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Surviving on wine.


I’m at a loss. Like a 100% loss… I hate to say this and I feel like a terrible mother for it, but my 2 1/2 year old is more than likely a demon. Okay… maybe not a demon, but pretty close. She’s been so hard to deal with about everything that I rely on naptime to recuperate and to have a break. Most days I feel like I have no sanity left. My 2 year old takes terrible twos to a whole new place that we’ll probably be at for years. God help me.

Stubborn & Strong-willed

She is so stubborn and strong-willed to the point that nothing works… No bribes. Not spankings (If you don’t agree with the way I discipline MY child and feel the need to give me your opinion about it, then get the hell off my blog, I ain’t got time for that). Not time outs. Literally nothing. I mean, the other day she asked me to flick her in the mouth for saying, “Be quiet!”. REALLY?! Now she’s telling me when and how to discipline her?!

Trying to break the “N” word

I have been trying to break her of saying the word, “No” when she is asked or told to do or not do something… Yeah, it’s not going very well…at all. Now she tells me, “Stop it, Mama!”, “Go away!” and “Leave me alone!”. Sometimes, the 1, 2, 3 method works, but 8 times out of 10, it doesn’t. When it doesn’t work, she screams at me and continues to do what she was told not to do.

Poor Animals

The BIGGEST issue I have with her right now is her being mean to our 2 kittens… She isn’t intentionally trying to hurt them, or at least I hope not, but she’s so rough with them. They literally run and hide from her. I’m trying to get her to just leave them alone altogether because she doesn’t understand that she’s being too rough with them and hurting them, but that’s not working at all. Half the time when I tell her to leave them alone, she stares at me and says with a straight face, “Stop it! Leave me alone!” and then continues to pick up and chase the kittens. This is when she gets a spanking and then she’ll stop… for the time being. When she does get spankings, she will tell me, “Don’t smack-a-me!”


I love my daughter more than anything, but she’s so hard to deal with right now. So hard that I don’t have the energy to even tell her to quit doing something sometimes. Just the other day, she got up and laid on the coffee table for the 5th time in 45 minutes and at that point, I didn’t have the will power nor the energy to tell her to get off, because I didn’t want the tantrum I knew was going to follow…

When all else fails, bribe em’

I have never been the kind of mom to bribe their child to get them to do something, because it teaches them nothing but getting rewarded when being bad, but I’m not going to lie, I bribed my daughter with marshmallows to sit in her  chair at the kitchen table so I could drink wine in the bathroom and pee alone…in peace… I needed to regain my sanity and I think wine helps with that.

Thanks a lot, Grandpa

I use to have her pretty well trained that if she eats anything, she knows she has to sit in her chair to eat it, but lately it’s been world war 3 trying to get her anywhere near the kitchen table, because I found out that when I’m at work and Grandpa is watching her, he lets her eat what ever the hell she wants on the couch including red popsicle! now I have to deal with her meltdowns at every meal and snack time.. and red popsicle stains on my couch. 

Hit or miss

Averie does have her good days… but those are hit or miss. One wrong question can destroy her whole day. Just the other day, she asked me for bubble water (Flavored water) and when I told her to come and pick which flavor, she had a meltdown. She’ll ask for something specific to eat and when I give it to her, BOOM, meltdown.

Is there a light at the end of this tunnel?

There hasn’t been literally ONE day without a tantrum or full blown meltdown in the last 2 months.
I’ve tried everything..
-Spending more time playing with her
-Taking her out of the house more
-Time out’s/spankings
-Taking something away
-Talking to her
-Reward her for good behavior
-More family
Nothing has worked…

I know that this is just a phase and to just keep trying, but I’m losing my marbles and just feel defeated all the time.

Thank god for Marshmallows & Wine

Marshmallows are pretty much the only food that can get her to do what I want without a tantrum and wine is the only beverage that helps me cope with the fact that most my sanity is gone and probably won’t return until she’s in college.

What are your methods to a stubborn toddler who won’t listen? Or what are your ‘hid in the bathroom’ indulgences? At this point, I’ll try anything. HA.



6 thoughts on “Surviving on wine.

  1. We went through a No phase. Everything was No. Or “I don’t want to.” My patience was tested every day for a good few weeks. Finally time out started to work because due to personal reasons we try to avoid spankings if we can.

    But hey each kid is different and responds differently to everything. Like the “I’m going to count to 3” method works great for me. Not so much for hubs.

    I read somewhere that if you get down on eye level with them when you’re disciplining them, it helps. So now after I tell mine to go sit in time out, after she’s sat for her time, I go over and look her in the eye and ask if she knows why she got in trouble. Usually she does. On a sidenote I would ask grandpa to get on board with how you do things. Otherwise it will turn into “but grandpa lets me”.

    Don’t feel bad about bribing. You do what you can to get through the day. Hang in there momma!

    1. Omg. Thank you for taking the time to actually type all this. Luckily grandpa is gone. The 1,2,3 method works pretty good.

      1. You are very welcome!

  2. Coffee and wine…the nectar of the gods

    1. You ain’t kidding.

  3. Coffee, Reese’s and Wine while hidding in the closet and or bath tub is my escape from Raina. I plop Markus in a pac-n-play and put a show on for them and hide for a moment. It gets better but it takes time and a lot of MOMents!

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