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How to work from home when you have a three year old demon

Since November of last year, I’ve been working from my bedroom doing tech support for a security company and I love the fact that I don’t have to leave the house, but boy did I underestimate how hard it would be to do being a mom who is always home with kids. Especially my threenager. If you are a dedicated reader, you’ll remember a post I did months ago about the Pros and Cons of working from home. I love that I get to be around my daughter more but being around her more makes me want a break more. This post is more as an update from my previous one. So, my daughter knows that I work from home and knows my hours and when to be quiet, for the most part…but sometimes, she’s an absolute demon and will find any reason to scream like a banshee when I am on the phone with a customer. I’ve had to seriously prepare like it was the zombie Apocalypse on my work days when dealing with her. I don’t have a babysitter, because I don’t want to pay one, if you’re wondering. Here’s what I do:


If you really can’t get a babysitter or don’t want one like me, make sure you stock up on snacks at your work station so if your kid is in the room with you, you can keep them fed easily. I work early in the morning, so my daughter will wake up when it’s breakfast time and I can’t always just get off phones to get her cereal. I keep granola bars, fruit snacks, and any other healthy breakfast-like snack near me during work hours. I now have a mini fridge in my room, so I can keep a small glass of milk and juice in there too. Oh, a tv tray is a great thing to keep in there too.

Child gates

Since my daughter is only three, there is no way in hell she can roam the house alone. She will destroy it. So, I put a child gate up in the hallway blocking off the living room, making so she’ll only be able to go into my room or her room. She hates the gate but doesn’t fight me about it too often. I just tell her if she goes in the living room by herself, the cats will eat her. Don’t judge me, it works.


I don’t know if tablets are your thing, but that’s what keeps my daughter the most occupied. I also bring coloring books and crayons in my room as well to keep her entertained. Since I have the rest of the house blocked off, my daughter can only go in her room or mine so if she gets bored in mine, she’ll go play with her toys in hers.


If you work from home and are attached to your computer by a headset, I HIGHLY recommend getting a wireless headset or a headset with a really long cord so you can wipe your kids butt. No joke, it was a nightmare before I had a super long cord.


Stock up on juices and water in your work space, because kids are always so thirsty and want drinks when you are in the middle of something. For whatever reason, when my daughter says she’s thirsty, she does not stop saying it until I give her something. So I keep waters mainly, right next to me for that reason.

Working from home is awesome, but it can be difficult when you don’t have a babysitter or when your kid is a demon like mine, but these tips are how I handle it and it turns out alright like 90% of the time.

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The things my daughter says to get her way

Apparently, toddlers know how to word things to get their way and they’re good at it. My daughter is pro. I thought I’d share some of the things she tells me to persuade me into giving her what she wants.

I never have a clean bathroom

So, Averie insists that she go potty in MY bathroom. I don’t let the kids use my bathroom because they destroy it. I am always cleaning something off the walls, toothpaste off the counter, and trash off the floor so I just don’t let them in there. Well, Averie will just barge in my room and walk right in my bathroom. When I tell her to go use the other bathroom, here are her responses:

  • I’m about to pee in my panties so I have to pee in your bathroom!
  • Mumbles…
  • But the other bathroom stinks (She ain’t wrong though)
  • But I CAN’TTTT!

    She is so dramatic.

Public Restrooms

So, I think both my girls have a thing with checking out the public restrooms. No matter where we go, they seems to always have to pee, even if they didn’t drink anything and went before we even left the house. Never fails, Averie ALWAYS has to pee when we’re out in public. Some of her reasons for always going into a public bathroom are as followed:

  • (Again) I’m going to pee in my panties
  • Um, uh… I drank sooo much juice (Even though she didn’t)
  • My hands are sticky and I need to wash them (Which they aren’t, she just likes the hand dryer thing)
  • Because…. just because.

Extra food

She is ALWAYS wanting snacks. Like one snack after another like she hasn’t eaten in weeks. I know she’s growing, but there should be a limit on how many fruit snacks one three year old can eat in 10 minutes. I have to limit her because she eats when she’s bored. Her reason’s for extra food are:

  • But I am soooo HUNGRY *As she rubs her stomach*
  • The buggies in my tummy are so hungry and if you no feed them, they eat me
  • And the most popular, I’M STILL HUNGRY!

She tries to make deals with us

So, I dread taking my three year old to any store with me. Sometime’s she great, but most of the time, she is a demon, but for some reason she is always asking to go to the store. When I tell her no or that I don’t need to go to the store, she then tries to bargain or sweet talk me into taking her.

  • I will be good if we go to the store
  • I wanna go to the store so I not cry
  • But it’ll make me happy like this, see *Cheesy grin*
  • But you’re my bestest friend and I like going with you.

