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5 things to expect when potty training.

5 Things to expect when you potty train your toddler
For the last couple of months, we’ve really been trying to potty train our 2 year old. It’s been…uh, exhausting.
Averie has always been a pretty easy baby/toddler. I mean, she started sleeping through the night around 4 and a half, 5 months old, never had issues as a baby, never had issues when learning how to do new things, nothing. Nothing was really difficult about her… except for this potty training and the big girl bed training. We thought this was going to be easy too… boy were we wrong.
Averie is so stubborn and wants things her way. This has made things really difficult when potty training.
If you have a stubborn, strong willed 2 year old, here’s what you can probably expect when you potty train.

Always and then never having to go.

Toddlers know how to test your limits for sure. One day, all they’ll want to do is go sit on the potty. My daughter asked to sit on the potty 4 times the other night when I was giving her a bath… Not once did she actually go potty. And of course, she really has to go when she knows it’s her bedtime…. Then the next day she wants absolutely nothing to do with the potty and will tell you that she doesn’t have to go if you ask her and will fight you and scream if you really try to encourage her.

It’s a joke to them.

They know that you want them to go so bad that it then becomes a joke to them and they tease you with it.
My daughter will run to the potty and sit down and I know she sees the excitement in my face, and she uses that against me and say, “Mama, look! I pee pee!” When I get all excited and look and then realize there’s nothing in the toilet, she laughs and says, “No pee pee!” She’s evil. She will also tell me that she has to poop when she had already half way pooped. Lol

It’s raining pee…

Expect pee… like everywhere. On the couch, rugs, beds… everywhere. One time I stuck Averie on the potty and she sat there for like 6 or 7 minutes or so on her own. She didn’t go in the potty at all bur then literally, 10 seconds after she got off the potty, she peed on the bathroom floor.

Laundry, Laundry Laundry.

Laundry is at it’s worst when you’re potty training. You thought it was bad before… wait until you’re washing urine filled everything. You can get away with hand wiping food or a bit of dirt off clothes or sheets but not pee. You HAVE to full on wash that out.

You aren’t really saving money.

You might think you are saving money by not having to buy diapers anymore, but really, you’re not. What you’re not spending on diapers, you’re spending on laundry soap, bigger water bill, big kid underwear and pull-ups. I know, this one is tough to hear. Sorry to burst your bubble.


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Think about this… You never thought you’d be so excited for another human peeing and pooping in the toilet, did you? Hahahahaha. Parenthood at it’s finest right there.


10 thoughts on “5 things to expect when potty training.

  1. The joy of potty training! On more than one occasion, my daughter has indicated that she needs to use the potty right after she has done it in her nappy!

  2. Your blog is scaring me to even start potty training my 22 month old ๐Ÿ˜”

  3. Such great tips to read for when it is time to go through this. And the money one is such a shocker!

    1. Enjoy your little while they are still little. Lol. It was shocker to me too considering how much every mom spends on diapers. Lol

  4. Potty training can be such an adventure. I love how you stress that there will be lots of laundry because that is to what I have found!

    1. Omg. So much laundry. I find myself just buying new clothes instead of washing all the time. Lol

  5. Potty training is always an adventure, that’s for sure lol.

    1. Definitely an adventure… Lol

  6. Iโ€™m laughing reading this as I remember it all to well ๐Ÿ˜‚the pee everywhere and all the laundry.. once youโ€™ve conquered it you actually feel like superwoman. Great post and sooo accurate.

    1. I baby wait for that feeling!! She’s doing great with peeing in the toilet but hasn’t quite grasped the concept that she’s supposed to poop in there as well. Lol that’s going to take a bit longer.

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