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My Netflix and Hulu favorites.


Hey Lovelies.
I’m going to do something a little out of the ordinary for me and share with you guys my favorite Netflix and Hulu shows. Even though I hardly ever get to watch TV, except for at work. Normally, I’m stuck watching Little Baby Bums on Netflix because that is my 2 year olds favorite show… that and Daniel tigers neighborhood.

Most of these shows are Netflix or Hulu originals.

The Ranch a Netflix original


This one is so so so funny and is definitely one of my favorites. This show stars Sam Elliott and Ashton Kutcher. This show is about a Dad and his two sons who own and operate a ranch. There is a ton of humor and sarcasm. Unfortunately, Netflix only comes out with 10 new episodes ever 4 to 6 months. So, I pretty much watch all 10 episodes in 3 days…

11/22/63 a Hulu original


I just recently finished this show. This show is based on the Novel by Steven King, about a time traveler (James Franco) who attepmts to prevent the assassinationĀ  of president, John F. Kennedy which took place November 22nd, 1963, hence the name. Although this show is very good, the book is better, obviously. The show did suck me in from the first episode though.

Riverdale now playing on Netflix


This show is nuts, in a good way. Crazy things happen almost every episode! Now, if y’all are big horror movie fans like I am, you’ll recognize one person right off the bat… Skeet Ulrich who plays F.P. Jones is also the actor that plays Billy Loomis in the 1996 Slasher, Scream. Also, if you grew up watching the Disney channel in the early 2000’s, you’ll notice that Cole Sprouse from Suite life of Zack and Cody plays the character, Jughead Jones. Seriously, watch this!!

13 Reasons why a Netflix original


This is also based on
a novel… by Jay Asher. This show revolves around a seventeen year old boy and his deceased female friend who committed suicide after being bullied. Like I said before, watch with caution and a box of tissues. The saddest part of this is the fact that kids really can be cruel like this.Ā  Season two just cam out on Netflix this year.

This is Us playing on Hulu


You’re going to want a box of tissues for this one too. You get major feels from this show. There is no perfect way to really describe this show. So all I can say is, just watch it. Mandy Moore stars in this show! I promise you, you’ll get the feels.

Dexter playing on Netflix


This guy lives a double life; He’s a blood spatter analyst for Miami Metro police department AND… wait for it… a serial killer who kills serial killers. Crazy, right? This show is always intense and keeps you watching. What makes it so intense is that no one really knows what he does, but has come close to finding out.


As you can tell by my list, I watch a wide range of shows. My favorites though are crime, thriller and mystery. There you have it, you know just a little more about me and what I like to watch.



6 thoughts on “My Netflix and Hulu favorites.

  1. you should do a toddler Netflix/HULU pick, movies shows your kids could enjoy. I want to do that!

  2. haven’t seen only the it good? rate?

    1. It’s so good!!!! So much sarcasm and comedy. I rate it a 10!!! It’s got 5 parts out already so obviously, people of Netflix loves it. Lol

      1. ok, I’ll check, my vacation are just started haha, time for the movies lol

      2. I swear, you’ll love it. Sam Elliot is the best in this show!!!

      3. yep, i’ll start today haha #tvshowaddict

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