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Why Honesty Is ALWAYS Important.

The last few months, the act of being honest has been such an issue for the people in my life. I cannot begin to express what this dishonesty has done to me. I cannot begin to express what dishonesty has caused me to lose. I’ve been hurt to where it feels like there is no return; no way to feel whole again.
Here is a list of why honesty is ALWAYS important, no matter what.
1.) Without honesty, there is no foundation for any relationship, weather that be with friends or a significant other. Meaningful words such as “I love you” become a lie when the relationship has no honesty.
2.) When people don’t know the truth, they will try and guess what you’re not being honest about. This causes gossip which generates more lies.
3.) No one is a mind reader. Be honest about how you feel. Be honest to the people who hurt you. Sometimes, they may not realize that hurt you.
4.) Although truth can be painful and hard to tell, it’s often less painful than the concealment of truth. If you made a mistake with a loved one that they may find out anyways and you just deny it, just think what they have to go though. They have to come to terms with your mistake and build themselves back up. What id they get conformation, of the truth from someone other than you when they asked you to be honest with them? They have to rebuild themselves back up again. Be upfront and honest right from the start. It’ll save from having to answer the question, “Why weren’t you just honest when I asked you?”
5.) Being honest improves relationships and saves you from living a lie. Living a lie is hard work, harder than being truthful. If you’re living a lie, you can’t enjoy your life and relationships to the fullest because you aren’t being yourself.
6.) Trust isn’t easily repairable. Although  admitting your mistakes it the right thing, one lie can ruin trust forever for some people. Even if the one who made a mistake has changed. Trust isn’t always restored or it will take a long time. Just because you’re forgiven, doesn’t mean they will forget. No one ever forgets. Why even cause this type of long lasting pain on someone?
  • By telling the truth, others will respect and trust you
  • Honesty give you a peach of mind and fulfills a sense of justice within you
  • Practicing honesty gives you self-respect
  • Honesty in a relationship deepens the bond which allows for a closer connection
Always be honest no matter how hard it seems. Don’t just do it for other, but for yourself as well. Think of your standards and who you are. Don’t soil your reputation to save yourself from having to do what’s right in the first place. Honesty is the best policy after all.

5 thoughts on “Why Honesty Is ALWAYS Important.

  1. No matter what the truth always comes out so might as well be honest! Great post!

  2. Written truth – I can't stand it when people lie and it makes no sense for me at all. I completely agree with what you wrote!

  3. I love this. It’s always best to be honest. That way you are living your truth. Lies are too hard to keep straight anyway. Been there!

  4. I'm sorry to hear you've been having a rough go as of late. While it's hard, I hope you've learned about yourself and others to create more positive relationships for you in the future. You're so right – lies only will compound themselves and shatter any trust that is between two people. And trust is THE foundation for any relationship.

    Jenn |

  5. Amen to all of This! You speak it 👏✋✋✋👏

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