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17 reasons why you are winning at MOMing.


We all have days where we feel like horrible moms. Where nothing is going right and we feel like we are just failing at everything we do. Can’t seem to calm your kids down. Lunch consists of cheese and French fries. Just everything seems to be going wrong, but I am here to tell you how you are actually winning at MOMing. Here is 17 things that prove that you got this mom thing down!

  1. Giving Birth. – This alone deserves an award.
  2. Coming home with the same amount of kids you left with.
  3. Not killing someone when you receive unwanted parenting advice.
  4. Moving the clothes from the washer to the dryer.
  5. Remembering to turn the dryer on.
  6. Drinking an entire cup of coffee, HOT!
  7. Refraining from offering unsolicited advice to a new parent.200-10
  8. Getting a break that isn’t in the bathroom.
  9. Catching your kids puke in your bare hands with no second thought. This is always a mom’s first thought when their kids puke… I’m going to catch this sh*t in my hands.
  10. Not puking when you just caught your kids puke in your
  11. Showering. We can be honest here, since becoming a mom, you find yourself taking less showers.
  12. Showering alone. We hardly get to do this anymore, that and going pee by ourselves.
  13. At the end of the day, your kids are still alive. It’s hard work keeping little humans alive. Go you!
  14. You feed your kids 3 meals a day. Regardless if it’s French fries and cheese. It’s still food.
  15. Remembering to buy diapers BEFORE you run out.
  16. Despite your lack of sleep, social skills and the fact that you have no life, you didn’t run away.jfgj
  17. You actually got to eat a full meal without having it picked at by your little humans. – This is probably the rarest thing to ever happen because your food is always better than their food even though it’s the same food. So even if this only happens once in a blue moon, you are still winning!


13 thoughts on “17 reasons why you are winning at MOMing.

  1. Oh my goodness, thankyou for making me laugh out loud today! This is such a great, funny yet honest post. Now following you! X

  2. So true! Thanks for the laughs and the encouragement!

  3. Lol #11 is so my life now! Now I put the baby in her bouncy chair and bring her in the bathroom with me.

  4. This is so relatable! πŸ˜‚ Although, currently, I am at the point in my mothering journey where I don’t even know what to do with hot coffee! πŸ™ˆ

  5. OMG Number 2. I say this all the time! At least I didn’t lose one!

  6. Love this!! <3

  7. I genuinely enjoyed this list – it make me chuckle. I’ve definitely caught puke in my hands lol

  8. This was great! We have to celebrate the wins no matter how big or small!

  9. Haha so funny! Love this… I needed a good laugh today!

  10. Hahaha not killing someone and turning the dryer on are my mom wins! This is so funny and awesome. I love it- I’m going to PIN it and reread when I need a laugh!

  11. Such an inspiring post! Exactly what I needed to hear today! X

  12. Yes yes yes!! Especially 3, 10, and 17!! Lol this is awesome to read on a bad day!! Will definitely share with mom friends πŸ™‚

  13. β€œI’m going to catch this sh*t in my hands!” Lol!! I spit my coffee!!

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