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How-to do your makeup in 7 minutes. *VIDEO*

Hey Lovelies!
This goes along with what I said in my previous post about how we don’t have enough time. Well, I’m going to be doing a quick simple make up look in 7 MINUTES. This is totally doable every morning, right? Lets see if I can actually do my makeup in 7 minutes. No, this video isn’t rehearsed. 


  • Pick out your makeup the night before and lay it out so you can use the whole 7  minutes putting it on.
  • Pick your clothes out the night before too so you can coordinate your makeup with your clothes. I mean, if you do that like I do. 

As you can see, if you just want a quick simple look, it is possible to do it in 7 minutes.

You can find here, the Mermaid Makeup Brushes I was using. The brush I was using works really well for blending!!
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Thursday How-To’s: How To Overcome Writers Block.

I’m sure all you other bloggers can totally relate to this 100%.
When I go to my computer to blog, sometimes I am struck with major writers block. I’ll sit there for an hour just thinking what to blog about. Some days are great, and I am just bursting with ideas, and other days I got absolutely nothing. This had lead to inconsistency when it comes to my blog, which we bloggers know is not a good thing.
Here’s some tips to help avoid writers block.
Write Them All Down
On your good days where you are just exploding with ideas, write them all down with the incentive of writing all of these blogs for the week. Seriously, this helps. I have to do it. Write even the words you think of that pertain to a topic that you want to write, down in your notebook.
Read Other Blogs
I’m not saying go and steal someone’s ideas, but reading other blogs has given me ideas for topics related to the posts I’ve read. It also helps you to expand your content ideas. It’ll give you ideas to blog about things you didn’t think you had opinions on.
Categories For The Days Of The Week
I started adding categories for the days of the week, (Hence this blog post title…) This makes it easier to think of post titles and ideas based on the days categories.
Organize & Schedule
 For me, if I’m not organized, it feels like my mind is scattered. Honestly, I think this was the main cause of my writers block. Having a schedule goes hand in hand with being organized. Plan ahead. Have all the next weeks post’s written down this week. This way you won’t become stressed form feeling like you’re behind and unorganized.
Utilize the holidays, days of the week, achievements, failures, kids and pretty much anything and everything to come up with ideas. Think of something that happened in your life and write about how you felt about it/how you overcame it. Tell us why your dog is part of your family. Show us your outfit for the day. Seriously, anything.

I hope I saved you guys from the writers block disease. Now go blog!


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How To Manage Your Stress & Depression.

Raising a family and being a part of society can be overwhelming if not managed right. The same with depression. Many mom’s, working or SAHM’s can easily become stressed out from the constant running, running, they are always doing whether it is work, housework, feedings, appointments of just chasing your hurricane toddlers around. If you don’t manage your stress accordingly, it can lead to depression. To find out how I’ve maintained my stress during my crazy days, you must ready on.
Have fun instead
If you are feeling beyond overwhelmed about all the dishes or housework you need to do and are just dreading it, put it off. Seriously. Go play a game or color with your kids, have fun with them. This will lower your stress level and make your kids happy. So by the time you do those dishes, you’ll be calmed down and your kids will be too. Another way is to listen to music while working around the house. Always works for me.
Find a hobby
Doing something outside of work and outside your normal everyday activities can be very relaxing which researchers have found to reduce stress and depression. I sew and take photos in my spare time and I’ll tell ya, it helps me a lot. I do it for fun, so remember, don’t take it too seriously to the point of getting overpowered. That kind of defeats the purpose. While some hobbies may be beneficial to you and your health, others may not be. Like, binge watching multiple seasons of Shameless in one day. Yeah, don’t do that. So not healthy.
Talk to someone
This one I believe is essential. When feeling stressed out or depressed. feeling alone is the worst possible feeling ever. Talk to someone about your frustrations. A friend, family member or your significant other. Your family has a significant affect on your mental health, and communication is key to happy and healthy relationships. Let them help you and give you advice and just comfort you in your worst times. It helps if you let it, I promise.
Eat Healthy
I’m not saying cut every bad food from your diet. You don’t have to get crazy and eat kale and plain oats everyday, but maybe instead of eating a bag of potato chips, try something better for you, like plain low-fat yogurt with fresh berries and honey. There’s a reason why they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day… Eating a healthy breakfast gives you the nutrients and energy that your body needs to wake up and start your day, but when you’re a parent, I believe that every meal is just as important. You need to be energized to be a mom basically. Eat things that are rich in protein, these types of food will give you energy.
Take That Nap
This one is my personal favorite. Hehe. When your kids go down for a nap, if they nap that is, you should too. 20 or 30 minutes is all you need to feel energized… Unless you are a sleep deprived vampire like myself then you might need a little longer. Taking naps is extremely beneficial toy your health. Naps increase the functionality of your brain, reduces stress levels, rejuvenates your mind, controls your blood pressure and even helps with weight loss. To get the best results, napping between 1pm and 4pm is most ideal. Don’t over do it with the length of your nap. It can have the opposite effect and make you sluggish and not want to go to sleep at night which is not good when trying to manage your stress and depression.
Make Time For You
Yes, actually do something for yourself and not your kids for once. You are important too. You need to be happy and taken care of in order to take care of your family. Remember, kids take after you and can sense what you are feeling. Here are some examples of what you can do for yourself.

