed her the toothpaste to do it her herself, but it was already too late at that point. She wanted nothing to do with brushing her teeth because her daddy already put the toothpaste on and in her mind, there was no way she could re-do it. So… She threw the toothbrush… threw the toothpaste… started screaming… refused to get out of the bathroom…threw herself on the floor… and screamed no in daddy’s face and told him to leave her alone. When he tried to walk out the bathroom, she screamed more. When he tried to pick her up, she loosened her arms, so he couldn’t, and he almost dropped her. Then she started kicking her legs while he was holding her and screaming no in his face some more, so he stuck her in time out. My husband punishing his daughter’s hurts him more than it hurts his daughters. He babies them and instantly feels bad after having to punish them. Anyways… my daughter HATES the timeout chair. She can handle spankings and getting her things taken away, but the timeout chair messes her up.  My husband and I tried everything to get her to calm down… Nothing worked. Not bribes, babying, talking to her, more punishing, NOTHING. We sat on the bed just watching her scream, feeling defeated. Eventually she calmed down enough that we could talk to her… So that was fun.


About a two weeks ago, she was being mean to her big sister, and just screamed no in our faces when we tried to talk to her about it, so we stuck her in her timeout chair in the corner of her room and walked away, which by the way also really pisses her off. About a minute goes by and she had stopped crying. So, we waited to see if she would start again, because she usually does… Then we hear her door slam and something hitting her wall… We walked in and found her playing in the middle of her floor and the chair in a completely different spot than we had set it in… She went hulk mode and hurled her chair at the wall. So, of course, we stuck her back in the chair in that same corner and sat there watching so she didn’t throw anymore objects at anything. She then threw herself off the chair in a rage and started the kicking and screaming tantrum… She eventually (After like 10 minutes) calmed down and said she was sorry.


Last week, we were getting pizza for dinner and my husband asked her if she wanted pizza and she said no, and that she wanted a sandwich, so he made her a sandwich. Well she got mad at the way he made the sandwich I guess…? Then she demanded pizza. When he put a piece of pizza in front of her and took the sandwich away, she had a meltdown because turns out, she didn’t want pizza after all and wanted the sandwich. All hell broke loose when we handed her the wrong cup though.


Another thing my three-year old started doing, that she never did when she turned two is wake me up all night long. Literally. All. Night. Long. She starts around 11 if she hasn’t fallen asleep earlier than that. Then wakes me up throughout the night at least 3 times a night. AND for no good reasons at all. Most of the time it’s for me to scratch her back or just because she got bored in her room. She is now the reason why I am so sleep deprived. She’s not taking naps anymore, so I am not understanding why she wakes up at least 4 times a night every single night. She’s been sleeping through the night ever since she was four months old. Apparently three years aren’t required to sleep through the night….?

So, I think three-year old’s are the age that really start to develop their spongy-ness, and really use it. My daughter picked up a few things from some other older kids and now does and says said things on a regular basis… This has been a nightmare. The stuff she’s picked up are things we’ve and her siblings have never said or done, especially in front of her. She knows I don’t like it, so of course, she says and does said things often! The frustration is real, y’all.


Since my daughter’s been potty trained, she always wants to go in the bathroom, even if it’s not to use the bathroom. The worst part of it is, anytime we’re out of the house and no where near a bathroom, she’ll suddenly have to go. My least favorite is when she fights me about me trying to get her to go before, we leave the house then after I get her all buckled in her car seat and pulling out of the driveway, she must go. Her new favorite thing is to go to the bathroom when we are shopping or at a restaurant just so she can play in the bathroom and there’s nothing I can do because I’m not even sure when she’s lying or not. I went through this with my step daughter, so I was already prepared.


Facts about three-year old’s:

They have no remorse when they are angry

They have little bodies, but a whole lot of anger

The can be so sweet and tell you how much they love you and how pretty you, but they also have the full ability to rip all your emotions and confidence to shreds

They are ninja thieves

They won’t eat grapes off the floor but with stick their hands in the toilet

They are bi-polar

They have the ability to argue with you like adults

They want everything that you don’t offer and nothing that you do offer

Their favorite things to touch are things they know they aren’t supposed to… They won’t touch those things in front of you, they’ll hide to do it

They take the word no as a challenge



If you have an evil three-year-old and feel like only an exorcism will cure them, I’m here for you. We can sail this hell boat together.




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Being Thankful.

Samuel Is Turning 1!

I haven’t really expressed what I am thankful for this thanksgiving season. I started to do the Thankful challenge on Instagram, but it literally only lasted like a day and then I got lazy. But I feel it is important that I do express what I am thankful for. One of the reasons why I feel it is important for me is because, this past year has been hard for me. Like extremely hard. I struggled a lot with anxiety and depression as well as constantly being sick, but just because I struggled, doesn’t mean that i don’t have things to be thankful for. A lot of things to be thankful for actually. Here goes.


My husband has helped me a lot with my anxiety and depression. Sometimes, he’s the one who causes my anxiety, but I think that’s most significant others that do that. He has really taken the time to understand what anxiety is and how to handle it with me. He has sat on the bathroom floor with me at 2 am while I had a panic attacks multiple times. He always reassures me that everything will be okay. I am thankful to have someone who understands my anxiety and helps me through it.


My kids drive me crazy probably more than any other human beings, but they have also taught me more than any other human beings. I learned a lot patience because of my kids. When you have a toddler, big kid and a teenager, you need patience. Another thing I learned is what genuine love is. Like real unconditional love. I am beyond thankful that I got to experience that kind of love.


Having all the problems I’ve had this year, I’ve seen a lot of doctors. So I am thankful for doctors and all the help I have gotten from them.


My family could probably be considered dysfunctional and crazy, but if it weren’t for my family (Parents) I wouldn’t be here. If it weren’t for my family, I wouldn’t be the strong, independent person I am today. I am thankful that I even have a family. I am also thankful for bonus family. Family isn’t just blood or by marriage. Family is people who love you and are there for you. My bonus family has been there for me more than some of my blood family.


As much as I claim to not have friends or want them, I know I have people who would always be there when I need them. I know I have those who would drop what they are doing to come drink wine with me and blog. I know I have those I could call to talk to about anxiety and not feel like a bother. I have those who try to make my day better by inviting me over so I am not alone. I do have those people and I am thankful for them.


Just recently, I got a new job that I don’t even have to leave my house for. I am so thankful for that. What I am most thankful for about my new job is that I don’t have to share a toilet with other nasty human beings. I am thankful that I even have a job.


I am thankful for the internet. I know it’s not a necessity, but blogging has helped me tremendously with my anxiety and depression. It has helped me manage it in a positive way and I have also made a lot of blogging friends in the years I have been blogging.

Here are some other things I am thankful for that are totally not necessities.


  1. Peanut butter
  2. Leggings
  3. Electric toothbrushes
  4. Waffles
  5. Peanut butter cheerios
  6. My soft purple blanket
  7. My oil diffuser and oils
  8. My CBD relief cream
  9. Candles
  10. Vacuum cleaners
  11. Radios
  12. Notebooks
  13. Flavored water
  14. Cameras
  15. My laptop
  16. Sewing machine
  17. Cold coffee
  18. Fans
  19. Netflix & Hulu
  20. BBQ food
  21. Planners
  22. Pinterest


I am thankful for this cutness!

What are you thankful for? I’d love to hear!!


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40 stocking stuffers that your kids will love

40 stocking stuffers for your kidsDigging through my stocking on Christmas morning was my favorite part of Christmas when I was a kid. Now that I have kids, stuffing their stockings is my favorite thing to do because I love the look on my girls faces when they keep pulling more things out. Let’s face it though, sometimes the stuff we put in their stockings ends up in the trash or broken a few days later or broken and floating around the house. I also don’t think it’s necessary to stuff my kid’s stockings full of sugar either.



  1. Art supplies
  2. Coloring book
  3. Color wonder paper
  4. Color wonder markers
  5. Color wonder paint
  6. Bubbles
  7. Stickers
  8. Fruit snacks
  9. Baby doll
  10. Books
  11. Puzzles
  12. Socks
  13. Stuffed animal
  14. Toy food
  15. Hair bows/flowers
  16. Brush
  17. Glow in the dark stars
  18. Disney movie
  19. Rubber duck
  20. Bath crayons
  21. Color bath drops
  22. Bubble bath
  23. Luffa
  24. Tooth brush/tooth paste
  25. Baby doll bottles
  26. Sock monkeys
  27. Crayons
  28. Cars
  29. Dinosaurs
  30. Cup
  31. Underwear
  32. Flash light
  33. Nightlight
  34. Flash cards
  35. Matching game
  36. Glow sticks
  37. Sun glasses
  38. Silky/soft pillow case
  39. Chap stick
  40. Dum Dum suckers (Some sugar is okay)


Here’s a tip, y’all. You can get 90% of what’s on this list at the dollar store. They are kids, they don’t care where it comes from. No need to pay an arm and a leg on stocking stuffers. Honestly, they’d be happy if you put painted rocks in their stockings. At least my girls would be happy! LOL.

What are some things you like to stick in your kids stockings?