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Where do you blog?

I’ve always been curious where everyone blogs at. Do you do it at home, sitting at your desk, drinking coffee or do you blog sitting on the toilet because you are hiding from your kids? (I’ve done this numerous times. I have No shame.) Do you have set times and days when you blog or do you just wing it?
It’s almost impossible for me to sit down at home and blog with two little girls. I feel like I’m always busy…busy stopping one girl from being stingy with toys, busy constantly being the snack lady and then wasting said snacks, busy cleaning yogurt off the kitchen table because my youngest would rather finger paint with it than eat it, bust explaining to my 4 year old for the THIRD time why she isn’t going to waste food that she so desperately wanted that she actually likes, busy constantly pulling my 2 year old off the second shelf of our book case… Just always busy and constantly running, running, running.
I lose my train of thought when it comes to trying to blog at home, so I normally just blog at work.

How do I blog at work, you ask?

Well, I have a petty cool job that doesn’t require me to move around…at all.

I know y’all are now wondering what the heck I do that allows me to sit and not have to do anything physically straining whatsoever.


Well, I work at an awesome company called CaptionCall. I literally just sit at a desk and caption phone calls for a special Phone for the heard of hearing, so that they can read on their telephone screen what the person they are talking to is saying. Cool, right? When I’m not captioning, I can watch Netflix, read and in my case, blog.

I actually have more time at work to think about topics, content and type it out than I do at home. have time to actually think what I’m writing and how I want to write and to make corrections. I actually write 5-6 blog post a week while at work. I blog at home every now and then, when the girls seem to be Normal that day (doesn’t happen that often), but when that happens, usually it sees like my husband needs me for everything that day. #Wife&MomLife.

I am really happy that I can usually come up with 5-6 blog posts a week, because some days at work is just crazy busy with non-stop calls. I will literally have 5 seconds or less in between calls, which isn’t even really time to breathe! So, I schedule my posts to automatically post like every other day to every 3 days. Those busy call week, I’m lucky to be able to write one post, so having some from the previous week really helps to be consistent for my readers.

So, how do you blog? Where do you blog? Do you have a schedule or just wing it? Let me know in the comments, fulfill my curiosity.



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