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Why are these things a thing?

  • Why is the word “Fleek” a thing?
  • Why is reality T.V. a thing?
  • Why is Jersey Shore a thing?
  • Why is wearing pants down to your knees a thing?
  • Why are ass-less chaps a thing?
  • Why camel-toe underwear a thing? (Like really?! Ew)
  • Why are men thongs a thing?
  • Why are face tattoos a thing?
  • Why are taxes a thing?
  • Why is kale a thing?
  • Why is girls going underwear-less a thing?
  • Whys candy mixed with popcorn a thing?
  • Why is men always talking about cars a thing?
  • Why is beard glitter a thing?
  • Why is football player’s slapping each other’s ass a thing?
  • Why in God’s good name is baby shark a thing?!?!
  • Why are white shoes a thing?
  • Why is twerking a thing?
  • Why is anal probing a thing?
  • Why is eating ass a thing? (You poop out of that hole!!!)
  • Why is fireball a thing?
  • Why is foot fetishes a thing?
  • Why are glow in the dark condoms a thing?
  • Why is splitting your tongue a thing?
  • Why is guy’s wearing girls jeans a thing?
  • Why is fast food fish a thing?
  • Why is “Bae” a thing?
  • Why is common core a thing?
  • Why is kids watching kids play with toys on YouTube a thing?

Do any of y’all know why these things are even a thing??? These are the questions that haunt me.

If y’all know of any things that should not be things, please let me know in the comments below!!!

41 thoughts on “Why are these things a thing?

  1. Haha ..I hate people with tattoo face, it is so distracting ad weird at the same time. Great list!

  2. Haha! Good questions!! Although I rather like kale…

  3. oh man… questions you ask yourself in the shower for sure. This made me laugh. I honestly have no answer for any of these but I’ve some of these questions myself… the camel toe underwear just blows my mind. lol

  4. What an interesting article. It made me ask why…

  5. What an interesting list, never heard some things on this list. I have been away from US pop culture for a long time.

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