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CLEAN FREAK SERIES: 10 strange cleaning hacks


Brace yourself, these hacks are weird, but they actually work.

1.) Can’t find your duster? No problem! Use a lint roller to dust everything. Best part is, the dust sticks to the roller and won’t be flying everywhere and making you sneeze. Don’t know about y’all, but dust makes my allergies go crazy!

2.) Tired of wearing your arms out by scrubbing, scrubbing, scrubbing the stuck on food off your dishes? Put a dryer sheet in yours sink full of dishes. It will soften the stuck on food, making it easier to clean off.

3.) Do you have pet hair everywhere and can’t find your vacuum? (Yes, it’s possible to lose a vacuum, my husband has done it. Hahaha.) Use a rubber glove to remove pet hair from your furniture.

4.) Need to clean your mattress? In a spray bottle, mix half a shot of vodka with some water and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Spray your mattress and let it air dry. The vodka will help kill the odor producing bacteria lingering in your mattress, and the essential oil will keep it smelling good.

5.) Can’t get that disgusting ring in your toilet to disappear? Coca-Cola will clean it for you. Pour a can of coca-cola around the rim of the toilet so that it coats the whole bowl. Leave it sitting in the toilet overnight so the acids in the Coca-Cola has time to break down the ring. Just imagine how bad Coca-Cola is for your body if it can break down rust rings in the toilet…


6.) Dusty ceiling fans? Use a pillow case to dust your ceiling fans so all the dust doesn’t fall on your furniture or floor, but will fall into the pillow case. Easy, right?

7.) Dirty iron? Scrub your dirty, discolored iron with white vinegar and salt to clean and make look brand new again.

8.) Did your kids put their artwork on your walls? Before scrubbing off the crayon, heat it up with a blow dryer to loosen it and then wipe away with sponge and soapy warm water.

9.) Clean dirty blenders quick! Fill dirty blender with warm water and a nickel sized amount of dish soap and turn on high speed for about a minute and then dump out and rinse out. BAM! Clean without having to scrub it.

10.) Dishwashers can clean more than just dishes… That’s right. You can stick numerous things in the dishwasher to clean them. Bath toys, shoes, hats, light covers… Bet you didn’t know that, huh?

When you don’t have the tools to accomplish  a cleaning task, you have to improvise. One of the things that mom’s are great at anyways.
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CLEAN FREAK SERIES: 7 useful kitchen hacks



The kitchen is probably the most cluttered room in the house because there are so many little things in there. In my case, there’s always random things that don’t belong in there because the boys in my house think it’s okay to put their dirty, sweaty hats, change, clothing and whatever else doesn’t belong in the kitchen, in the kitchen as well as not putting ANYTHING back where it should go. Hence why my kitchen is always cluttered.
It’s also cluttered because we like to cook, so we have spices, utensils, and pans galore. Sometimes we have no place to put things, hence why I’m doing this post.




Cupboard door spice storage:  Spices
I haven’t done this one yet, but my sister texted this idea to me the other day. You can get everything at the dollar store.
What you’ll need:
– 3-5 little baskets.
– Sticky wall hooks.
That’s all. I’ll be doing this in the next few days!


Under the sink organizer:small-kitchen-storage-ideas_3[2]
Almost everyone I know stores their cleaning stuff under the kitchen sink, so if you do to, this is for you.
What you’ll need:
– Small curtain rod
– Magazine holders
– Traveling shower caddy
The shower curtain is to hang your cleaning  product spray bottles on, the magazine holder is for non spray cleaning products to stay nice and organized and the shower caddy is for your smaller cleaning supplies such as sponges and brushes. This will make it easier to find what you need, when you need it.

Canned goods organizer: MR[1]
We’re going to use something that I’ve already mentioned for this hack. Magazine holders hold cans pretty good and you can keep all of one kind together. The magazine holders can also be used to hold your fruit.




Stove burners:
We all know that the stove burners are the biggest pain to clean, right? I’ll be honest, I gave up on cleaning them for a while until I found this hack.
What you’ll need:
– Stove burner parts (Obviously)
– Gallon sized zip-locked backs (4)
– Ammonia
pour a splash of ammonia in the bags, add your stove parts and leave sitting on your counter overnight. Rinse off with soapy sponge and that should take all the grease and stuck on crap off.


