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Out of the way world, Averie’s got her sassy pants on!

20180712_071312_0001Who knew that my 2 and a half year old could possess so much sass! I mean, some of the things that come out of her mouth, make my jaw drop and leave me speechless. Like how does a 2 year old know what that means and how to use it in the correct sentence?!

imageedit_17_3320135328On top of being extremely sassy, she’s very independent and that is an… interesting combination… She wants to do everything herself, unless she can’t reach something, but sometimes even then, she’ll still try to do it herself by climbing or pushing a chair over to what she wants to get. If you try and help her with something she doesn’t want your help with, she’ll say, “No! I don’t want your help!! I wanna do it! Get away!”

She’s not afraid to tell you what she thinks or tell you that you’re being to loud. The other day, I was talking on the phone and apparently, I was talking too loud…
Her: Mama, SHHHH! Daddy sleepin!
Me: Daddy is at work, nice try.
Her: Oh… Shhhhh! Brother sleepin!
Me: Averie, brother isn’t here either…
Her: Papa sleepin…?
Me: Nope! He’s at work too!
Her: UGH! Mama! Max sleepin! SHHHH!!

Max is her toy dog… She won that round. She knew her toy dog was in the house and what kind of mom would I be if I told her that her toy isn’t alive?

imageedit_19_4168720807A few weeks ago, Averie asked for her yogurt and her sister wanted one too, but there was only one left. I told Lanaia that I was going to split it between the two of them….
Averie: You’re naughty. That’s MY yogurt! Not yours!
Lanaia: Averie, that’s not nice, I’m not naughty! You have to share it, Averie!
Averie: Nope! It’s mine, not yours! Mine, mine, mine!

Normally, Averie has no problems sharing food with her sister, but this yogurt was in fact Averie’s yogurt and boy did she know it.



Very rarely do I ever have problems getting Averie to take a bath, but sometimes she tests me about it. I’ll tell her that it’s bath time and she’ll say, ” I not dirty, Mama! See! I clean!” Then runs away from me.


Averie is real big on taking things that aren’t hers and she knows they aren’t hers. When you try to get what she took back, she runs. When you have cornered, she throws the thing she stole and then takes off running again while you retrieve the thing she threw. The entire time, she laughs…Β 


Please tell me that my child isn’t the only one with this level of sassiness. Tell me I’m not alone!



9 thoughts on “Out of the way world, Averie’s got her sassy pants on!

  1. Not alone, by far! My 1.5 year old is just as sassy with the evil on the inside and delicious and heart melting on the outside. My 3 year old son is the one with the smarty pants comebacks and total independence arguments. It’s the age, adorably driving us nuts 😜

  2. You are definitely not alone. I call my 2 younger kids the threenager and fournado. Lots of similarities to your story!

  3. My best friends daughter is this way. What is good though is that they know what they want and won’t be pushed around!

    1. You are right about that. My 2 year old will definitely not be pushed around. Lol I’m afraid that she might be the bully. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. My son is only six months and he already gives sassy looks! I’m totally in for it!!

    1. My daughter was giving me that look that young. lol You are so in for it.

  5. Your daughter sounds a lot like my oldest. Very vocal and independent. I lost arguments with her when she was 2 too.
    She is now 12 and very smart! Still independent. At 12 this is a good thing because she doesn’t follow the crowd, she does her own thing.

    I’m a Vegas born girl too!!! But I live in Dallas now. All my family still lives there and I come visit.

    1. Oh, she is so independent. I want her to be able to do things on her own eventually but right now, I wouldn’t mind if she was a little less independent. lol

  6. You are most definitely not alone, Raina is going to be four and still does these things. Today we had told her I love you and said her name, she snapped so far around and said “Mommy your suppose to say I love you Princess! Not Raina”

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