  • Take a fun creative class such as ceramics, or painting, I mean if you are into this kind of thing.

  • Lunch alone or with a friend. It’s always nice to have adult conversations every once in a while.

  • Spa day. Go all out. I need one of these… Sigh.
Family Time
For me, this has to be the most important thing when trying to manage your stress and depression. Your family is your number one support system. Having a set regular schedule for time with your family everyday is important. Talk with them. Find out how school is going for your kids and how work is going for your significant other, and tell them how your day went. Play games or go out somewhere together. Happy and healthy relationships with them is essential in every home and good for your mental health. You want your kids to know that there is always time in your crazy busy lives for family time.
All of these things have helped me tremendously trough my stress and depression. I hope it helps you too. 

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How to get through a hard day of Mom-ing.

Raising a family is one of the toughest jobs ever. I know I’ve had many days where I found myself overwhelmed and just defeated. Meltdowns and tantrums plus all the other things that need to be done would overwhelm anyone. In order to avoid losing your marbles in these situations, you must read on.

Take Plenty Of Breaks.
Taking plenty of breaks is important, don’t run yourself to the ground. Perhaps you could spend your break watching a funny video , reading short stories or articles or even just walk around your backyard for some fresh air. This will help you to better manage your stress so you don’t feel so vanquished.

Give Yourself Something To Look Forward To.
If what’s getting you through your tough day is YOU time after the kids go to bed, then go big. Take a bubble bath with your favorite beverage or do a full spa; bath, facials manicure and relax in bed, the whole nine yards. You deserve it.

Have Some Fun.
If you need a quick laugh, I suggest going on facebook. You’re bound to find something amusing on there. Lol. While you are doing the house work or whatever else during the day, turn on some music and just Mariah Carrey the crap out of it. Just have fun in anything you are doing.

Keep Your Energy Levels Up.
Throughout your hectic days, it’s essential to have plenty of snacks to keep you going. Since you’re running around with your kids pretty much from sun up to sun down, you can’t afford to have a decrease in energy. Here’s a list of healthy energy boosting snacks.

  • Banana’s or apples with peanut butter.Natural sweetness in the fruit takes longer to metabolize than processed sugars and the peanut butter’s protein provides a long-lasting form of energy.
  • 6oz of plain non-fat yogurt.Yogurt is full of protein. If you like your yogurt sweeter and with more flavor, add in a teaspoon of  honey and some fresh berries.
  • 1/4 cup of dried fruits and nuts.This has a good mix of fat and protein and nuts are a slow burning food which provides sustained energy. Dried fruit has a bit of sweetness but with the added benefit of fiber.

Plan Ahead Always.
If you have a hard time managing your time, planning ahead is essential. Make a schedule or calendar and have your family contribute so that you’re not faced with any last minute surprises. If you want your day and your family to run smoothly, you all have to be on the same page.

It’s Okay To Ask For Help.
You should never feel alone when raising. Reach out to your fellow mom friends as well as your own family for help and advice to avoid an extremely stressful day. Another method is to look online for parenting forums. You are never alone when feeling overwhelmed. Every mom feels this sometimes.

Take Advantage Of Technology.
There are many apps that can help your through your day. Here is a list of helpful apps.

  • Breastfeeding apps.Helps you monitor and keep on schedule with your feedings.
  • Sleep pattern apps.If you’re having a hard time getting your kids to go to bed on time, these apps help monitor your kid’s sleep patterns and helps you take control of the situation.
  • Daily planner apps.These help you manage your daily activities and stay better organized and it’s paperless! Look, now you’re saving trees. Good job.
  • Meal planner apps.This one is my favorite. No more asking, “What do should we have for dinner?” Plan it all ahead.

You can also use technology to entertain your kids with an educational app or video. Just make sure you limit technology use with them. You don’t want technology to run their lives.