She thinks she’s clever… Well, she actually kind of is because she gets away with half of this. Sometimes her arguments are pretty valid so I don’t have anything more to say to her. How is it that three years old’s act like demons but get what they want anyways????

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Why you should get an Emotional Support Animal

If y’all remember reading, I had to put my dog down that I’ve had since I was 16 years old, back in February. I told myself I couldn’t get another dog because the sadness I experienced from putting her down was one of the worst feelings I’ve ever had and I just couldn’t bear the thought of going through that again. Well, not having her around hit me harder than I thought. I lost my constant support and my constant companionship that I desperately needed!

I was scrolling on Facebook on day and saw this picture that was shared by one of my friends from her sister. I commented on it saying I want one only to be crushed minutes later when I realized that the original poster lived in another state. I was so sad and just so disappointed. My faith in humanity however was restored minutes after I was crushed because the original poster, (Her name is Shalee) said that she would bring me one. LIKE DRIVE UP HERE AND BRING ME ONE. Yeah, I pretty much balled like a baby after that.

Story Time:

Shalee rescued these puppies from someone’s backyard because they were being severely neglected. They had fleas and ticks all over, sores all over and didn’t have any hair when she rescued them. She literally jumped the fence into someone else’s backyard and took all the puppies and nursed them back to health.

She told a complete stranger that she would bring them a puppy. Like who does this kind of stuff? She definitely restored my faith in humanity, that’s for sure. about three weeks later, she really did come up here and bring me a puppy.

Her name is Peanut and she’s about 18 weeks old right now and she’s a mix between a Terrier and German Shepard. She is the happiest , most playful little puppy ever, but she isn’t like most puppies I’ve had. She sleeps when I sleep even if it’s taking a nap. She follows me EVERYWHERE and I take her pretty much everywhere. She gives kisses on command and is getting really close to being able to shake on command.

Registered as an emotional support animal

I registered Peanut as an ESA so that I would be able to have her as that constant support anywhere I go. Let me tell you, for being a puppy, she is already so intelligent. She knows when my anxiety is getting high because she’ll jump on my lap. When I have panic attacks, she’s instantly right beside my side. We do pretty much everything with each other by our sides.

Why you should have an Emotional support animal

  • They reduce anxiety:  Pets reduce the feeling of uneasiness and act as a source of comfort They reduce anxiety
  • Healthy distraction: Those suffering from a mental illness often need a healthy distraction to keep them from feeling down
  • Constant company: Prevents people from feeling lonely and isolated
  • Reduces stress: Playing with your ESA has been known to reduce stress
  • Emotional support: Pets are intelligent creatures that positively impact the psychological state of their owners by offering compassion and reassurance.

Peanut is the best little puppy and so behaved for being a puppy. She’s not too fond of me folding laundry though, she’d much rather lay in it.

Thank you again, Shalee for giving me my little companion. I don’t know what I would do without her.

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Just a hobby I picked up and now am OBSESSED with

Yes, I’m still alive. I know, I’ve been MIA for a while. Depression hit me hard and I couldn’t get myself to do much of anything for the last 3 weeks. All I wanted to do was sleep and cry. I am feeling somewhat better now, at least enough that I can function. During those three weeks, I picked up a new hobby that I became obsessed with. My friend, Gina (Author of Work in Progress), and I were at a park one day with our kids and she found a painted rock. I asked her why it was painted and what the point of it was and come to find out, painting rocks and hiding them for others to find is actually a big thing. She added me to Painted rock groups on Facebook and that’s when I really started getting into it. 

My sister, Ashlee and I went to the park one Sunday after I had told her about the hidden painted rocks. Once she found her first rock, she became obsessed too. Since then, we’ve painted over 20 rocks all together and will be hiding them around our town for others to find and enjoy. 

Here are our rocks, some we found and most we painted. 

Here are the ones we found. My three year old actually found the two pickles and the monster ones. She is just as obsessed with searching for rocks as I am.

Here are some reasons why I love painting/hiding/finding rocks:

  • I have found it helps keep my anxiety under control
  • It lets me be creative
  • Finding and hiding rocks gives me exercise
  • It gets me out of the house
  • It’s fun to get to know new people who love it just as much as you do
  • Best of all, it’s pretty much free (except for buying the paint, but looking for rocks is free)

I never knew about this until Gina told me. I guess it’s actually a big thing everywhere. I am now in 6 Facebook groups for painting and hiding rocks. I’ve even found rocks that came from different states, which is pretty cool!

If you think this sounds like a fun hobby, search for painted rock groups on Facebook in your area.

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Things you need to know from a mom suffering from anxiety

Things you need to know from a mom suffering from

Anxiety is hard to handle and really messes with your mind, even more so when you’re a mother. 

