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Friday rant – I am losing my sanity


So, as you know from my previous post, I haven’t slept much because of my three year old being a demon and refusing to go to bed without a fight, so I am in a ranty mood.

She is the most stubborn, ruthless three year I have ever met. She will say anything to piss you off because she knows it does. Last night, she told me after I gave her her toy back, “You won’t take it anymore!” She also told me she didn’t like me anymore. A while back, she picked up some habits from someone else’s kid. When she’s mad now, she crosses her arms, stomps her feet and grunts and says, “It’s not fair!” It has been an ongoing battle with her for over a month about pretty much everything. Lack of sleep is getting the best of me….

I have the worst internet company

So I have internet and let me tell you, the last few months, I have had the worst experience with them. First of all, I pay for the top internet and there is ALWAYS an outage or something wrong with the modem. I had someone mess up my ENTIRE account and they tried to charge me an extra $500 for stuff that I had already paid for and things that were promised to me for free. I rely on my internet for my job because I work from home and because of my internet company, I’ve had to take extra time off of work because my internet wasn’t working.

Some people need to learn to be better friends

So, it takes A LOT to really bother me, but when someone I’ve been friends with for over 10 years doesn’t invite me to her wedding or even her bridal shower, yeah that bothers me. It hurts more than it bothers me. I had another friend who I was friends with for over 13 years. We did everything together. She didn’t choose me as even a bridesmaid. When I asked her why, she said because she already had too many. One of her bridesmaids wasn’t even her friend…. Made no sense.

There you have it, my week worth of rantings.

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Friday rant- I hate people

So, last week I had discovered a heart drawn on the outside of my bedroom window in the dust. It was Monday when I discovered it, and I know it had not been there all weekend. I didn’t think of it too much, because I thought my husband did it or one of the kids or something. Well, later that night, I asked my husband if he did and he said he didn’t. I didn’t believe him until I saw the seriousness in his face. My step son wasn’t here that week, so he couldn’t have done it and after going outside and looking at it, I realized that it was too high up on the window for either of my girls to do it. I then asked everyone who had been at my house recently if they did it and none of them did…. Naturally, it scared the shit out of me. I had stalkers in high school and one of them pops up every now and then still to this day and that was almost 10 years ago…. I was so paranoid that I got camera’s installed in my front and back yards. which leads me into my next rant…..

So I called my internet/cable/security company to order cameras to be installed… I talked to the first guy from the home automation department first and he informed me that he had to switch my account to a different account number because there were two under my address (Makes no sense), so I was like, :Alright, is that going to mess up anything on my account?” He said no. 10 minutes after I got off the phone, my cable stopped working and then my internet…. Long story short, this guy messed up my whole account and I literally had to redo EVERYTHING. I spent over 3 HOURS talking with OVER 6 PEOPLE to get everything fixed. I had to change my internet name twice, reprogram all three of my cable boxes and had to even get the billing fixed because my bill on the new account number was going to be higher than what it actually was suppose to be.

I was not a happy person. How does someone mess something up so badly?! I wasted 3 hours, 4 minutes and 32 seconds of my life talking to a million different people. It was ridiculous. I did however end up getting a pretty good deal on the cameras and for them causing me such an inconvenience, I got the installation of the cameras for free, as well as a credit for one month of the automation.

I still haven’t found out who did the heart. Really creepy. Now we have a light bulb in the back yard that will automatically turn on when the camera detects motion.

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What’s going on in this world lately…

So I don’t know if you guys Facebook or not (Who doesn’t really?), but that’s where I find out all of whats going on in the world. So, I’m not going to lie, I think a lot of bullshit is going on…


So Last week, we had not one, not two, but THREE earthquakes here in Las Vegas, all within 2 days. That’s not normal for us at all and they were pretty decent sized ones. We were actually at Dairy Queen when It happened. My step daughter was climbing back in the booth and then the table started to move and I thought she was doing it. Then the booth itself started to move and I was like, “Dang, Lanaia, you’re moving the whole table.” Well, she wasn’t moving the table. Then the lights started moving. It was the first earthquake I was ever awake for. So, that was just crazy.


Another thing people are getting crazy about is the fact that they are having a woman of color play the part of Little Mermaid…. I have to say first, WHO GIVES A SHIT?! Like honestly. Maybe she was the better audition. Maybe we NEED more diversity in the world (Which I think we do). Or maybe SHE WAS THE BETTER AUDITION!!! There are so many other problems in the world, like REAL problems and y’all let the fact that a woman of color playing the part of Ariel, get your panties in a wad?! Y’all have shit ass backwards! I’m not sure why guys are bitching about this, I’m sure they don’t even watch this movie! One of the questions that was asked on Facebook was, “How do I explain this to my kids?” Um, you tell them that Halle was obviously the best audition and we will root for her no matter what! How about that? You are encouraging racism! Let Halle Bailey have her time and STFU everyone. It’s not that big of a deal, I promise. Besides, HAVE Y’ALL HEARD HER VOICE?!?!

