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Thursday Thoughts: Don’t love someone if you’re going to love them… BUT…


I think this is the main cause of failed relationships. It’s just like an apology with the word but at the end… “I’m sorry… but…” or “I was wrong… but…” These apologies mean nothing with but, right? Why love someone that way?! What I mean is, you don’t just walk through a relationship telling each other how each other needs to change this or that, or how you can’t handle this or that. I mean, if they have a serious issue that should be fixed or helped, HELP them, don’t degrade them and express how what they are doing is annoying you or making you unhappy. HELP THEM of if it’s just too much for you and/or it’s an issue that needs to be fixed, but they aren’t willing to change, then leave them. Don’t tell them how you understand one day and then express how they are a burden to you the next day. It’s just cruel. You have 3 choices here; Help them if it’s serious, accept their faults, or leave. Not loving someone with a but means so much more than just making a decision about their faults… It means love them whole heartedly.

If you truly love someone, then why is it so hard for most couples to be faithful to one another? Why is it so hard for them to be honest with one another? If you do these things to the person you say you love, then can you honestly say that you love them? If you truly love someone, then it should be easy to not cheat or be dishonest, right?

I’ve really thought about this lately…Almost everyone that cheats on the S.O. claims that it was a mistake, but what I think in cases like this is, that these people that claim that cheating was a mistake only say that because they got caught and think it’s going to make everything better by saying that.

Can someone answer these questions for me? how can someone claim cheating as a mistake thinking that it excuses their action? How can someone claim that as a mistake when they knew what they were doing was wrong as they were doing it?

” I love you, but I’m going to make you feel like you’re not good enough and sleep with/talk with/flirt with/ hang out with someone else while you’re being faithful.

Loving someone…BUT… causes more damage than you think.



7 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: Don’t love someone if you’re going to love them… BUT…

  1. Great advice that helped me get out of a bad/toxic relationship! And marry the good man I’m with today!😚😇

  2. Relationships can be really hard and heartbreaking when we are not clear about our expectations and feelings. I agree with you in that we should be honest with one another 🙂

  3. So many people need to understand this. Even during an arguement we are quick to apologize and include that BUT. It’s damaging and not pure. How can we make this go viral lol. Wise article.

    1. You can share on social media. Lol thanks!!

  4. This was amazing! Yes! Love who you are with without the “but”

  5. YAY for loving wholeheartedly, faults and all! Love it.

  6. Oh the feels! I seriously felt this in my soul. I was in a long-term relationship with someone who used to tell me things like “you’re perfect…BUT…” There was always something. It really made me feel crappy and tore down my self-esteem. I agree so much that it is not okay to love conditionally. Eventually I got out of that toxic relationship and after many years rediscovering me, I met my husband. I cant answer the questions about the cheating. Its never been a thing for me. If I was in a relationship and wanted to cheat, I realized I didn’t belong in that relationship and ended it. I don’t know what possesses people to treat each other so unkindly when they supposedly love each other.

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