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Halloween Decor must haves


Since it’s fall time (Well, it’ll officially be fall on the 23rd of this month, but it’ll still be 100 degrees here in Las Vegas, unfortunately), I thought I’d do a fall related post. Since fall is my favorite season for the biggest reason being that Halloween is in the fall and y’all know that Halloween is my Christmas. I have crazy decorated for Halloween ever since I can remember. The older I got, the crazier my decorating got. There were only one year I didn’t decorate and it was last year because my living situation wasn’t ideal, so I didn’t bother. As you can tell, I’m pretty close to an expert Halloween decorator, so I’m going to share my expertise with you. Here are the Must-Have decorations for a true Halloween freak like myself.


20180910_040309_0001These are a definite must! I didn’t use them for tables though, because they’re really thin and my kid would of ripped them off in 2 seconds. Instead I put it on the wall and it made it look like a bloody crime scene in my living room. I actually had gotten this at the Dollar Store one year. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find them there for the last 2 years, but they are online on various sites.


20180910_042915_0001You aren’t decorating right if you don’t have cobwebs. I go super crazy with cobwebs and literally put them everywhere! Kitchen, living room, and even in the bathroom. Halloween experience even when you’re on the toilet.


20180910_044647_0001If you really want your house to look eerie,  replace your hallway light bulbs with an orange, purple or black one, Hallways are creepy enough as it is… this will make it creepier. *Don’t replace all your light bulbs with these, otherwise you’re whole house will be dark and that wouldn’t be good. You still need to LIVE in your house.


20180910_045449_0001What’s Halloween without a giant spider? A couple of hears ago, I found this huge blow up spider at the Dollar store and I hung that on the ceiling in the middle of the living room. They are perfect with the massive amounts of cobwebs you have up!


20180910_050439_0001Even though your house looks like Spirit Halloween, you still want it to look and feel Homey. Halloween throw pillows and blankets will let everyone know that you still live there and it’s a home, not just a haunted house. You’re best bet would be to get some cheap Halloween fabric and make pillow cases for the pillows you already have.


20180910_051405_0001You definitely need a motion sensor piece. Anything that’ll scare the crap out of your kids when they walk past it. I cannot wait to get this to scare my step daughter. My daughter laughs when she gets scared and then tries to scare everyone else in the house. She’s creepy like her mama.


20180910_052426_0001Chair covers are the cutest thing ever. I got these at the Dollar Store a few years ago. (Yes, I get most, if not all of my Halloween decorations from the dollar store. Every year, the Dollar store carries these. It’s also very easy to make your own out of pillow cases.


20180910_053413_0001You NEED a centerpiece on your table to go with your chairs. This can be anything you want, really. One year, I had a vase full of glittery pumpkins, another year, I had a platter of body parts. All of which you can buy at the Dollar store. (Black roses are an awesome center piece if you like that creepy, yet elegant look.)


20180910_053735_0001Halloween window clings. Bloody handprints are my favorite, of course. You should also get cute fun ones for your kids to play with and rearrange. One year, I got a window cling of a zombie and I had it in my patio window and always scared the crap out of my neighbors. Definitely going to get another one of those!


20180910_061320_0001Halloween dish towels and pot holders are the finishing touch on the kitchen. These are probably my favorite thing to buy. I have an odd obsession with dish towels. If they are new, I won’t let anyone use them. I will use them as decoration. Makes no sense, I know. lol


The number one thing I think everyone should have to really take their décor to the next level is a creepy porcelain doll! Y’all know, Halloween or not, these are the creepiest things ever! My grandma use to have a room full of these!!!


20180910_101512_0001.pngOrange lights! You know, like the Christmas lights but orange to go outside. Nothing says crazy Halloween person like Halloween lights. Since I am living in my first house this year, and not an apartment, I am going to put Halloween lights up.


20180910_092055_0001Last but not least, Halloween tree. Yes, a Christmas tree, but black and decorated with either creepy stuff like body parts and organs, or your favorite Halloween movie, like Nightmare before Christmas or Hocus Pocus. I personally haven’t done this yes, but I’m going to this year. You can just leave it up through the rest of the holidays and decorate it accordingly.


There you have it, 13 must have Halloween decorations. Funny thing is, I actually didn’t plan to share 13 of them… It just kinda worked out  that way. I ran out of ideas after 13. Ironic, right?



3 thoughts on “Halloween Decor must haves

  1. I totally want to go get those chair cover things! We gotta go Halloween shopping girl!

    1. Also, when u scare my daughter, please record it so I can have a good laugh!
      Thanks! Xoxo

  2. I always love seeing other people’s decorations! Walmart also has some .98 cent bloody handprint things. I got a KEEP OUT window cling that I will put up in October. I absolutely love fall themed pillowcases/pillows. And have been startled too many times by motion sensor anything to put that in the house 🤣 I would freak out if it just randomly goes off. Window clings are a must in my house. I’ll buy a few sheets thinking we can make a one of a king picture but 4 yr old is like EVERY SINGLE CLING MUST BE USED so that’s kind of her contribution to decorating.

    It’s funny because my hub’s mom never decorated anything other than a tree for Christmas. So he always feels like I’m being over the top 🙄🤷‍♀️ but he enjoys seeing our daughter super excited so he just says don’t spend to much.

    Sidenote I always wanted to keep a tree up year round and transform it for different holidays!

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