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Mom Of Month.

Hey all,
Let me explain what Mom of the month and Person of the month is and why I do it these posts. So, the reason I started doing these is because people inspire me. They inspire me to be better- a better Mom and person in general. Their stories of triumph and hardships¬†inspire me. Their true kindness inspires me. All of this deserves recognition¬† and to let them know that they are an amazing individual, person and parent. I do it because they deserve to be told that they are an inspiration. I can’t tell you how many times I could of used kind words, so that’s why I do this!
My Mom of the Month is F. (Keeping identity private) I got the pleasure of meeting F about a month or so ago. We’ve talked quite a bit and I also got the pleasure of getting to know her a little bit and how inspirational and strong she is.
I interviewed her and asked her some question and followed my questions are her responses.
F & Her daughter K, going hiking. F loves the outdoors more
than any other person I have ever met. She even rides her bike
to her daughters school and then to work every morning and back.
1. Introduce yourself and your family. (You don’t have to use real names or go into extreme detail)
-I’ll just go by f. I have one Daughter k., who is 16 1/2, & is a¬†junior in¬†high school.¬†And, we each have a cat :).

 2. What is the most challenging thing about being a mom?
-Well, I’ve been a Single Mom w/ Sole-Custody & $0 Child Support since my Daughter was 2 1/2 yrs old.¬†¬†Also, I¬†was Orphaned at 2 yrs old, & grew up in a foster care-so, don’t have any Family for Support.¬† That’s been the hardest:¬†¬†Doing the¬†Lioness’s¬†Share on¬†my own-being both Mom and Dad, when I ironically(? lol) never had either myself.¬† But, that Challenge(s) has also been the Most Edifying for me.

 3. What is something you think is essential for your child to learn in life?
-To Always be a Strong, Independent, & Educated Woman.  To never let anyone treat her badly-especially a man, & to always be the Capitana of her own Destiny (as much as Karma, or The Universe, or some god allows it, lol).

¬†4. How would you describe your child’s personality? Would you say they’re like you?
-When she was younger, she looked & was very much like me.¬† Which fit a big gaping hole in me, since I Lost my Identical Twin Sister in Utero.¬† But, as she has Blossomed into a Young Woman, I now see (maybe I wasn’t really “Looking”…), that she is her Own Unique¬†Soul.¬†¬†And, that makes me Happy.¬† She still looks like me some, & is stubborn, & acerbic w/ a witty but somewhat macabre sense of humor lol, & is smart & a bibliophile too.¬† But, I saw early on that she is Better than my 2.0.¬† She’s way past that-&, that’s all that a Parent can really Hope for…

¬†5. What is one thing you’ve always made sure that your child knows and understands?
-Something I never knew/had:¬† that she will Always be Loved¬†Unconditionally, & that I will Always be There For Her-No Matter What.¬† Whether I’m Present on this pPane of Existence, or not.¬†
6. Who is one person you go to for advice?
-No one-I never had anyone to.¬† I learned to pull myself up from my own bootstraps, from a very young age.¬† Everything about being a Mom just Came to me-Felt Right.¬† ‘Twas Natural-because, I have Always acted out of Deep Love for her, & her¬†Complete¬†Welfare.¬† That’s something I think Mothers sadly have lost now, throughout the Eons of Motherhood:¬† Really Knowing their Children & their Needs, Viscerally.¬† To sum it up, & I have the reminder tattooed¬†into my flesh-from C.G Jung’s favorite (Latin) quote¬†from St. Augustine:¬† “Do not go outside, return to within yourself; truth dwells in the inner man”…

¬†7. What’s one thing you’ve learned since becoming a mom?
-That I didn’t know anything about Life & Love, & am still learning from my Daughter every single day-NOT, the other way around.¬†¬†

 8. What is one thing you love the most about being a mom?
-Just being Blessed with having the Privilege of Loving & Raising this Beautiful Soul, that still Moves me every day.

 9. What would your piece of advice be for a first time mom? 
-Don’t listen to anyone-unless it strikes the Right Chord Within You.¬† Listen to yourself , & your Child.¬† And, you will “mess up”-go easy on & be Patient¬†w/ yourself.¬† You’ll never be a “Perfect Mom”-because, there is no such thing. But, that doesn’t Matter-your Love for your Child is Perfect Enough.
“Life must be lived forwards but can only be understood backwards.”
F has had a very trying life, yet she still smiles and makes the best of everything, especially for her daughter. Her and her daughter have such a deep bond- a bond that every mother should have with their daughters. F had to learn by her instincts when it came to her daughter. Being a single mom is hard, but this contributed to the amazing strength that she already had in her.
Thank you F, for being an inspiration and for sharing your story.
I told her that she was a super-mom and her reply was, “The only super I am is, super-crazy.” She’s also humble. Lol.
I’m thankful that I get the pleasure to get to know such a beautiful soul and I am lucky to be able to now call her my friend.


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