This has to be the next pain in the rear thing in the kitchen. I hate cleaning the microwave, because again, I have a teenage boy who doesn’t think it’s necessary to clean up his mess that he made in the microwave, so when I get to it, it’s week old cooked, stuck on food. This hack has made my life easier when it comes to cleaning the microwave.
– Warm up half a cup of water, 3 tablespoons of vinegar and some lemon juice in a microwave safe bowl for a few minutes. The stuck on food should wipe right off and it’ll smell like lemons. Yes, I really love lemons.

Wooden cutting boards:
We all need to keep our cutting boards clean and germ free and here’s how to do that.
-Cut a lemon
(Yes, more lemons!) in half and squeeze half all over your wooden cutting board. Spread the lemon juice around with that same lemon half. Sprinkle coarse salt over the board and use the other lemon half to scrub the salt in. Use paper towels to wipe off your cutting boards. This method cleans and deodorizes your wood cutting boards.

Bar keepers friend: bar_keepers_friend_1[1]
This is a cleaning product that I swear by and can do a ton of jobs. You can use this for polishing stainless steel appliances, clean stove tops, pots and pans, sinks, and even toilets and bathtubs! Once you try it, I swear, this is all you’ll use. I love it! I love the fact that you can clean so many things with it and your pots and pans!!



919CJMlHfNL[1]Yes, I really love lemons. The smell, taste and all the benefits of them. I even drink lemon infused water daily. For all my fellow lemon lovers, there’s a sink strainer at the Everything 99 cents store that is lemon scented and I just love it. It keeps your sink smelling lemon fresh. Lemon scented garbage bags are a must as well! In the near future, I will be doing a give away of some cleaning items… possibly lemon scented ones.
If you like my Clean Freak Series so far, please give it a like and/or a comment/share. If you’d like to see a hack for something specific, let me know in the comments below.



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CLEAN FREAK SERIES: Toddler Mom’s favorites


Hey, I’m glad you’re still here reading my clean freak series. This post is a little different. Instead of cleaning hacks, I’m sharing my favorite products and solutions that I use to accomplish the hacks with. I prefer to use my homemade solutions as there are no harsh chemicals, but I do use some store bought cleaners as well. First on the list is….

Spic And Span

I use this for a quick clean on counters just to kill the germs and keep the surfaces clean and smelling good.  Yes, they have lemon scent, and yes, I have it.

Baking soda & Vinegar

If you have carpet and kids and/or animals, this natural solution is for you. This solution is a life saver when it comes to gross smells that are embedded in your carpet.
-Mix some baking soda and vinegar in a bowl until you get a paste. Apply paste to carpet and leave it there until it’s dry and then vacuum it up. OROR ELIMINATED.

All purpose cleaner

This is what I use on surfaces that my kids use on a daily basis, because it’s chemical free. Mix one cup of vinegar and one cup of water in spray bottle and that’s it. You can add essential oils for scent if you’d like.

Window cleaner

I definitely like this better than windex or any other store bought window cleaner.  Mix one cup of rubbing alcohol, one tablespoon of vinegar and on cup of water in a spray bottle. Use newspaper to wipe clean instead of paper towels.

Cleaning wipes

I love love love these.
What you’ll need:
– One pound coffee canister with plastic lid
– Paper towel roll
– Sharp knife
– 1/2 cup of vinegar
– 1/4 cup of water
– 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol
– One teaspoon of liquid dish soap
– 10 drops of LEMON essential oils (Or your choice)
– Needle
– Scissors
-Spray paint (Optional)


One: Spray paint in and outside of can to decorate. This will also keep the can from rusting as fast.
Two: Cut paper towel roll in half and squish half in the can and save the other half for next time.
Three: Mix together the vinegar, dish soap, rubbing alcohol, and water in a small bowl. Add several drops of essential oils.
Four: Slowly pour the liquid over the paper towels. Once they are saturated, carefully remove the cardboard center and pull paper towels from the middle.
Five: Press a craft needle through the center of the plastic lid several times, then fit scissors through to cut a circle from the center.
Six: Feed the paper towel through, and secure it to the can. Add drops of water occasionally to keep wipes moist.



