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WELLNESS WEDNESDAY: 7 Foods you didn’t know were actually good for.

We all try to cut out the foods that we think are bad for us, but what we may not realize is those foods might actually be good for us. That’s right, there are some Junk foods that actually have major health benefits! You may not have to give it up after all. You’re welcome. I have listed my favorites, but there are a TON more.

I personally don’t like coffee, but all of my mom friends live by it. YES! Coffee is actually good for you. Researchers at Harvard have found that people who drink one to four cups a day. has a lower risk of morality. There is also no increased risk of morality for coffee drinkers of 5 or more cups a day.
Coffee is good for colon cancer recovery. Studies have shown that drinking coffee while recovering from colon cancer seemed to improve the chances of a full recovery.
Studies have also shown that drinking coffee lowers the risk of diabetes.  There ya go. Coffee is basically a vegetable.

Now, I love chocolate. Who doesn’t? Chocolate actually has a lot of benefits to your health.
-Improves your mood
-Studies have proven that eating dark chocolate makes you eat less. Dark chocolate also promotes healthy, glowing skin, reduces the risk of sunburn and helps prevent the look of aging.
-Dark chocolate is also good for lowering high blood pressure.
Basically, chocolate is basically a banana.

Ketchup contains a HUGE amount of an antioxidant called Lycopene. This antioxidant has been known to lower the risk of heart disease. Organic ketchup contains up to 60% more Lycopene than non-organic. Ketchup improves your eyesight. As well has Vitamin C, ketchup contains Vitamin A, which is key for a healthy immune system and good vision! Researchers have found that Lycopene in tomatoes can increase sperm count up to 70%. increase swimming speed and reduce the number of abnormal sperm.

Air- popped popcorn has very  little calories. Popcorn is loaded with polyphenols which are compounds found in plants that act as antioxidants and can reduce inflammation. Popcorn has more iron than spinach. Since popcorn is all whole grain, it’s insoluble fiber helps keep your digestive system on track and prevents constipation.

Hot Sauce:
Hot sauce contains Capsaicin which has been known to relieve certain kinds pain and it is a widely used ingredient in the over-the-counter topical creams and ointments for arthritis. Hot sauces are high in Vitamin C and other antioxidants! Hot sauces helps clear stuffy noses. Studies have shown that the Capsaicin in hot sauces is cancer fighting.

There are a lot of soluble vitamins in butter such as, Vitamin A, E, and K2. Butter is associated with a lower risk of obesity. High levels of vitamin A and beta-carotene have also been widely studied, and positive connections between these two nutrients and lower chances of colorectal and prostate cancer have been found. Among the many components of butter, it also contains glycosphingolipids. This special type of fatty acid can protect your body against a number of gastrointestinal issues and conditions, by contributing to the mucus layers along the membrane and making it more difficult for bacterial infections to bind to functioning receptors.

I know this is going to be y’all’s  favorite. Wine contains antioxidants that fight free radicals which is the cause of terrible health problems, such as cancer. When choosing your wine for antioxidants,  go with white wine. Wine can also give your immune system a boost. Red wine contains high levels of silicone, which is good for bone mineral density. Wine actually has a ton of other benefits as well, go look it up.

CONCLUSION: You don’t always have to give your favorite foods. There are a lot more junk foods that have positive health benefits, just do your research before you decided to kick that food out.


7 thoughts on “WELLNESS WEDNESDAY: 7 Foods you didn’t know were actually good for.

  1. Well, since I indulge in all of these, I think I’m good to go 😂😂

  2. Coffee, chocolate, butter, and wine? Best list ever!!! Haha. These are things I can actually consume.

  3. This is a list of all of my favorite things!! Seriously, it’s all so delicious. Who knew these things were healthy! Awesome ready.

  4. Yes to chocolate and wine! 🙂 I was also surprised about butter but good to know!!

  5. I love that wine and coffee are on this list! Yay!! This is a great list! These are all really yummy foods to eat and it’s an added bonus the health benefits!

  6. I figured most would with the wine part. lol. I have no idea about mushrooms. I'm sure they are great for you, I just don't like mushrooms at all to want to know what the nutritional value is. lol

  7. Dude for real, when I saw wine on your list my heart did a little jump.
    Great list, very informative. I kind of want to know about the items in your picture at the top – I've always wondered about the nutritional benefits of mushrooms.

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