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"Pregnancy Glow"

Before I was pregnant, I’ve heard everyone talk about this “pregnancy glow“.. Where your skin is flawless and your hair and nails are super model long… Well, either they lied or “pregnancy glow” has no effect on me! HA!!

I am taking prenatal vitamins, drink a lot of water daily, use the coco butter stretch mark cream and still no pregnancy glow. In fact I feel some of these had the opposite effect.

I have never really gotten bad acne, just the occasional mark here and there but after a few months of taking the prenatal vitamins, I’ve gotten more marks than normal and not just on my face. :/
The prenatals did however make my nails grow a bit, not for very long.

I can’t really say much about the stretch mark cream. Sometimes I’m too lazy to use it.. Okay, the majority of the time but, I do not have any stretch marks on my stomach, just everywhere else. LOL

I have gained a total of 55 lbs  so far during this pregnancy. My doctor likes to comment on that fact at every doctors appointment. My doctor gives me an amount of weight I should gain between appointments and I usually gain double of the amount he says.
Something that comes along with gaining so much weight is swollen ankles. yup, those suck. Not only does your WHOLE body already hurt, having to walk around on sore swollen ankles just puts the cherry on the top 😀
OH and varicose veins, yeah I have those too. They already aren’t attractive but they’re more unattractive when your white as a ghost and have these huge purple spider looking bruises on your body! But hey, your pregnant, why do you need to look attractive anyways right?
(It’s funny though, I have more of a figure now than I ever did before I was pregnant. LOL)

So there you have it, Pregnancy glow is a myth. (well for me anyways.)

Pregnancy isn’t all bad though. In fact, It’s the most interesting and beautiful experience I’ve ever had.
Knowing you have a tiny human being growing inside you (as creepy as that sounds), is just such an amazing feeling, especially when your baby moves for the first time! I remember when My daughter first moved! I was so excited and happy and I’m pretty sure I cried (could of been hormones).

I use to just sit and wait for for like 45 minutes after she moved a little, to move again and when she did, excitement all over again. Now she moves all. the, time, nonstop. from morning till night. and, she has discovered my rib cage and bladder!!!! hahahahaha Still amazing though.
I guess that’s what I consider pregnancy glow; the fact that I can feel My daughter move. The fact that I am going to be a mom. The fact that I get the privilege of raising a baby!

I don’t need long nails or flawless skin, knowing I am going to be a mom to a baby girl is good enough for me!

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How to be thankful .

I’m sure everyone has been in a position where they feel like they have nothing to be happy about, where they wish they had more. I’m sure that is normal for everyone.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had days that I’ve felt this way. Life just seems so hard sometimes that you feel like there is nothing you can do but be negative about it. Again, I’m sure everyone has had these days.
Well, I have learned (and still learning) to be more humble and thankful for what I have instead of what I don’t have.

Change your way of thinking in a hard situation (I know, that seems almost impossible to do), sit down, relax and just think… Think of what is putting you in that mood and then think about what you have to be happy about such as family, good friends, animals who just absolutely adore you. (Mine are obsessed with me, they follow me to the bathroom) I guarantee that the list of what you should be happy about outweighs the other list.

Think about what some people don’t have who would be happy to have what you do. 

Be thankful for the loved ones in your life. (Even if they drive you nuts)
Be thankful for your animals who show you unconditional love always.
Be thankful for having a job. (Which we all know is really hard to find)
Be thankful for living and breathing.
Be thankful for your babies.
Be thankful for being the good person you are.
Be thankful for little things.


I am thankful to be able to pay my own bills.
I am thankful for my family and for the people who have stuck by my side.
I am thankful for my dogs who don’t even let me go to the bathroom alone.
I am thankful for my husband and everything he has done for me and continues to do for me.
I am thankful for being able to carry a baby.
I am SO thankful for everyone who already loves our baby as much as we do.