Bar keepers friend

This stuff is amazing. You can clean just about anything this, including pots and pans. It gets them looking new again. You can clean the stove with this as well. It works amazing on the stove top.

Magic erasers

When you have kids, this is a must! This gets crayons off the wall and tables. Since my husband is a mechanic, his hands are always greasy and black, so of course, so are our walls. The magic eraser cleans all of this off of everything.

Air freshener spray

I love making my own air freshener sprays.

-1 cup of water
-1/4 cup of witch hazel
-5 to 7 drops of lavender essential oil
-5 to 7 drops of lemon essential oil
-Reusable spray bottle
1. Fill spray bottle with water & witch hazel
2. Add essential oils and then cover with spray nozzle.
3. Shake the bottle for a few seconds before each use.

There are so many scents you can make air freshener sprays with. Of course, Lemon is my favorite.

These are all some of my favorites and I swear by them all. As you can tell, I learn more towards the homemade, natural route because I’m allergic to a lot of cleaners.
I hope you like my list of favorites. If you did, feel free to tell me which one’s you can use in the comments below.


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CLEAN FREAK SERIES: 8 Bathroom cleaning hacks.

Do you hate cleaning bathrooms with a fiery burning passion like I do? Do you have a house full of boys that make you hate cleaning the bathroom even more like I do? If you answered yes to both questions, then you’ll love what I’m about to tell you. Warning: If you have boys like I do, be afraid of taking a black light in the bathroom in which they use. You will find a whole lot of nastiness. The bathroom really is the worst place for me to clean. All the soap scum and water spot that seem to never go away are 2 of many reasons why I really hate cleaning this room the most. I’ve come up with a list of methods that I use that make cleaning the bathroom easier and more bearable.


Lemon Lemon on Google Android 8.1

Use half a lemon and rub on the chrome fixtures to get rid of those stubborn water spots and BAM, gone. Lemon is also an odor eliminator, which is great for the boys bathroom, and cheaper than buying special cleaning products.

Natural toilet cleanser

A mixture of vinegar and baking soda will work magic on your toilet. Just spray vinegar inside your toilet like you would your regular cleaner, then sprinkle baking soda and spray more vinegar and let it sit for 15 minutes. You just super cleaned your toilet and didn’t use any harsh chemicals. This mixture is an odor eliminator as well.
Speaking of the toilet…

Toilet brush

After you clean the toilet with the toilet brush, let it drip dry over the toilet, in between the lid and the seat. This will save from germs building up on the brush when you put it back in the container. Which leads me to my next hack….

Toilet brush cleaner

Pour some pine sol in the toilet brush container to sanitize it and keep it clean and smelling goodPersonally, the lemon scent is my favorite. I pretty much love lemon scent everything. I even bought a lemon scented sink strainer from the dollar store and I have lemon scented garbage bags.


Streak-free glass cleaner

When cleaning the mirrors in your bathroom, don’t use paper towels, instead, use wadded up newspaper for a streak-free shine. Here is a chemical-free glass cleaner mixture.
3/4 cups of white vinegar
1.25 cups of warm distilled water
4 drops of LEMON essential oils
(Or any scent you want really, but I prefer lemon.)
16 OZ spray bottle

Mix all the ingredients in the spray bottle and then spray on mirrors and glass and wipe with newspaper.

Cleaning the shower head

Fill a zip lock bag of distilled vinegar and tie around shower head so that the head is in the water. Leave it for about 30 minutes and then the crusty crap on there should come right off. Hey, no lemons in this one. Hahaha

Bath toys

We all know that it’s crucial to keep our kids bath toys clean, as they can hold so many germs! Fill up the already cleaned sink with warm water and vinegar and leave the toys in there for about 15 minutes and then let them air dry. Do this at least once or twice a week to keep them sanitized and germ free.


Writing this is making me want to deep clean my whole house now….

Avoiding rust on counters

rust stain on granite

You know those rust stains that appear on the counter underneath your glass soap containers? Yeah, do you hate those as much as I do??? Here’s how you prevent that from happening. Anything that you stick on your bathroom counter is bound to get wet so, just apply clear nail polish to the bottom of whatever you keep on the bathroom counter. BAM, no more rust stains!

If you loved these hacks and are just a clean freak like me, then drop me a like or comment what you would like to see hacks on next.