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Does the bitterness ever end?

Does the bitterness I have towards love ever end?

I gave so much love to someone who just threw it in the dirt and stepped on it. So, needless to say, I’m pretty bitter about anything that has to do with love.

I’ll scroll though Facebook and read all the love quotes and catch myself rolling my eyes.

I’ll see pictures of my friends and their significant others and I either envy their love or I think, “They’ll just hurt you in the end”. Some days, I just cry and shut the whole world out because I don’t feel good enough for anyone.

I use to watch a lot of love movies, so my expectation of love was pretty high (stupid misleading love movies), but now I can’t help but think that love really doesn’t exist for me and I’m going to die alone with all this love I have to give because no one can give me what I give in return.

I’m human, so a huge part of me wants craves that love, but an even bigger part of me is terrified to get close to ANYONE ever again.

If y’all are still reading, thank you for being a dedicated follower, especially while I go though this hard time in my life. I’ll get back to my normal blogging, as soon as I heal, but for right now, this is my only outlet.

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