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Weekends mean nothing when you’re a parent.

Remember being excited for the weekend before you had kids? Going out, staying up late binge watching your favorite show or even just sleeping till noon was what we looked forward to all work week long. It’s what kept us from losing our minds and quitting our over worked and under paid job, other than the fact that we need to pay our bills.
When you have kids, weekend’s mean something entirely different. Instead of your alarm clock walking you up around noon, it’s your toddlers waking you up around 7am. My 2 year old will come climb on me at around 7am and tell me, “Ma morning, Mama” over and over until I acknowledge that she did. My 4 year old will just stare at me. Even though I’m asleep, trust me when I say I can feel her beady little eyes inches from my face watching me. Then they are demanding food. Luckily, my teenager can take care of himself, but I have to listen to him say how bored he is all day and then when I give him something to do, he’s all of a sudden not bored enough to do it.
Let’s face it, Fridays will never be the same. In the words of my friend Stephanie, “A mom’s work never ends.” I’m telling you, I’m drained a lot faster on my days off than I am at work. Being a mom is mentally, emotionally and physically tiring and it never ends. Weekends are for sure not the same  as they use to be…
Going to bars with friends.
Giving baths with bubbles and rubber duckies.
Going to a movie.
Watching Moana 100 times.
Staying up until 2am watching TV.
Attempting to be in bed by 9 just to be woken up at 2am.
getting dressed up.
Changing diapers and getting puked on.
Steak dinner date night.
Late night dinner consisting of chicken nuggets because you have more kid food
than anything else.
All day beer and wine drinking.
Drinking Apple juice because your toddlers insist on you taking a drink.
Sleeping in until noon.
Not sleeping at all.
Even though our weekends are nothing like they use to be and we work 24/7, barely sleep, and probably have little to no social life, we’d take weekends with our babies over anything else any day.

9 thoughts on “Weekends mean nothing when you’re a parent.

  1. Lol, oh my! I only have 1 son who is 10 now but I remember the days of early mornings. Fortunately now he is pretty self-sufficient till we get up.

  2. What a great comparison Now and Then want to add one more Then Movies Now Cartoon…ha ha…but yes as a parent you are responsible to take care of your kid even though you are hungry or sleepy…but its all paid off when we see smiling faces of our little ones!!!

  3. Ah so true!!! I do miss sleeping in and/or being able to stay up as late as I wanted. Great read!

  4. I totally agree! It does mean more time as a family, but having kids drastically changes WHAT you do on the weekends and when.

  5. I can relate! I have two four-year old twin boys. By 6:30am, they are asking for me to wake up! I do binge watch tv if I can stay awake on Fri and Sat nights but then the morning is brutal!

  6. oh so true! Lately it seems that my two year old, no matter what time he goes to bed, is ALWAYS up before my alarm! Why do I even set one?

  7. This is so true. I feel more drained mentally and physically now then when I worked 40+ hours a week outside of the home. More people need to understand this and respect this amount of work.

  8. How relate-able is this as a mother of 8! I got a good giggle out of the comparisons. I have watched far more disney movies than adult in my lifetime that is for sure.

  9. 😂😂 I can totally relate! Great post

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