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Being Thankful.

Samuel Is Turning 1!

I haven’t really expressed what I am thankful for this thanksgiving season. I started to do the Thankful challenge on Instagram, but it literally only lasted like a day and then I got lazy. But I feel it is important that I do express what I am thankful for. One of the reasons why I feel it is important for me is because, this past year has been hard for me. Like extremely hard. I struggled a lot with anxiety and depression as well as constantly being sick, but just because I struggled, doesn’t mean that i don’t have things to be thankful for. A lot of things to be thankful for actually. Here goes.


My husband has helped me a lot with my anxiety and depression. Sometimes, he’s the one who causes my anxiety, but I think that’s most significant others that do that. He has really taken the time to understand what anxiety is and how to handle it with me. He has sat on the bathroom floor with me at 2 am while I had a panic attacks multiple times. He always reassures me that everything will be okay. I am thankful to have someone who understands my anxiety and helps me through it.


My kids drive me crazy probably more than any other human beings, but they have also taught me more than any other human beings. I learned a lot patience because of my kids. When you have a toddler, big kid and a teenager, you need patience. Another thing I learned is what genuine love is. Like real unconditional love. I am beyond thankful that I got to experience that kind of love.


Having all the problems I’ve had this year, I’ve seen a lot of doctors. So I am thankful for doctors and all the help I have gotten from them.


My family could probably be considered dysfunctional and crazy, but if it weren’t for my family (Parents) I wouldn’t be here. If it weren’t for my family, I wouldn’t be the strong, independent person I am today. I am thankful that I even have a family. I am also thankful for bonus family. Family isn’t just blood or by marriage. Family is people who love you and are there for you. My bonus family has been there for me more than some of my blood family.


As much as I claim to not have friends or want them, I know I have people who would always be there when I need them. I know I have those who would drop what they are doing to come drink wine with me and blog. I know I have those I could call to talk to about anxiety and not feel like a bother. I have those who try to make my day better by inviting me over so I am not alone. I do have those people and I am thankful for them.


Just recently, I got a new job that I don’t even have to leave my house for. I am so thankful for that. What I am most thankful for about my new job is that I don’t have to share a toilet with other nasty human beings. I am thankful that I even have a job.


I am thankful for the internet. I know it’s not a necessity, but blogging has helped me tremendously with my anxiety and depression. It has helped me manage it in a positive way and I have also made a lot of blogging friends in the years I have been blogging.

Here are some other things I am thankful for that are totally not necessities.


  1. Peanut butter
  2. Leggings
  3. Electric toothbrushes
  4. Waffles
  5. Peanut butter cheerios
  6. My soft purple blanket
  7. My oil diffuser and oils
  8. My CBD relief cream
  9. Candles
  10. Vacuum cleaners
  11. Radios
  12. Notebooks
  13. Flavored water
  14. Cameras
  15. My laptop
  16. Sewing machine
  17. Cold coffee
  18. Fans
  19. Netflix & Hulu
  20. BBQ food
  21. Planners
  22. Pinterest


I am thankful for this cutness!

What are you thankful for? I’d love to hear!!


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50 Stocking stuffers for your teens

40 stocking stuffers for your kids (1)

Here I am with more stocking stuffer ideas. This time it’s for the teenagers who are harder to buy for than toddlers and young kids. This age, their interests change so quick, which makes them sometimes hard to shop for. Here are some things that teenagers will like and actually use!


  1. Blackhead removal kit
  2. Gel pens
  3. Face mask
  4. Lip treatment
  5. Head phones
  6. Wallet
  7. Journal/planner
  8. Make up brushes
  9. Compact mirror
  10. Small makeup bag
  11. Lotion
  12. Hair ties
  13. Body wash
  14. Makeup brushes
  15. Gift card for food
  16. Socks
  17. Sleep mask
  18. Bath bombs
  19. Body spray
  20. Gum
  21. Beanie
  22. Watch
  23. Comb
  24. Portable charger
  25. Lanyard
  26. Grooming kit
  27. Video game store gift cards
  28. Book
  29. SD Memory card
  30. Hand warmers
  31. Headphone splitter
  32. Hand sanitizer
  33. Texting gloves
  34. Tic Tacs
  35. Bluetooth speaker
  36. Movie tickets
  37. Razors
  38. Insta camera
  39. Sticky notes
  40. Toothbrush
  41. Starbucks gift card
  42. Coffee mug
  43. Travel sewing kit
  44. Travel tissues
  45. Hot cocoa, tea or coffee
  46. Pop corn
  47. Candy bar
  48. Chips
  49. Cookies
  50. Gloves


