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20180919_172758~2I’m doing something different and reviewing the $10 IPSY Glam Bag. I’ve been getting this bag for over a year and I love it! Here’s a bit of info: It’s a $10 monthly subscription to a beauty bag. They send you samples of make up and hair care products based on your beauty profile that you create. There’s an app where you can review the products and receive points for your reviews. You can redeem your points for more sample products.

*All reviews are my own opinions and I am not being compensated by Ispy for my opinions.*

2018-09-20_05.49.00You will receive your Ipsy bad in this bright pink package.

Hempz Triple Moisture Herbal Whipped body cream

I love Hemp products, so I was super excited to get this in this month’s bag! It smells fantastic and the best part is, it doesn’t leave an oily residue on your skin like most other lotions do.

Marc Anthony True Professional BYE-BYE frizz Miracle treatment

20180919_165302I already loved this brand previously, so I was happy to receive this. My hair is naturally frizzy and hard to manage because of this and this did absolute wonders for the frizz. I wish they sent a bigger size though, because this won’t last long for women with thick hair.

Trust Fund Beauty Nair Polish

20180919_165406.jpgI love this so much!! I got the color, Kiss Kiss Darling, which is a dark red and it’s just so pretty. It dries super fast which is what I need being a mom because I am always doing something or chasing my 2 year old around. It’s also cruelty free and vegan!

Smashbox Cosmetics photo finish Primerizer

20180919_165952I love this brand, but I’m not a huge fan of this primer, too oily feeling for my taste. Then again, most primers do this to my skin. This one is however, better than most I’ve tried.

Winky Lux Eye shadow

This color is called Ursula which is a dark foil purple and I LOVE it! It’s super pigmented and goes on real easy. Great for doing a smoky eye. This lasted all day with no touch-ups. This brand also NEVER tests on animals, which is great and my preference.

Additional products that I bought using my Ipsy points


Be a Bombshell Pigmented Eye powder

I haven’t tried this one yet, but I do love these kinds of eye shadows and this color really complements my eye color and makes it pop! Hence why I picked this color.

Cotz The Healthier Sunscreen

This stuff is great. It’s tinted and just blends right in with my skin tone. I have a super light complexion and sun burn easily, so I’m happy I got this.

This is my favorite part, honestly. I love makeup bags! They are so useful and I’ve used  almost everyone I’ve gotten for something. I even carry one in my purse for all my little things like my nail files and chap sticks and stuff like that. I also use one for my daughter’s hair ties.

I think this bag is worth it for $10 a month. Stay tuned for next month’s glam bag!!



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No matter what size you are, you’re Beautiful.

Even though every mom’s life is different, I know there is one thing for sure that every Mom Woman struggles with at some point in their life… Body image. I know I have!!
It’s not just women who are overweight that struggle… I have struggled most my life with my size. I have always been really tall and really slender… No, I don’t mean  tall and slender like a model… I mean tall and slender like no figure… At all. Nothing ever fit me right, because I had nothing to fill anything out. Since I am so tall, I’ve always had issues finding that was long enough for my legs. Since I was so skinny, and had no waist, I could never find pants that wouldn’t be too big around and when I did, the leg length was too short.

Teen Years


This really took a toll on me when I hit my teen years… I still had no figure when I hit the age of 13. I was teased and made fun of most my life. I’ve been called so many skinny names that I lost count. Some being, twig, stick bug, anorexic and flaca was my nickname which means skinny in Spanish.  I was told mean things in my teen years that just killed any ounce of self-confidence I had. I’ve been asked, “Do you even eat?” I’ve also been asked, “Do you throw up when no one is looking to stay skinny?” and “When are you going to gain some weight?!”
While ever girl my age would wear heels and shorts, I never would because I got made fun of my legs being too long and already being too tall.. I got called names like Lurch and stretch. I grew up believing that I was ugly and not good enough. I felt like I was disgusting in everyone’s eyes.

Pregnant body


I didn’t really acquire any kind of a figure until I got pregnant. I actually liked the way I looked more when I was pregnant than I did most my life. It was the only time I gained weight. Unfortunately, I lost all that baby weight completely, a month after I had my daughter. I felt more confident during pregnancy and after with how I looked.

Adult life

In my adult life, I don’t get those questions or comments as much as I did growing up. When I do get them, it’s from adults 10+ years older than me or from those struggling with their image. It hurts all the same though…
Luckily, pants for longer legged slender women are a thing now, but I still struggle to find other clothes that flatter my body type. All the really pretty adult dresses seem like they are only made for someone with a model figure. A lot of dresses are baggy on me in the hips, butt and breast areas. I was shopping with a friend this past week and she too struggles with body image. She made a comment while were looking at women’s clothes; She said, You skinny b****es are lucky, you get all the cute clothes.” I remember thinking, “I hate this section too…Nothing here will fit me to flatter my body type because most of this is made for women with model figures, not for women with barely a figure. I’d rather shop in the pajama section because at least those clothes  are meant to be baggy.” I know she didn’t mean anything insulting towards me by it because she was just frustrated with her body size, but it still bothered me, because I did struggle with my size most my life and sometimes still do.


