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Wellness Wednesday: Cutting Soda.

We all have something we’re hooked on and they may not always be the best for us. Mine was soda. I swear, soda was running through my veins because of how much I was drinking. If I didn’t drink at least 3 soda’s a day, I would get caffeine withdrawal headaches.
After I had my daughter, drinking as much soda as I was started making me sick. I got dehydrated really fast and just felt gross. I knew I needed to cut down but it was hard for me to do that because of the headaches I got. I’m not much of a juice drinker and water is just to plain for me, even flavored water.
Here’s the breakdown:
I knew I couldn’t just stop drinking soda cold turkey, so I started substituting it with Gatorade. Instead of drinking 3 soda’s a day, I cut it down to one soda a day and then Gatorade the rest of the day. The Gatorade kept me hydrated and made me feel less gross.
I kept doing this. As badly as I wanted more soda, I stuck with Gatorade. Soda made me feel sluglish and tired. Gatorade gave me energy. I felt better throughout the day with just the little bit of soda I gave up. I was able to stay away from naps. (I use to nap everyday and then not sleep at night.)
Step it up a notch
Sine I started to feel better, I decided to take it a step further. I decided that I was no longer going to buy soda for the house anymore. I would only drink it if we picked up dinner or went to a restaurant. (I’m not going to lie… We did eat out a lot one week.) I stuck to it and have not bought soda for the house in months.
Take precautions
Since I got such bad headaches from lack of soda, I would take tylenol or excedrin before I would even get a headache on the days I knew I wasn’t going to drink soda.
No one that knows me had ever heard me say this word… exercise… Exercise and I don’t mix well, but the Gatorade gave me energy, so I started walking more. No, not at a gym. Lol. I take the stairs at work instead of the elevator, I walk the long way around the building to get to the break room, I even park further away from the entrance, so I I would have to walk more. Walking more has actually made me crave water! I’ve never really craved water as much as I do now, so I started drinking more water which decreased my craving for soda.
After I started drinking more water, I rarely ever craved soda and when I did. I would have just a few sips and it would make me feel icky like 15 minutes later. So I just gave up soda altogether. I stopped getting headaches once I was use to drinking water everyday. 
I feel so much better now that I don’t drink soda. I feel healthier; my skin looks and feels better. I have more energy and as a result of having more energy, I’ve walked more and as a result of walking more, I eat more. (I’ve always had trouble gaining weight and lost my appetite  for years, so I’m pretty excited to have an appetite again. I also sleep better- I’ve had insomnia for years also.) 
This wasn’t easy for me, I had been drinking soda like an addict for 12 years, but this was the best choice for me and I’m glad I did it. 
Soda free for over a month!

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s day lovelies.

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  1. Great advice! I may try it! Soda is my biggest weakness.u dB y

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