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5 Important Reasons Why Your Kids Should Clean

5 Important reasons why your kids should clean

My Three-year old has known how to use a vacuum since she was one and a half. She helps me do laundry, clean the kitchen and fold towels. She was taught at a very young age that she needs to clean up after herself. I can ask this girl if she wants to help me clean and her answer will always be, “YEAH! I love cleanin!” She does more than what other kids her age would do. (She does have an OCD mama, who loves a clean house.) I’ve been told, “Why do you have your kids clean so young?” and, “They are just kids, let them have fun.” Well, I will tell you why my three-year old already cleans up after herself and cleans with me. ONE: I don’t want her thinking it’s okay to trash anything without there being consequences. TWO: I also don’t want her thinking it’s okay to destroying other people’s houses either and things. And THREE: From day ONE, you are teaching your kids. You are teaching them what love is, what caring is. Then they learn what respect is and how to be independent and responsibility is. It’s just ridiculous to not teach them something while they are young and their brains are sponges. Makes no sense. 

What everyone does in their own house is not my business, but think about it this way… What favors are you really doing for your kids if you aren’t teaching them how to be more self-reliant, respectful and responsible? Absolutely NOTHING. You are ;ruining them. I’m not saying give them full on chores every single day. None of my kids have daily chores. They just know that if they make a mess, they clean it up. I am preparing my kids for when they go to other’s houses, school, college and just adult life. It’s just common sense to teach your kids this really. There’s just no excuse for it really. Them not doing it right is not an excuse… How else are they going to learn to do it right if they don’t do it wrong first? 

A lot of parents just don’t even know where to start with assigning chore tasks to what ages, so I have created a guideline to help y’all out. 

1. Chores help kids learn responsibility and self-reliance

Assigning your kids tasks around the house teaches them responsibility. Chores that personally affect your kids such as cleaning up their room/toys and doing/helping with their laundry can help them become more self-reliant at the same time. It also gives them something to be proud of themselves for-that they are mature enough to take care of themselves.

2. Respect 

You don’t fully know how much your parents do for you until you’ve left home and are now doing everything for yourself. Giving kids chores to do will  reinforce respect for the ones that care for them. They will become more aware of the messes they make if they are assigned to cleaning tasks around the house and have more respect for the work that goes into maintaining a household. 

3. Chores help teach life skills

your kids won’t be young forever. In just a blink of an eye, they grow so fast. Eventually, they will be out on their own or in situations where they have to know how to do things for themselves. It’s your job as a parent to provide them with that knowledge of how to take care of themselves. They are going to learn to do that if you always do everything for them. When they are out on their own, they will need to have learned how to do their laundry, cook, and just how to maintain a home. Not all of this is taught in school, therefore it is your job. You aren’t doing your kids any favors if they are 10 years old and you’re cleaning up their toys, or doing their laundry. You are then at that point teaching them that they will have someone to do these things for them. you are suppose to teach them how to be an essential part of society.

4. There are consequences

This is important. Like super important. Think about this. You teach your kids right from wrong. You teach them that they need to take responsibility for themselves. These life skills are going to be used for the rest of their lives! They need to know that there are consequences for everything they do. Obviously the consequences differ in different situations. Action: They don’t take care of their toys/stuff. Consequence: Their toys/stuff get broken or lost. Action: They don’t clean up after themselves at someone else’s house. Consequence: They may not be wanted over there anymore because they have no respect. The action and consequence thing can fall on the parents as well. Action: Not teaching your kids to clean up after themselves and to take care of their toys. Consequence: They more than likely won’t do it at someone else’s house and that’s pretty embarrassing for you as a parent. Action: They aren’t taught basic life skills growing up. Consequence: You might be the one doing their laundry, and making their bed and catering to them after they should of already moved out. 

5. Help improve time management skill’s

Chores can help older kids and teenagers build good habits early. It teaches them to set priorities and manage time. Think about it this way, if they were taught at a young age to just pick up after themselves instead of leaving it and contributing to the mess, then they would save time and not have to handle an even bigger mess later. 