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Good Friends are hard to find

As we all get older, we know how hard it can be to keep in contact with friends. Most of the time we end up losing friendships because we have hectic lives. I think this comes with be an adult!!
I have come to realize that true friends will stay in your life through all your craziness!
I have also realized that Good friends are honestly so hard to find in this city! I am writing this to let you all know that good people are out there, they just pop up when you’ve pretty much given up on a social life!

My Husband and I are so lucky to have found such 2 amazing people we can call friends family. 

Tima was the one who did my hair and nails the day of my wedding.

Todd & Tina were there pretty much from the beginning. They were there when Erich Proposed (and kept it a secret from me which is pretty talented cause I find out everything), Tina actually helped him pick out the ring! They were there through all the crazy and confusing wedding planning and date changes (we’ve changed the date like 3 times and the plans multiple times, and they still stayed friends with us! HAHA). They were some of the first people we told that we were going to have a baby and were more excited than most people we told. Even more excited when we told them that they are going to be the Godparents.

They have been more than kind to us. They have actually made a point to be in our lives and be actual friends. The kind of friends that have BBQ’s on a regularly basis and will call you during the week just to see how you are doing and ones we can spend holidays with and feel like part of the family. There are definitely not many people like these 2 in this world! (Everyone, get your own, these 2 are ours!!!)

Todd & Tina,
Erich and I want to say thank you. Thank you for being true friends and becoming family. Thank you for loving us for who we are. Thank you for making an effort to be in our lives. Thank you for being our Daughters Godparents and already loving her as much as we do. Thank you for hosting and being apart of our wedding and a huge thank you for not running away through all the crazy wedding planning and changes. We want need you guys to know how much you truly mean to us.
We love you guys.

FYI: You 2 are stuck with us now!

Fun Fact: When Erich and I finally picked a day to be married, come to find out, it was Todd and Tina’s 3 Year anniversary on the day we picked and they were so excited about it!! This means double date anniversaries!!! We couldn’t have asked for any better than you guys to share anniversaries with! (This is pretty awesome actually, Todd can remind Erich about our anniversaries!)

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Pregnancy: a love/hate relationship

I’ve heard from a few mom’s that their pregnancies were just so amazing and and so beautiful the whole 9 months… they are definitely lying…
Don’t get me wrong, I think being pregnant is such an amazing experience, and I absolutely love it (well, most of it), but it’s also not all sugar and rainbows!  Let’s be honest,  pregnancy can suck.

What I necessarily don’t like about being pregnant:

1. Morning sickness! I honestly don’t know why they call it morning sickness. I was sick at all hours of the day for the first 3 months!! Anything i ate right before I got sick,  I couldn’t eat for months!  Unfortunately,  bacon was one of the things.  Such a sad day for me.

2. Crazy hormones!  Oh lord! Crying for no reason. Getting angry because someone put a fork where the spoons go.  Yeahhh. Thank goodness my hormones aren’t as bad as they were.  (I’m sure if you ask my husband,  he’d say otherwise,  so we’re just going to keep him out of this one!)

4. Not fitting into your clothes!! For the first like 4 months of my pregnancy,  I was still able to wear my size 3 jeans,  with a rubber band of course but ever since I hit 6 months,  I literally cannot fit into ANY of my clothing! I guess I’m finally going to have to buy maternity clothes or should I just wear pajamas the rest of my pregnancy?

5. Not being able to put on your socks!  Oh my goodness,  this has become such a challenge for me.  If I’m going somewhere that requires me to wear socks (such as work), I have to get ready an extra 10 minutes early just because it takes time to put them on.  Luckily, the shoes I wear are slip on shoes.

6. The comments!!! I’ve heard them all. I don’t know why everyone feels they need to share their opinion about my pregnancy to me but it annoys the living daylights out of me!
“You’re Pregnant?! You don’t look pregnant! “, “you’ve gained a lot of weight. It looks better on you!” (So, I looked disgusting before I was pregnant…? Cool.)

Oh! I also hate it when people I don’t know try and touch my belly! It’s weird and creepy.

Now, with that being said,  I don’t want anyone to think that I hate being pregnant,  I love it actually!

