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Benefits of SLEEPING.


As moms, we all know that sleep becomes non-existent.

Mom’s in the first 2 years of their babies lives lose a totally of 6 months of sleep.

Just reading this fact made me even more tired than I already am. 6 months?! When I think about it, I’m like, Huh, this is actually true. We do lose a lot of sleep. I was a total Mombie during the first like 4 month’s of my daughters life. I was so sleep deprived that I honestly don’t know how my brain didn’t just shut off. I use to daydream about bedtime. Now, I’ve learned to function… (?) off of 3 hours of sleep… And honestly, I don’t know how I’ve managed to function off of so little sleep when I am not a coffee or energy drink drinker.
Here are some pretty awesome benefits of sleep that us mom’s hardly ever get. This will make you want to takeĀ a nap with your kids instead of cleaning the kitchen.

Improves Memory

Even though you are fast asleep, your brain is actually pretty busy. While you are sleeping, your brain practices things that you learned while you were awake. This is called consolidation, which is an essential part of the learning process.

Inspire Creativity

Researcher at Harvard have found in studies that during sleep, emotional aspects of memory are strengthened; in many people, that will make for more creativity when they are awake.

Improve Athletic Performance

A study out of Stanford found that football players that slept at least 10 hours a night had more stamina and less fatigue than those players who didn’t sleep as much.
We all know that we need pretty good athletic abilities to chase around our kids.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

People who get enough sleep have been found to have less fat and higher muscle mass than those who don’t. Not sleeping enough is thought to with the balance of hormones that controls hunger along with otherĀ  things, which may cause people to eat more.

See, you’re pretty awesome even when you’re asleep. My daughter is now 2 years old and I’d like to say she sleeps, but just recently, she started waking up and coming into our room to wake ME up, or she sleep walks and throws sleep tantrums. I’d really love to tell you new moms that your sleeping habits improve, but it really doesn’t. I mean, there are periods of times where you get more sleep than usual, BUT don’t count on it staying that way, because it doesn’t.
After I had Averie, between 0 and 4 months old, I got NO SLEEP. I was up every 2 hours for feedings and walking aimlessly in circles around the house. Between 4 and 9 months, Averie started sleeping through the night, but I still wasn’t. Paranoid first-time mom. Between 9 and 15 months old, she was attached to me, so neither of us slept, and from 15 months to now, she stays up late thinking it’s playtime. Getting her to stay in bed is like wrestling a money covered in Vaseline. Since putting her in a toddler bed, she can get out and when she does, she comes in to wake me up. 2 years later and still no sleep.

I MISS SLEEP. Go take those naps and make bedtime earlier. (;

Here are some cute sleeping animal pictures for you to AWWWW at.



4 thoughts on “Benefits of SLEEPING.

  1. I believe in ALL of this. After backto back pregnancies, I am finally sleeping ALL night again after 3 years. I feel like a brand new woman.

    1. Back to back pregnancies?! I am too scared to do that. Even now and my baby is 2. Lol I barely get sleep as it is.

  2. Wow this is informative and makes me want to at least aim to prioritize a nap here and there. After having my second and third, napping during the day with opposite schedules has been almost impossible. One thing that has really helped is swapping with my hubs who gets to sleep in on Sat and Sunday. That seriously makes a HUGE difference! Great tips, thanks.

  3. As you stated, sleep is very important for overall health and well being. My daughter sounds a lot like your daughter. She sleeps well now that she is three but when she was a two year old she woke up in the middle of the night, around 3:00-3:30 AM and came into our room. Sometimes I was able to get her back to bed and sometimes not. It happened at least once a week for a few months and then like everything else it stopped and we moved onto something else.

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