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THURSDAY-HOW-TO- How to organize your toddler’s rooms made easier.

We all know that our little’s have way more toys than really necessary than we’d like to admit. Hence why those toys are always all over the place. Yesterday, I spent about two hours organizing my girls room-stuffed animals, toys and clothes. My girls have a truck load of stuffed animals and just like three months ago, I got rid of an entire trash bag of them. It’s like they multiplied. I’m going to have to do it again, but my step daughter saw the trash bag full the last time and now anytime I go in their room, she watches me like a hawk. LOL

There are a ton of things around your house that work perfectly for organizing your toddlers rooms. Why buy all those storage containers if you don’t have to? I mean, their toys aren’t going to stay in them that long anyways, right? lol.
Organizing Tools around the house:
1. Ice cream containers work great for smaller toys, such as Trolls characters and doll house accessories.
2. Popcorn tins that you get at Christmas time are great for baby doll accessories such as, bottles, clothes, brushes and stethoscopes (Which some how we’ve acquired 4 of them.)

3. Crates can be used for extra toys that don’t fit in their toys box, their favorite, most-used toys or if you are anything like me and like to be even more organized, baby dolls and baby doll beds.
4. Homemade fabric corner shelf for stuffed animals, we all use to have one, right? These things are handy though. It keeps stuffed animals that they don’t really play with anymore but are too sentimental to get rid of, up high and not contributed to the mess down below. Lol. These are easy to sew out of old receiving blankets.

Organizing tools to buy:
1. Toy shelf with bins is so worth the $40. This holds a ton of random little toys, pieces of toys (that’s they insist on keeping), happy meal toys (that they also insist on keeping), small stuffed animals, and electronic books.

2. Plastic colored dressers are perfect for toddlers. Why spend money on a nice dresser when they are more than likely going to destroy it anyways, right? Besides, these plastic ones are the height for them. At their age, they are starting to pick out their own clothes and expressing their creativity. My step daughter does and my daughter kind of does because she see’s her sister doing it.

3. Back of door shoe storage can be used in multiple room, for multiple things, but for toddlers room, it’s great for toys that there are multiple of, such as, Barbie Dolls & clothes, Hot Wheels and army men, or you can even use it for clothes-outfits for each day of the week for quick and easy access. OR you know, you can use it for what it’s originally intended for, but that’s boring.

Tips for easy organizing
1. Do it alone! It really defeats the purpose of organizing their room if they are in there un-organizing everything you just organized. (Hence why it took me so long to organize it the other day.)
2. Work on one thing at a time and not three. Way less overwhelming that way.
3. Get rid of old toys that they don’t play with when they are NOT there. I learned this the hard way. My step daughter’s favorite toys were all of a sudden the ones I was getting rid of- one’s she hasn’t played with in months. If they are old enough to understand, go through their old toys with them and explain what donation is and what it means and have them make the decision to donate their toys to those who have less than you.

BONUS Storage Item:
Kids table with middle storage is great for play kitchen utensils and play food, which is what I use it for.




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