I’m almost 27 years old and occasionally, I struggle with the way I look and my weight, but I’m more accepting of myself than I ever use to be. I wear things that I never use to have the confidence to wear…even dresses. I even wear heels, even though I’m super tall. I wear shorts now also. I’m actually gaining weight now too (Finally). I’ve maintained around the same weight from the age of 15 until just recently of 98lbs to 103lbs. I could never gain AND maintain more than 103 (Except for when I was pregnant, or course.) and now I weigh 117.5lbs and have maintained that for about a month now.

For my daughter

I needed to change my perspective of myself for me, but most importantly, for my daughter. I am the number one person that she looks up to, her number one influence and I don’t want to teach her to be self  conscious about the way she looks. I want her to know that she is beautiful and grow up feeling that way about herself. I want her to be confident  and strong. I need to show her that no matter if you are thick, thin, tall or short, every woman is uniquely beautiful.

A letter to every woman



You were made how you are for a reason. What you look like does not define who you are. You are gorgeous no matter how big or small you are. Know your self-worth. Know that you ARE beautiful and wear that outfit that you secretly want to wear, but have been too self-conscious to.  Learn to love yourself… Your daughters are learning strength and self-worth from you. Your sons are learning how women should see themselves and what to look for in a woman from you.

Stop making comments about other women. Don’t judge and assume because someone else’s struggle is different from yours, we all struggle differently.




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My Hair Seven Months After Being Butchered.

Back in July of 2017, I went to a salon where I always went, to get a new hair style, but ended up leaving traumatized. You can read the story here.
That haircut was just so bad, it was the worst one I’ve ever gotten. It was hell these last 7 months dealing and managing my hair while it was growing back. It went through an awkward stage pretty much the entire time. It’s still in an awkward stage, but at lease it’s not buzzed anymore.

My ‘bad hair days’ were ten times worse than normal bad hair days. While some women who were having bad hair days could just throw their hair in a hair tie and call it good, I had to straighten what hair I did have or it would stick up. I’ve never missed my long hair more than I have the past 7 months. I couldn’t just have a bad hair day like every other woman on this planet with hair. I couldn’t just wash and let it dry and call it good. There was nothing good about that for my hair. I had to blow dry and straighten it almost daily.
I did end up kind of getting it fixed. My normal hairstylist worked a miracle on my hair to where it actually looked decent. I didn’t really want it that way, but I was just lucky that she was able to hide most the buzz cut hair.
Although I hated this haircut, and I had such an awful time managing, there are some products that really helped me keep my extremely short hair under control.

Leave-in Conditioner
This is a must when you have short hair. It keeps it soft and that makes it easier to style. This brand is a decent price too. I think it’s around 4 or 5 dollars at Wal-mart or any local drug store.

Flat Iron Spray
I try and stick with the same brand of hair care products, the products I use almost daily anyways. Since I have to flat iron my hair almost daily, this spray is a must. It protects from heat damage and lord knows I can’t afford to damage my hair even more. This is about $4 at Wal-Mart.

Biosilk Therapy Serum
This is kind of like leave-in conditioner, but 10 times better. I use this for my ends and it really helps ease the look of split ends and helps your hair to straighten the way you want. plus, this makes your hair super soft. You can get this at Walgreens, Riteaid and Ulta, from $15 – $24. I got this as a gift, no way would I spend this much on hair products. Lol

Detour Hair Wax
I had mentioned this in a previous post. I cannot express enough how much I love this stuff! When the buzz cut side of my head was in the ‘stick straight up’ stage, hair wax was my best friend. The hair stylist who fixed my hair, flipped the hair from the other side, over the buzz cut side, so when the buzzed hair started to grow, it would stick up through the hair that was flipped over. It was just awful.

Coconut Milk
I started using coconut milk products because I heard it helps your hair grow faster, Lol. There are a ton of benefits to using coconut milk on your hair. 

  • It nourishes your hair; helps dry, flaky scalp
  • Helps prevent baldness
  • Hair detangling
  • Conditioner without leaving a greasy residue that some conditioners leave
  • Hair growth – It’s been proven that it helps promote hair growth and strengthens hair
  • Repairs damaged hair
  • Makes hair shiny and smooth 

Duck Bill Hair Clips
These clips are a life-saver. Having really short hair, it’s impossible to put sections up with hair ties. These clips work wonders for sectioning short hair. 

