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Thursday How-To’s: How To Overcome Writers Block.

I’m sure all you other bloggers can totally relate to this 100%.
When I go to my computer to blog, sometimes I am struck with major writers block. I’ll sit there for an hour just thinking what to blog about. Some days are great, and I am just bursting with ideas, and other days I got absolutely nothing. This had lead to inconsistency when it comes to my blog, which we bloggers know is not a good thing.
Here’s some tips to help avoid writers block.
Write Them All Down
On your good days where you are just exploding with ideas, write them all down with the incentive of writing all of these blogs for the week. Seriously, this helps. I have to do it. Write even the words you think of that pertain to a topic that you want to write, down in your notebook.
Read Other Blogs
I’m not saying go and steal someone’s ideas, but reading other blogs has given me ideas for topics related to the posts I’ve read. It also helps you to expand your content ideas. It’ll give you ideas to blog about things you didn’t think you had opinions on.
Categories For The Days Of The Week
I started adding categories for the days of the week, (Hence this blog post title…) This makes it easier to think of post titles and ideas based on the days categories.
Organize & Schedule
 For me, if I’m not organized, it feels like my mind is scattered. Honestly, I think this was the main cause of my writers block. Having a schedule goes hand in hand with being organized. Plan ahead. Have all the next weeks post’s written down this week. This way you won’t become stressed form feeling like you’re behind and unorganized.
Utilize the holidays, days of the week, achievements, failures, kids and pretty much anything and everything to come up with ideas. Think of something that happened in your life and write about how you felt about it/how you overcame it. Tell us why your dog is part of your family. Show us your outfit for the day. Seriously, anything.

I hope I saved you guys from the writers block disease. Now go blog!


4 thoughts on “Thursday How-To’s: How To Overcome Writers Block.

  1. Great tips! I keep a list of ideas as they come to me. It is very helpful! Maybe one day I will find time to write them all!

  2. I do my best to try to write down my ideas, but by the time I get a piece of paper and pen, they're gone, lol.

  3. Great tips! I just got over writer's block myself.

  4. These are all good tips!

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