Again, there’s no need to spend that much on stocking stuffers. You can get most of these at the dollar store. So, don’t hurt your wallet by over paying on stocking stuffers. Teenagers are already expensive.

What are some things you like to put in your teenager’s stocking?


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40 stocking stuffers that your kids will love

40 stocking stuffers for your kidsDigging through my stocking on Christmas morning was my favorite part of Christmas when I was a kid. Now that I have kids, stuffing their stockings is my favorite thing to do because I love the look on my girls faces when they keep pulling more things out. Let’s face it though, sometimes the stuff we put in their stockings ends up in the trash or broken a few days later or broken and floating around the house. I also don’t think it’s necessary to stuff my kid’s stockings full of sugar either.



  1. Art supplies
  2. Coloring book
  3. Color wonder paper
  4. Color wonder markers
  5. Color wonder paint
  6. Bubbles
  7. Stickers
  8. Fruit snacks
  9. Baby doll
  10. Books
  11. Puzzles
  12. Socks
  13. Stuffed animal
  14. Toy food
  15. Hair bows/flowers
  16. Brush
  17. Glow in the dark stars
  18. Disney movie
  19. Rubber duck
  20. Bath crayons
  21. Color bath drops
  22. Bubble bath
  23. Luffa
  24. Tooth brush/tooth paste
  25. Baby doll bottles
  26. Sock monkeys
  27. Crayons
  28. Cars
  29. Dinosaurs
  30. Cup
  31. Underwear
  32. Flash light
  33. Nightlight
  34. Flash cards
  35. Matching game
  36. Glow sticks
  37. Sun glasses
  38. Silky/soft pillow case
  39. Chap stick
  40. Dum Dum suckers (Some sugar is okay)


Here’s a tip, y’all. You can get 90% of what’s on this list at the dollar store. They are kids, they don’t care where it comes from. No need to pay an arm and a leg on stocking stuffers. Honestly, they’d be happy if you put painted rocks in their stockings. At least my girls would be happy! LOL.

What are some things you like to stick in your kids stockings?


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12 must have items for a toddler mom

t to know me.


HAIR TIES. Toddler are mess eaters (They are pretty much messy at everything they do). Keep these suckers in your purse, wallet or bra or wherever when you leave the house, trust me. You never know when you’ll need one. 


De-tangler spray… for when they do get food in their hair and refuse to let you brush it out because it hurts. 


Color wonder paper and markers because they insist on using markers but can’t be trusted with real ones to not destroy the walls. 


Step stool. They want to almost everything themselves, but can’t reach anything. (Averie helped me with laundry the other day using her step stool. She even started the washer for me.)


Cocoa butter Vaseline works great for their lips. It has helped my toddler more than chap stick ever did. Works great for dried out noses as well. 


Potty Seat. WOOO POTTY TRAINING. It’s a pain in the rear for me. She’s stubborn. 



Glow in the dark stars. 


I just recently took the tv out of Averie’s room and the glow in the dark stars have really helped her to adjust without the tv. 



Leapfrog My pal’s. 


Leapfrog My Pal Scout/Violet toy. My daughter loves this toy. It’s helped her learn her ABC’s, count, and learn songs. She will talk to this toy all night. 



Baby doll (for a boy or girl). It teaches them how to care for babies and prepares them for when they are mommies and daddies. 


Headache relief for when your toddler insists on being an A-hole all day. 


Tablet for when they are absolutely impossible. Trust me, this comes in handy when you want a nap. 


Wine. Enough said. Mom’s of toddlers will just get it. 