My hair has grown a lot in seven months. It’s still shorter than I like and I still can’t put it up in hair ties, but at least the buzzed part of my hair has grown out!! Thank goodness for that. 
This is what I wanted….

            This is what I got…. Ignore the grays… July, 2017

This is after I got it fixed….

March, 2018
This is what is looks like now. It’s growing!!!
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How-to do your makeup in 7 minutes. *VIDEO*

Hey Lovelies!
This goes along with what I said in my previous post about how we don’t have enough time. Well, I’m going to be doing a quick simple make up look in 7 MINUTES. This is totally doable every morning, right? Lets see if I can actually do my makeup in 7 minutes. No, this video isn’t rehearsed. 


  • Pick out your makeup the night before and lay it out so you can use the whole 7  minutes putting it on.
  • Pick your clothes out the night before too so you can coordinate your makeup with your clothes. I mean, if you do that like I do. 

As you can see, if you just want a quick simple look, it is possible to do it in 7 minutes.

You can find here, the Mermaid Makeup Brushes I was using. The brush I was using works really well for blending!!
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Top 5 Beauty Products For Mom’s With No Time.

As Mom’s, we all know what little time we have to take care of ourselves. Sometimes we’re only able to wash our hair once or twice a week and for some with hair that gets greasy, this is not ideal whatsoever. With my hair, since it’s super short, if it’s not washed the night before or the morning of styling, it will just stick up everywhere and parts of my hair are just too short to straighten it. -See Traumatizing Haircut post to know why it is too short.

Sometimes it’s not even just not having enough time… Sometimes we decided to take naps with our toddlers instead of showering.
Here are my top 5 beauty products that have saved me from looking like a sloppy, Zombie-mom numerous mornings. (Probably like every morning honestly.)

Dry Shampoo is truly a mom’s saving grace when it comes to 3 day old, greasy hair. I’ve tried a few different one’s and the one that worked the best for me was the Wal-Mart brand, Equate.

Hair Wax. Since I have real short hair, I always have short fly- away hairs that always stick up. I use this pretty much every morning. It’s a life saver. It keeps me from looking like I stuck a knife in an outlet.

Rose Face Oil. This stuff is amazing! I have dry skin and it often flakes. I don’t ever have time for face treatments of washes except for the face wash I use in the shower. This stuff makes your face feel soft and smooth. It doesn’t leave your face oily looking either! I love this stuff!

Physicians Formula Cushion Foundation. I’ve always hated liquid foundation for a few reason. One, I don’t like how thick liquid feels, reminds me of frosting. Two, It’s messy. It usually end us everywhere, but this foundation is awesome. I switched to this because powder started making my skin look even more dry and peely. This is light-weight and is dispersed by a sponge so you never put on too much! Love Love Love this!!
Physicians Formula Organic Mascara. Yes, there is organic mascara. This is completely all natural and hypoallergenic. The brush is 100% recyclable. It doesn’t clump your eyelashes together, so you won’t have to take the extra time to separate your eyelashes with a safety pin, trying to get them to not look like squished spiders.


Physicians Formula Booster. This just adds a little extra something to your “I didn’t have to shower, attempting to not look like the walking dead” morning look, and it actually works out pretty well for me.

If you all haven’t noticed, I’m a fan of physicians formula. It’s in between the cheap and too damn expensive for makeup price range. I don’t know about any of you, but I am not willing to spend an arm and a leg on makeup when I barely have time to use it.

Feel free to share your go-to, I don’t have enough time to look like a movie star products in the comment section below. 💋

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Lip mask review thingy


So, last week, I used “My Collagen Hydrogel Lip Patch”.
 4.My lips get really dry and cracked and I want those nice smooth lips like you see in those makeup tutorials on Facebook. Well, something that’s actually real and doesn’t look awful. So, I tried this.
I got it at Walmart for like a a dollar or something.
Instructions said to keep on your lips for 20 minutes I believe.
1.It was easy to get out of the package. ( I have issues with packages. Everything seems to be Jessie proofed.)
2. It was very slimy.
3. It wouldn’t stay on lips because it was so slimy.
4.The only way I could get it to stay where it was suppose to was by laying down. Which sucked because, I already couldn’t talk so I was by myself, not talking for 20 minutes. Lol
5. After 20 minutes… I stood up and… it slid off my lips and on to the floor.
6. My lips were so slimy. I did what the instructions said and rubbed it in but it was still slimy. After I wiped some of it off, my lips felt smooth but after an hour, my lips went back to how they were before.
I would rate this product a 2 out of 5, only because I was able to get it out of the package.