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Spring Time Means Allergies!

Sprint time is the worst season for me. I hate this season honestly. My allergies are horrible during spring, like when I say horrible, I mean face swollen, constant nose blowing. The whole awful nine yards. Just the other day, I swear I sneezed about a million and one times and then lost my voice. We just moved into a house that had ben vacant for two months before we moved in, so there was two months of dust accumulated on the floors and walls. Needless to say, my first day in our new house consisted of a lot of sneezing and wheezing.
Since spring is just around the corner and that means so are allergies, I made a list of home remedies for allergy relief that has really helped me and hopefully will help you too.

Local raw honey, it builds your immune system up to what’s around you. You can get this at places like Whole Foods. Make sure it is local honey though.
Vitamin C
Vitamin C is a natural antihistamine an, anti-oxidant and antitoxin.
Flavonoids are found in apples, blueberries, raspberries, apricots, and many other foods. This enhances the effects of vitamin C.
Most spices eliminates inflammation, spices like, turmeric, cinnamon, garlic, ginger, onions and hot mustard. If you are stuffed up and can’t breath, these should help!
Essential Oils/Aromatherapy
This is my personal favorite. Eucalyptus oil diffused into the air really helps open up your airway, so you can breath. Get an essential oil necklace or bracelet for your on-the-go diffuser needs.
Keep home free of pollen
Make sure to wash it off yourself, especially out of your hair and off your animals. Get an air purifier for your home and car. Honestly, the best way to eliminate pollen from your home is to get rid of all the carpet. Carpet holds pollen and bacteria.
Drink Water!
Water keeps you hydrated which keeps you healthy which makes your immune system strong amongst other benefits. 
Wear sick mask
 When outside or doing house work, wearing a mask will help prevent you from inhaling anything that might make your allergies flare up.
There are many other remedies for allergies, but these are my personal favorites.

-Oh, don’t forget the tissues with lotion for your raw nose, preferably the ones with  Vicks in them.

3 thoughts on “Spring Time Means Allergies!

  1. Great tips. I like to drink lemon, honey and fresh ginger with hot water. I always find this concoction helpful. Out here in Beijing most people have air purifiers in their homes because of the polluted air.

  2. Allergies are no joke. These are great tips though! Thanks for the ideas for fighting them!!

  3. Ugh. Allergies. I HATE this time of year for that very reason. My nose gets so dry that it bleeds! I definitely second the tips for water and essential oils! LIFESAVERS!

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