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Dear Ignorant Woman In Line Behind me,

Dear Ignorant woman in line behind me,
I heard you bad mouth that mom and her two kids in the checkout stand in the grocery store the other day. I heard you judge and criticize her because her two kids were crying. I noticed that you had your child who isn’t that young anymore with you. So, now I have to ask… What makes you a better mom than her?! What gave you the right to belittle her in public for everyone else to hear you?! Do you know this mom’s life? What she’s been dealing with or going through now? What makes you think you can tell her how to parent HER KIDS?! It’s obvious that she’s already struggling at the checkout stand, trying to checkout and pay while trying to calm her kids down. She’s already embarrassed and you just made it worse by being uncompassionate and just ignorant. If you see another mom struggling in the grocery store or wherever, offer your assistance like a decent human being. If you can’t do that and only have unhelpful and ignorant comments, then keep them to your damn self. Just so you know, you should be more embarrassed with your disgusting comments you made than a mom should be in a grocery store with two screaming kids.
A mother of a toddler who likes to scream in public.

No mom is better than another just because their parenting choices are different. Just because one mom breastfed and another one didn’t, doesn’t make the one who didn’t a bad mom.
Moms need to stop judging each other, PERIOD.
Don’t worry about how a mom chooses to discipline her kids, it’s not your business. Don’t worry about what a mom decides to feed her kids, it’s not your business. Don’t worry about why a mom decided not to breastfeed, It’s not your business! If you aren’t being supportive or kind, then say nothing and mind your business. Stop trying to parent other mom’s children and just worry about your own.

Here’s my story of someone belittling me for a decision I made with my daughter. Unfortunately, it was a family member. I will not reveal who it was though.
I had been trying to strictly breastfeed my daughter since she was born, but I had such a difficult time getting and maintaining my milk supply. I was constantly nursing and my daughter was constantly unsatisfied and unhappy. So I started supplementing with formula around 2 months old. She was getting both breast milk and formula. – Fast forward to when my daughter was around 4 or 5 months old.- I was visiting a family member in the winter time with my daughter. (Cold and flu season). While I was there I was pretty much breast feeding the entire time and it just wasn’t enough for her, so I made her a formula bottle. About an hour or two after her bottle, she threw it all up. (She had been acing under the weather ever since she woke up that morning.) After she threw up, she started crying like she was hungry, so I tried to nurse her. Then this family member said, “You made her sick because of the crap (Formula) you fed her, now her tummy is all upset.”
Yes, a family member actually said this to me… A young, first time mom of a 4 month old. I was so devastated over this. I was a brand new mom who was trying my hardest. No one was more heart broken and upset about not being able to produce enough milk to satisfy my baby more than I was. I was already struggling with breastfeeding since my daughter was born. I had postpartum depression and my own family member belittled me without even knowing that I was already struggling.

I will never make anyone feel the way this person made me feel. No one should judge or make ignorant comments to another mom. You have no idea what that could do to them.

Here’s a cute nursing picture with my baby when she was 4 months old.

4 thoughts on “Dear Ignorant Woman In Line Behind me,

  1. My middle son was allergic to my breast milk. That was utterly devastating for me and I had people tell me I should breast feed him without bothering to ask why I wasn't in the first place. I wish all mom's would just be supportive instead of judgemental because you're absolutely right, you never know what that mom is going through and that your comments can be extremely hurtful. You did and continue to do a great job raising your daughter and helping to raise my daughter. Love you lady xoxo

  2. Being a mom in today’s society is so difficult. Everyone gives advice whether you want it or not and sometimes their “advice” isn’t advice at all. You know your better better than anyone else and what’s best for your baby. Keep doing what your doing!

  3. Wow, I can’t believe people actually talk to others this way. I’ve always been afraid to feed my babies formula or breast milk in front of others because someone will always find something negative to say. You do you momma! A fed baby is a happy baby!

  4. Hard enough being a mom without others putting us down. Glad there are other moms to stick up for each other!

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