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Social Media "FAME"

I think social media accounts are being misused more and more.  It seems like anyone  would do anything just to get “Likes, Shares & Comments” now a days. I mean, think about this for a minute… Kids are eating Tide Pods. Why on earth would they do that if it weren’t for “Internet fame” ?What other purposes would they have to eat soap voluntarily?
When we were little, we got soap shoved in our mouths for back talk or bad language, and we hated it. Social media also wasn’t as big back then. We had MySpace and our biggest worry was learning how to code our profiles to hide our Top 8 so none of our friends would fight for the number one spot.
We didn’t do idiotic things just to get attention on social media. Well… I didn’t..

The kind of ‘Internet fame’ that bothers me most is, ” Let’s do something good so we can record it and post it on the internet for recognition” kind of internet fame.  This just irks me. The last thing a decent human being should think is, “Hey, I think I’m going to record myself giving this hungry homeless person food, so everyone can see how great I am.” The saddest part of this scenario is, they probably walked by that same homeless person many times before, ignoring their plea for help… Honestly, this doesn’t surprise me with how humanity has evolved. Hahahaha. Why does one need recognition for helping another human being? Just why?! Here’s a question, would you want to be viral on the internet because someone helped you out when you were at your lowest? I think not. It’s okay to feel good about doing a service for someone in need, but that should be enough recognition for you.
There has been numerous times where I’ve taken a homeless person food, and actually sat and ate with them… No recording, no other reason other than I saw someone who needed help, because they are people too and don’t deserve their rough times blasted on the internet. You shouldn’t want  more than you already have when helping someone who has nothing. That’s kind of selfish, don’t you think?
Another one that really bugs me is how people preach and preach about how they believe in God, which is fine and all, if that’s truly what they believe, but I’ve come to notice that more times than not, that these people are preaching to get praise from others. –  No, I’m not judging or assuming. I actually know numerous people who only believe in God on social media, which is really sad actually. God shouldn’t be a part of your life when it’s convenient for you and just to be praised for, but I’m not here to preach to you about faith because there are two things I won’t debate about and that’s Religion and politics. Never ends well. Hahaha.
I’m not saying that social media is bad, it’s just misused in so many ways. I’ve heard a lot of people say that they won’t use social media accounts because it causes drama, but really, it doesn’t. It’s the immature people using them that causes the drama.
Social media is actually a vet resourceful tool if you use it right and to your advantage. I promote my blog, photography page and my cleaning service through social media. I use it to see pictures and videos of my family and friends in different states. This is how social media should be used; to spread happiness, to connect with family and friend and to promote your businesses, not for fame  for doing something that every human should do naturally. Not to be praised for your beliefs.
I still can’t get over these kids eating tide pod…

7 thoughts on “Social Media "FAME"

  1. I teach 3rd grade, last year I taught 1st grade. Each year I ask kids “what are you going to be when you grow up?” I really try to hit home that the stuff we are learning now will help you to become that one day. The sad thing is “Youtube star” is the number one answer I get. The other thing I notice is that kids really seem to be into shock value. Think of your biggest class clowns back when you were in school, the ones who loved the attention. Now they get it all around the clock. Then the kids that normally wouldn't be into that, see what a reward those kids get in likes and shares and they want in too. It is really sad.

  2. Fame, by any means is a great stroke to the ego. Social media is a means to an end and a tool for modern day. We can all choose to go crazy and get caught up…or not. The power is in our hands =). (well, like many on this comment strings, I'm baffled, confused, appalled by tide pods). It is a reflection of the state of affairs we are faced with in our modern world. xo

  3. First of all, I can not believe kids eat Tide pods, that is just crazy! I agree with you about the whole social media fame thing. I am happy my kids are still too little to get involved but I am terrified of what things will be like when they get older. I have put thought into what I would do if they were old enough and I would have restrictions and talks with them. I would have 100% access to what they are posting and looking at. I know I would need to guide them through all of this. Great post!

  4. I agree! What a mess. When did fame on social become more important than common sense? We need serious help. And kids need more guidance and less time on social sites.

  5. I agree!! I see those posts of do gooders and it makes me role my eyes because they are just looking for people to congratulate them on doing something good for someone else. And seriously why are kids eating tide pods??? I don't get it sometimes.

  6. Social media has changed so much in the last 10 years. I remember the Myspace days!

  7. Haha! Great post! I agree. I roll my eyes with the charitable posts too. I hate the ones that say “of we get x many likes we will donate to this charity”. Why don't you just donate and not worry about the likes?
    I use my accounts for the same reason you do, to connect with friends and family and promote my businesses. And to check of the cupcake shop is open. Lol.

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