1. Knowing that there is a tiny human being inside you and you are  going to be their mother. Best.feeling.Ever.

2. The first kick.  Once you feel that,  you know it’s a for sure thing that there is a baby in there!  First time I felt my daughter kick,  I was laying on my bed and my dog had his head on my stomach and she kicked him right in the face!

3. BABY CLOTHES!  Aren’t they just the cutest things ever?! The best thing about it is that you can dress your kid in anything you think is adorable and there is nothing they can do about it!

4. Prenatles. These are awesome.  Longer hair & nails.  What all women want right?

5. The fact that you can use the excuse “I’m eating for  2” when eating like a pig! I love food.

6. Your husband telling you how cute you look with a waddle and a huge belly. Lol. They are probably the only ones who genuinely mean it!

Even though pregnancy comes with a lot of grossness and challenges,  I would never in a million years give any of it up. 💜💜💜

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Pregnant before marriage.

So, this past Saturday I got married (to my babies daddy of course) and being 6 months pregnant at your own wedding is hilarious.

Even though I’m 6 months pregnant and was drinking sprite during the toasts with the under age crowd,  it was the absolute most perfect day (besides the constant pee trips).

The morning of was busy.  As soon as I got up which was around 8:30am, I went right to getting my nails done,  then my hair (lucky for me, my maid of honor is a cosmetologist)and then a good friend came to do my makeup. Needless to say, I didn’t have time to eat. By the time my makeup was done, it was time for me to get married.
By the time the ceremony was finished, you could imagine,  I was starving and our reception food wasn’t ready yet.  Then before I could go find anything to eat, I was bombarded with pictures and hugs and congratulations, you know all normal wedding crap.
I was finally able to sneak away to the fridge remembering the left over fried chicken from last nights dinner!
At last,  preggo was at ease.

I walked out of the house with a huge piece of fried chicken and again was bombarded with more photos, especially cause I was stuffing my face.
Most women think about looking good and their breath smelling good on their wedding day and, pregnant women getting married think about food. If I were able to,  I would of eaten the chicken before I walked down the isle but I literally had like 30 seconds to spare after my make up was all done.

Basically everything is a challenge when your pregnant at your own wedding.
1. Trying not to feel like a whale in your dress.
2. Peeing constantly. I’m just glad I didn’t have to pee when I was standing at the alter.
3. Sitting & standing.
4. First dance.  My belly is just to big to dance comfortably.  I had to dance with my belly sideways.
5. Not eating food right when you see it!
6. Not getting food on yourself.  (Since I’ve gotten pregnant,  I haven’t been the prettiest eater)

Even though there were multiple challenges,  I overcame all of them. LOL!

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Wedding planning fail.

So, as I’ve already stated,  I’m engaged to be married. Sooner than originally planned. Which I don’t mind,  I’d much rather spend the money that was going to be spent on a big wedding,  on our daughter.

Funny story;
After Erich (yes, that’s how you spell his name) and I got engaged and had time to sit down and talk about the plans we had already made for the wedding,  I was listing off all the bridesmaids I had asked which turned out to be 7 of them!  He looked at me like I was crazy and said “Why the hell do you have so many bridesmaids?!”
I started laughing and said You honestly don’t remember why do you? ”  The look of confusion he gave me was priceless.
The reason behind why I had so many bridesmaids is because of him… He had already asked that many guys to be his groomsmen before I had even 4 bridesmaids in mind.  Now,  the reason why he doesn’t remember,  no it’s not because I drugged him and really wanted that many bridesmaids, is because everytime he seemed to ask someone,  he was intoxicated  Lol!
He doesn’t even know all the last names of the guys he asked!

After a while of wedding planning for a big wedding that we decided not to have anyways,  we thought about it and decided we didn’t really want that big of a wedding party.
Even though,  everyone knows we’re expecting and decided not to do a big wedding but instead a smaller one,  we have still yet to tell our wedding party that they are no longer needed.

Wedding planning fail

I’m sure they’ll know when they receive they invintation in the mail.

My advice about wedding planning,  don’t let your other half make any decisions while under the influence..