What are your essentials for your toddlers, big kids or teens? Let me know down below. 



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The Get to know me tag


I figured this was a good way to really get to know me since I have gained so many new followers. I got this post from Nicole of Nicole’s Niches, so go check her out!

What’s your full name?

Jessica Richelle Adams is my full name. My mom named my first name after John Stamos’ character on full house. LMAO. My middle name is named after my Dad, Richard.


Family Life?

I have three older sisters, one older brother and one younger brother. My older siblings are my half siblings. I am married with three kids, two of which are my step kids. I also have two dogs and two cats.


Why’d you start blogging?

Honestly, I started blogging because I was a stay at home mom and needed something other than Mom-in to do. I continued blogging because as it turns out, I love to write and because blogging really helps me deal and manage my anxiety in an effective way.


How many drafts do you currently have written?

I have none. My OCD doesn’t allow me to start something without finishing it. When I do have drafts, it’s only one and it’s finished the next day.


What’s your sexuality?

So, I’ve never said this out in the open because I never thought about it and because I think it’s normal, so it doesn’t need to be announced…? But I am Bi. I grew up in the Mormon religion so, of course it’s frowned upon, even though Mormons will tell you that they don’t judge, but they are the most judgmental people I’ve ever met. There’s still Mormon family of mine that still doesn’t know. Surprise. lol


Relationship status?

I am married. Have been for three years, but I’ve been together with him for five years and five months.


Where are you from?2013_10_Las-Vegas-Night-HD-Wallpaper3

I am from Las Vegas, Nevada. Born and raised here and still reside here.



Cat or Dog person?

If you would of asked me a year ago, I would of said dog person all the way, but now I have two kittens as well as two dogs, so both…?


thW4PLTBOZWhat do you like to do on your days off?

I like to drink wine and hang out with my family. Oh, and blog of course.



Coffee or Tea?

I like both, but both have to be cold. I don’t like hot drinks. Not even in the winter. I just recently started drinking cold coffee. I use to not like coffee at all.


Dream Job?

Pediatric Nurse or neonatal nurse. I love babies.


Biggest pet peeve?

Oh boy, I have multiple, so I’ll give you guys a few of my biggest ones. Lying is number one for sure. People who make excuses for everything and people giving their unwanted opinions or advice.


What grosses you out?stinky-smell

People who don’t care about their personal hygiene by not showering regularly or brushing their teeth. Ew.



Favorite food?

Well, I love breakfast foods, like scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon and sausage. I also love anything Avocado.


Well, there you have it. I hope y’all feel like you know me a little better. Even though I got this post from another blogger, I modified it a bit. Feel free to use this post or modify it like I did.



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You know you have a toddler when…


…they insist on looking in the toilet after you’ve done your business.

you find the fridge open, and the ketchup, pickles and milk on the floor.

you never get a full drink to yourself.

you find your shoes, keys, socks, and brush in their rooms, hidden behind their pillow.

you hear them talking to inanimate objects as if they were people.

the word you hear like 90% of the time is the word snack.

you give them what they ask for and then get yelled at because in 2.5 seconds they decided they didn’t want it and you didn’t already know.

TODDLER: Small creature who is only hungry after you throw away the food they refused to eat the first eighty times you offered it to them.

they refuse to put pants on…

they hide their pants because they don’t want to wear them.

they insist on wearing someone else’s pants.

Pants are for mere mortals.

they never want to take a nap at naptime, but will fall asleep like 2 hours before their bedtime.


they don’t want to go to sleep at bedtime so they start demanding drinks.

baby shark is stuck in your head 24/7.


they sing a song about brushing their teeth in the baby shark song melody.

they know how to navigate YouTube better than you do.

they want to “Help” with literally everything you do.

they want to do everything themselves.

you go through an entire box of Band-Aids in a week.

Band-Aids have magical healing powers.

they don’t want to eat what you give them, yet they are always hungry.

they want to eat what is on your plate and not theirs when it’s literally the same food.


Do you have a toddler? What are some of the things that your toddler does? Tell me down below in the comments.