I lost my want for Ice Cream

So, the new STUPID internet tread is to go to a store, open a container of ice cream, lick the top and then put it back. Wait, WHAT?! First off, DON’T Y’ALL HAVE A ANYTHING better to do than to just go to stores and lick the tops of ice creams? Second, y’all are disgusting. Really. Apparently it’s also a thing to spit in the Arizona teas and take a swig of mouth wash and then put them back. What the hell is wrong with you sicko’s?! We live in a world of non intelligent beings, because not only are they ruining a lot of products and risking giving whatever they have to someone else, they are recording this shit and PUTTING IT ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Like what in the hell?! The girl who started it all actually went to jail for licking a container of Blue Bell ice cream because SHE PUT IT ON THE INTERNET! People are idiots.

I just don’t get it. People choose to be mad at the most ridiculous things, do the most ridiculous things and just act ridiculous in general! Here’s a bit of advice for everyone:

  • Stop being racist, you are the one who looks like a fool
  • Stop spreading your nasty germs
  • Don’t judge anyone
  • Recognize your wrong doing
  • Mind your business
  • Discipline your kids if you see them hurting others
  • Take a freaking shower
  • Don’t parent other people’s kids unless they give you permission and if they do,
  • Don’t intrude on their parenting
  • Don’t be lazy, work for your success
  • Stop trying to force your religion on others
  • Listen better
  • Don’t destroy the earth
  • And just don’t be an asshole

This rant is over. Had to get this out. If people just stopped being assholes, this world would be such a happy place.

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Am I a good person even though I am not religious?

I grew up in the Mormon religion, which I never thought was the right path for me and have recently resigned from. There are many reasons why I did this but I will not go into that because I don’t want to deter anyone away from the religion of their choosing.

To answer my own question…

Yes, I am a good person even though I am not religious. Just because I am not religious, doesn’t mean I don’t have my own beliefs. I know I am a good person because I am forgiving and give people multiple chances even when I probably shouldn’t. I know I’m a good person because instead of shutting down, I talk to the ones about what they are doing that is bothering me. I know I’m a good person because I don’t judge anyone, not for their race, religion, their beliefs or sexuality. I have never judged anyone based on the religion I was apart of. I know I am a good person because I don’t make anyone feel bad for their choices just because I don’t like them. I know I’m a good person because I am someone that can be confided in, and someone that anyone can go to for support.

I am super easy to be friends with and get along with…until you start telling that what I’m doing is a sin and looking down upon me for it…until you start telling others about what I confided in you with…until you let what I say to you go in one ear and out the other…until you judge me for what I do because YOU believe it’s a sin in YOUR religion. That is where I will cut you out. I don’t care what anyone thinks of me because I know I am a good person and that isn’t because I read the bible and go to church every Sunday. It’s because I have morals and standards, which I have not seen in most people who are religious…

You are a good person too

You don’t have to be religious to be a good person and you certainly don’t have to read the bible and go to church to be a good person. Not hurting people intentionally, being there for someone, not judging anyone for any reason, not shoving religion and the bible down someone’s throat, and just being kind to everyone makes you a good person. Don’t listen to anyone who says that you need church, religion or the bible to have a happy life and to be a good person, because it’s not true. You make your life happy no matter what you believe in.

Let me clarify something

I don’t mind if religion is your thing. I’ll be friends with you. I don’t mind if you read the bible and go to church. I’ll be friends with you. I don’t mind if you like the same sex or are transgender or whatever your sexual preference is. I’ll be friends with you. I do not judge and am easy to get along with if you do the same. Unfortunately, I’ve had too many people in my life tell me I am doing wrong or am sinning because it’s against their religion. Guess what guys? Forcing a religion, the bible or even god down someone’s throat is wrong. Telling someone they need religion, the bible or god in their life to have happiness is wrong. I was told this phrase that my happiness and such were up to me and God. This is wrong also. By saying this to someone one you know isn’t religious is just looking down on them. You are trying to push God or your beliefs on them.

If you are going to be religious, cool, but don’t force it on me and don’t judge me. Just because I am no longer religious, doesn’t mean I don’t know how religion is and one of the biggest sins in religion is to judge… Might want to really think about that when you are practicing your faith before you shake your head at someone in disappointment.. Just saying.

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Judgmental people are ugly

This post may seem more as a rant, but I’ve dealt with a lot of judgement lately that this needs to be said.

Where do people get the right to judge another person? Why do they get the right to disown someone because of their belief? Most religions are like that. I grew up Mormon and let me tell you, that religion are the most judgmental group of people I’ve ever met. They look down upon you for a lot. They look down upon you for being gay or wearing in modest clothing. The Mormon religion says it’s not okay to judge another, but that’s exactly what they do.

Here’s an example. When I was a teenager, I participated in a Church function where we impersonated pioneers and pulled wagons. Well, it was the middle of summer and I had to wear a long thick pioneer skirt and a bonnet. Well, once we settled and pitched our tents, I tried to take my skirt off because I had shorts underneath (Modest shorts too), and when I walked out, one of the camp leaders said, You can’t wear those, they aren’t appropriate. You need to put the skirt back on.” Guys, it was over 100 degrees outside and NO shade. I stayed in my tent the majority of the time so I didn’t have to wear the skirt…

Here is another form of judgment I’ve had to deal with. Friends… Yes, the ones who are suppose to not judge and have your back. Well, I was judged a lot with this person. I was judged because of my choice to eat an edible.A FREAKING EDIBLE. I don’t do drugs, and I don’t hurt people, but I was frowned upon because of eating an edible… I was also judged (and told it was a sin) because I was talking about divorce because of verbal and mental abuse. Apparently, because it’s a sin in RELIGION, I should stay with someone who hurts me and work it out… I was talked to like I was beneath this person because I choose to not follow a religion. This person tried to push religion and religious events down my throat multiple times even after I told them no. (If you were to ask them about any of this, they’d deny it…) Newsflah: I think ALL religions are cults and are a form of control. Want to judge me now?

Judging other is ugly and it makes you an ugly person. Disowning someone because of their belief is disgusting and is probably the worst kind of judging there is. Sadly, I have family treating other family like this…
Newsflash: Just because someone doesn’t believe what you do, doesn’t mean they are evil and it certainly doesn’t mean that you are better than them. If you are part of a religion, more than likely you are being taught that judging is wrong, right? Well disowning someone because they choose to have their own beliefs is wrong, and you know it.

Growing up, I have been judged for a lot of things, a lot of hurtful things. I was judged for what I wore when I was wearing tank tops. I was judged for feeding my daughter formula because I couldn’t produce enough for her. I was judged because I chose to not practice religion anymore. I was made out to be a terrible mother, a whore and a sinner because of my choices. I am a good human being with a huge heart. I wouldn’t hurt a fly on purpose.

Dear those who like to judge,
You are not the cat’s ass. You are not better than me because you believe that going to church every Sunday is going to save you from going to hell (It won’t by the way). You are not godly just because you read the bible and practice some of it. You do NOT have a right to judge anyone for any reason. Oh, and don’t shove your religion down someones throat because you think it’s right.
NO ONE is perfect, no matter how much of the bible you read, no matter how much you go to church. Stop acting like you are.
Someone who is tired of being judged.

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When you have OCD, you have a lot of pet peeves

I haven’t been very bloggy lately (Is that even a word? It is now!), but I am back and ready to do this thing. So if you are a dedicated reader and have been with me for a while, you will know that I am OCD. Well, being OCD, I have A LOT of pet peeves. Like a lot of them. Some of which people think are ridiculous. So I thought it would be fun to list all the pet peeves of my OCD self.

I have all the normal pet peeves that everyone would have like:

  • Not washing yours hands after using the restroom
  • Sneezing without covering your mouth
  • Chewing with your mouth open
  • Stuff not being put back where it belongs

You know, stuff like that. But when you are OCD, literally everything is a pet peeve.

OCD Pet peeves:

  • Using more than one cup a day
  • When said cups are left everywhere
  • When too much dish soap is used
  • When people walk around the house without slippers on (We have tile)
  • When both sides of the sink have dirty dishes (It should only be the right side)
  • When there are crumbs left anywhere
  • Sponges being used to clean the table when its suppose to be only for the dishes.
  • More than one sponge is used on dishes at a time
  • When someone other than me uses my body wash
  • Pillow cases not being on right (Tag in the back of the pillow case and on straight)
  • Clothes being under beds
  • Toys in my living room
  • Rug being crooked
  • My closet not being organized by season and color
  • Eating the last of the food in the house
  • Not eating any of the food in the house
  • Leaving toothpaste in the sink
  • Things not being lined up
  • CLUTTER. Any clutter anywhere
  • Crumbs anywhere
  • Books not being in order from biggest to smallest
  • Toilet paper not being on the right way (Yes, there is a right way)
  • Towels not being folded right
  • My dish towels being used in other places than the kitchen
  • Things being unsymmetrical

These things don’t just bug me… They make me sick. Literally, if something isn’t right, I can feel it in my stomach. It also makes me uncomfortable. If I can’t change something that’s not right, I hide or try to keep myself away from it.

See, pet peeves of someone who is OCD is a lot different than just normal pet peeves. It sucks, but it’s what I deal with daily.