The other night, I was laying in bed, trying to fall asleep, but of course I can’t. I start thinking of things I can’t do anything about at that moment, like if we need groceries, what happened to my dish brush that I was using earlier, and if my kid brushed her teeth or not. I wish this was the extent of my other thinking, but it’s not. 

I hear a motorcycle outside and think, “Wow, that’s loud…. what if they are parked in front of my house… What if it’s someone who is trying to get in my house? What happens if they do get in? I have to get my daughter out without him seeing. Will I be able to get out of the window in time and get away? What if I don’t? What if he gets my daughter? 

Yeah, these are the kind of thoughts that pop in my head when I am trying to sleep. This is pretty much a nightly thing.

This what mom’s with anxiety want you to know

Anxiety all started with me when I was in middle school age. I didn’t grow up in the happiest family home- there was a lot of fighting and tension and after so long of something like this, it can take a serious toll on someone.

I got pregnant having anxiety, so I worried all the time. I became a mom with anxiety which was the hardest thing ever. I ended up becoming a stay at home mom and that didn’t do my anxiety any good. 

Here’s what you NEED to know:

I didn’t choose anxiety. It chose me. 

My mind does not work like other’s who don’t have anxiety. One bad thought can spiral out of control and turn into a panic attack.

I hate feeling this way, trust me. 

I don’t like it at all and I would never choose to feel this way, especially for attention.

Because of anxiety, I am an over protecting mom.

Having anxiety is a feeling of not having control. As a result, I try and control everything my kid does to keep her safe. It’s not the best way to do things but it’s the only way I know how right now. 

Stop judging me when you have never had to live this way.

Regardless if someone has anxiety or not, you shouldn’t judge anyways. It helps no one. It’s beyond hard to be a mother who suffers from anxiety

Don’t tell me that my kid is suffering because of my anxiety, because she isn’t. 

Just because I am over protective of my kid, doesn’t mean I neglect her of any fun. I am just more cautious than most about the things she does. 

Don’t belittle my feelings. 

Just because you feel something is not worthy of getting upset over, doesn’t mean I feel that way. It’s a feeling, not a choice. I can’t just choose what bothers me and what doesn’t. If I could, I wouldn’t be writing this right now. (1)

Yes, I have a mental illness. Yes, I struggle daily with it. Yes, it makes things hard, but that doesn’t mean I’m not human just like you and don’t have feelings, they are just different than yours. 

Being a mom with Anxiety is not easy. 

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Habits that could be signs of anxiety

Habits that could be signs of

When people hear Anxiety, they think, “She worries a lot about everything.” But it’s so much more than that. In fact, people with anxiety deal with everyday ‘habits’ that make everything in their life so much harder. Things that they do that they either can’t help or feel like they have no choice but to do.  Here are some of mine and other’s habits that care caused by anxiety. 

Not keeping in contact

I am so guilty of this. Not because I don’t care, but because things become too much for me. As much as I want to be there for people, sometimes other’s issues become too much for my brain to handle with my issues already being a daily struggle.

Rubbing fabrics

This has been a huge habit of mine ever since I was a little girl. I like to rub fabrics on my hands and fingers. Not too sure why I do it, but others have noticed that I do it when my anxiety is really high. I think I do it because my anxiety is an emotional feeling that I can’t control sometimes and doing this gives me a physical feeling that I can control. 

Not talking

Sometimes in a conversation, especially with those I don’t know too well and those who don’t know me, I won’t talk. I will observe instead with the fear that I will say something strange and get that look of judgement. Most of the time, this causes more issues than me speaking and saying something strange. 

Picking skin

I tend to pick my lips and and nail beds often. Even if I don’t have dry skin, I will  cause dry skin just so I can pick it. 

Talking fast

When I do talk, 90% of the time, it’s really fast and I end up stumbling over my words. I fell like when I have something to say, I need to get it all out in one breath because I fear that I will be interrupted or won’t get to finish my thought. 


Habits that could be signs of (2)


Always being on my phone

I am so guilty of this. I don’t mean to be rude when I do this, but it helps me calm my anxiety or keeps it so my anxiety doesn’t pop up. It’s constant stimulation for me. 


I’m not talking about just regular cleaning… I’m talking about cleaning in crevasses with Q-tips. Or constantly cleaning dirt from under my nails. I also get so upset over one thing being put in the wrong spot. 

Breaking plans

I use to do this a lot (now I just don’t make too many plans) and last minute too. I don’t do it because I don’t like the people I made plans with. My anxiety just gets so bad that it feels impossible to for me to leave my house and go out in public when I feel like that.

Long bathroom breaks

When I go to the bathroom, I tend to stay in there longer than usual just so I can avoid everything- everything that causes me anxiety. It’s kind of like my calm down spot.  


Anxiety is so much more than just worrying all the time. 

Do you have anxiety or do you have an odd habit that you can’t seem to stop? Let me know in the comments below. It could be a sign of anxiety.