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5 tips that give you motivation for blog posts.

I haven’t posted recently because I’ve been battling with my depression. I haven’t had any motivation to do really anything let alone blog. I’ll go to my blog and read old ones in hopes that an idea or 2 will pop into my head. Lately, I get nothing, but because of this sadness that I have, this post popped into my head. So here goes…
Blog post ideas…
Everyone has a hobby. Even if it’s a weird one like collecting bugs. Share it. Write about it. If you enjoy it, then tell us how much you enjoy it. Tell us your process of how you keep those bugs alive and why you even collect bugs in the first place. Warning: You might get some unsolicited comments about your hobby, but who cares, brush those bug haters off… Or stick your bugs on them.
Your kids
This one I’ve seriously thought about doing but it sounds tiring. Follow your kids around and bug the shit out of them like they do to you. Ask them what they are doing every 30 seconds. Follow them into the bathroom and when they are eating, get uncomfortably close to their face and whine for their food. See how they like it. Then don’t forget to document it and tell us all about it. Better yet, take a video. Trust me when I say, we’d all watch it.
Mom fails
For some weird reason, we mom’s enjoy others mom fails. I know I do. It gives us a sense of happiness knowing that we aren’t the only ones who let our kids drink toilet water because we weren’t paying as much of attention as we should have been. So, please share all those mom fails so we can all feel better about ours.
All mom’s have to clean, it’s inevitable. All day, everyday we are picking up something, whether it be food, your husband’s socks, toys or straight shit. Share with us how you clean and do this everyday and not hide at the neighbors house instead. Tell us your solutions to not just throwing everything in the garbage. Trust me, mom’s out there need this info!! I’m not going to lie, I’ve thrown stuff away just so I wouldn’t have to clean it up again and the funniest part is, no one even noticed! Why in H.E. double hockey sticks was I even picking it up a million times a day if you never no one even noticed when I finally threw it away?!
This. This needs to be blogged about. Please tell us how you manage to cook every night for kids who don’t eat what you cook half the time and your significant other can’t give you any input towards what you should make because they can’t think of anything, but yet keep telling you how hungry there are. How do you Just not them all to eat slugs? (Yes, I’m a Harry Potter nerd and yes that’s where that phrase came from)
Blog post ideas can come from anywhere. I use to have such a hard time coming up with ideas for posts. Now, pretty everything I do I think, “Huh, this would make for a good blog post. People love this kind of crap.”
If y’all get to this point, then obviously you enjoy my crap. Thanks for reading my crap and actually enjoying it or pretending to anyways.

7 thoughts on “5 tips that give you motivation for blog posts.

  1. What a brilliant post. I deffo have loads of mom fails ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I hope youโ€™re feeling a little better hun โค๏ธ

    1. I’m managing. Thanks love!!

  2. I’m laughing so hard at your “follow your kids around all day” suggestion! That is hilarious, but sounds quite time-consuming! I may just end up doing it one day though. Thanks for the inspo!

  3. LOL yes to mom fails and also to the harry potter reference in cooking! These are great ideas and I will definitely use some of these for writing more blogs in the near future! Thanks!

  4. You give some great ideas! I keep a list of topics I would like to blog about but what usually happens is ideas simply come to me and then I write about them. It might be something that just happened in my little corner of the world like potty training success or a fun project we tried and loved or something that happened that was out of the ordinary like meeting The Candy Lady. It might be something that everyone is aware of like Autism Awareness Month or Teacher Appreciation Week. I go through writers block, even though I have a list of great ideas waiting.

  5. Ha! I wrote a blog on mom fails: I would love to walk around and experiment on the kids post you described. I can’t even shower alone, they wait right outside on the bath mat like puppies!

  6. Every day I wake up, Iโ€™m like: how am I going to fail today? Lol!

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