There are chore tasks that are appropriate for each age group. My daughter is three and has known how to use a full sized vacuum since she was one and a half though. 

Chore list per age group (1)


There should be no reason at all why your kids can’t help clean up, especially if they’ve contributed to the mess. If you continue to do everything for them, they will never learn. This is a rule in my house. My girls know that they have to clean up their room when they are done playing in there, as well as other kids that play in there, they have to clean up their own mess too, or there’s no playing. 



27 thoughts on “5 Important Reasons Why Your Kids Should Clean

  1. My mom doesn’t really make us clean, but still, I am a clean freak and I clean A LOT!!!!!!!!

  2. I must agree, an I am a nine year old!

  3. I agree with this entire post. It’s so important for kids to complete chores, it teaches responsibility and it shows team effort.

  4. I think you’re right! I haven’t thought to teach my toddlers to clean yet but they do help me to tidy up!

    1. That’s great! Each kid is different. What I was trying to get across is that it’s important for kids to help clean, including tidying up. 😊

  5. Its really nice to teach kids how to clean and maybe cook because its for both, help them to learn and help parents to finish stuff. We do that as well.

    1. Oh definitely! My three year loves to help cook (She’s pro with the microwave lol). My son can cook and my younger girls can help do certain tasks like crack eggs, or still something. I’m also teaching my 5 year old how to do measurements since sh’e learning to read.

  6. As a preschool teacher, I encourage the kids to clean not only their toys but help around the classroom. And also, I live in Japan where kids are expected to clean their school, I make cleaning that fun.

    1. That’s awesome! I think it’s good for them to learn young, then when they get older, it won’t be such a problem for them to just pick up after themselves.

  7. Learning how to clean, tidy or cook gives confidence to children. They know how to deal with their future adult life and this can only be a good thing, as long as they have their time to rest and to play.

    1. I agree. I also make it fun for my kids, Well, not my teenager because no matter what, cleaning is not fun for him. Lol

  8. Yes, yes to all of this! My son is only two and he loves to vacuum with his little one while mom uses the big one! I think it’s important to set a good example for your kids and clean up after yourself too. If your kids see you doing it, they will do it too!

    1. Exactly! My daughter has watched me clean since she was born and then started to help as soon as she could walk.

  9. I could not agree with this more. Children need to learn that they must be accountable and give a helping hand xx

    1. I agree. I can’t tell you how many kids I’ve met that didn’t even know how to do their own laundry when they were 16 years old. My three year old knows how. lol

  10. I’ll give 100% yes for these. Kids should learn how to clean in their age so they know about the responsibility 🙂

    1. Exactly. I make it fum for my kids to want to clean, unless they purposely trash something, then it’s not so fun to clean that up. lol

  11. I’m big on my kids cleaning. They’re small, so the chores are definitely age appropriate. I think it helps them in so many aspects of their lives, not to mention takes some of the work off my shoulders.

    1. I agree. Teaches them to take care of their stuff too. I love that my 3 year old vacuums, definitely takes some load off of me.

  12. Yes yes yes! My boys are 3 and 5 and have chord charts. It teaches them so much.

    1. I am going to make a daily task chart sometime this week for the whole family. I don’t make my kids clean every day, but I think the daily task list will keep my house from looking like a tornado hit it by cleaning little by little every day.

  13. My nephew was born with this innate want to clean up after himself. Whenever he’s done with his toys or books he puts them away. So weird but kinda awesome too.

    1. I was like that when I was little. I don’t like messes or clutter. I wish my girl was like that. I t can be a battle sometimes with her.

  14. It is so important to give your little ones tasks. My two year old still has trouble understanding basic concepts, but I try to get her involved whenever possible.

    1. My daughter did too when she was 2, still does sometimes being three. But she does understand that messes she makes has to be cleaned up by her.

  15. Great post. I really need to work on this. My daughter is 4. She can handle helping. Would def help her realize I don’t work for her. 🤣

    1. Haha. I’m pretty sure my child thinks she’s my boss… Or her snack person. Lol

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