In Conclusion.
Yes, being a mom is hard. Tantrums can be over bearing. Constantly running can be tiring and at times, you feel like you’re going to lose your last tiny bit of sanity, but there are some ways to make your day run a little smoother. Remember to take a step back and breath. Don’t be upset with yourself because you’re getting discouraged. Remember, raising a family is one of the hardest jobs ever. These this has worked for my stress so I highly suggest giving it a try. ♥

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    DIY Baby Skirt.

     Baby Skirt!
    Unfortunately I did not take photos during the making of this skirt but it’s pretty easy to understand how to make without pictures (If you have basic sewing skills that is).

    What you’ll need:

    • A yard of any fabric you want your skirt to be made from(You don’t really even need that much)
    • 1” Elastic 
    • Measuring tape
    • Sewing machine of course
    • scissors


    • Measure your baby’s waist with measuring tape 
    • Elastic will be the same as waist measurement
    • The length of the skirt will be half the size of the waist measurement
    • The Width of the skirt is going to be doubled (or tripled if you want it it extra ruffly) the waist size. 
    Lets say your baby’s waist measured 18”. That means your elastic will be the same length, the length of the skirt will be half that which is 9” and the width of the skirt will be doubled (or tripled) which will be 36”.  These are Averie’s measurements. 

    Step one:
    Cut out a 9″ by 36″ piece of fabric and an 18” piece of 1″ thick elastic.
    Step two: 
    Fold the piece of fabric in half width wise, pretty sides together and sew them together.

    Step three:
    Fold the top of the skirt down a little over an inch and sew all around leaving about a 2″ opening to feed the elastic through.
    Then hem the bottom of the skirt. Do it to your preference, depending how long you want the skirt to be.
    Step four: 
    Put a safety pin through the end of one side of the elastic.
    Now push the safety pin through the opening you left at the top of your skirt and feed through the waist band of the skirt. Make sure you keep the other end of the elastic from going through the fabric. The fabric should start bunching up as you feed the elastic through. Once you have gotten the elastic all the way through (Both ends of the elastic are out), put one end of the elastic over the other and sew the ends together.
    Step five:
    Now push the rest of the elastic under the waist band and sew the opening closed.
    Note: Before you sew the opening closed, try the skirt on your baby to see if it fits just in case it doesn’t and need to make adjustments. If it’s too big, sew the elastic ends further together, which will make the waistband smaller. 

    The Finished product!!

    Pretty easy right? 
    I learned how to sew when I was a Sophomore in high school which was 8 years ago. I’ve made a ton of things but baby clothes have to be my absolute favorite. 
    Hope you enjoyed this! 
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    Look, Jessie can Sew!

    So I decided to do a DIY post; I remembered that I can sew so why not.
    What I am going to be making is really easy, if you have a sewing machine that is. 
    I really don’t suggest hand sewing this. LOL
    ~Zippered makeup bag~

    Super easy and cute. These always come in handy. I use them for the random little stuff that usually end up at the bottom of my purse. 
    [I suggest ironing your fabric before you cut them which as you can see, I did not. Too lazy and I had my kid next to me.]
    Step one:
    -2 different colored fabrics
    -5×7 rectangle pattern or any dimensions you choose 
    -Zipper the same length as the width of your pattern
    -Coordinating thread
    -Sewing Machine
    Step two:
    -Pin the pattern to each fabric and cut 2 pieces of each
    Step 3:
    -Place outer fabric down, pretty side up
    -Place the zipper down, good side down on top of fabric
    -Then place the inner piece of fabric, pretty side down on top of the zipper (Kind of like a sandwich)
    -Pin the 2  fabrics and zipper together along the the top of the zipper
    Step Three:
    After you have sewn all four rectangles on the same way, it should look like this.

    -Now, Unzip the zipper half way
    -Pin the same fabrics together, like this 
    -Sew all the way around
    Step Four:
    -Leaving about this big of an opening at the bottom of the inside fabric
    -Flip inside out though the opening
    After you’ve flipped it inside out, it should look like this

    -Hand sew (Or machine sew) the small opening with thread matching the inside fabric.
    -Then tuck the inner fabric inside the bag
    Your finished product should look like this. (: 
    Notes: I used a stronger, thicker fabric for the inside so the bag would be more sturdy but you can really use any fabric you want.
    I also machine sewed the opening with matching thread so you could hardly see it. If I’m not wearing it, I’m not going to hand sew it. LoL

    If you are familiar with a sewing machine, this project will take around 15 minutes to complete. (It took me an hour because I have a 7 month old who demanded my attention the majority of the time.)

    Hope you enjoyed this. (: