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What A Mom Wishes Others Understood.

Living in the Wild
When we become a mom, our entire life changes. Literally, everything, right down to the way we think. That’s a huge change. Although becoming a mom is the best thing ever, it can certainly be emotionally altering. Postpartum depressionĀ can occur in many women after they give birth. This makes everything much more difficult. It makes simple things seem impossible. A lot of people who aren’t parents don’t understand what postpartum depression can do to a mom. Here’s what we wish everyone else would understand when it comes to our crazy mom life.
We want to be friends still, we promise
Yes, we cancel plans a lot. Sometimes for legitimate reasons and sometimes just because we are too physically or emotionally exhausted to leave the house. We are just so busy pretty much 24/7. We rarely sleep. We probably don’t eat 3 meals a day like we’re suppose to. We are just emotionally, physically and mentally tired, so please don’t give up on us.
Our babies are our best achievement
All moms really talk about are their kids. Our lives now revolve around ours kids. I mean we carried these humans in our bellies while they grew for 9 months and then birthed these tiny humans with long painful labors. This is the highest level of achievement forĀ  us. You talk about your promotion and we talk about our babies. We know it can get annoying, but we can’t help it.Ā  Our kids are our everything.
Other mom friends
We tend to hang out with other moms more than anyone else. Don’t take offense to this. Mom’s relate toĀ other moms easier. There is advice and insight that we can only get fromĀ other moms. We still value our other friendships too.
It’s tougher when our little’s are little
Another reason why you may see less of us after we have a baby is because the first year of their lives are hectic and so tiring. Constant running around; a ton of Doctors appointments, all nighters and we just don’t have the energy to get dressed most days.Ā  It would be so much easier if you just came to our house and sit around with us. Don’t judge us on our house or personal appearance either, like I said, we’re exhausted.
What a Mom wishes other's understood (1)
I knowĀ  it’s hard for you guys becauseĀ  you feel like we’re not around anymore, but trust me, it’s hard for us too. Bare with us, we are exhausted moms. Postpartum depression makes it more difficult to try and be the best mom we can, let alone good friends to everyone else.




9 thoughts on “What A Mom Wishes Others Understood.

  1. I couldn't have said it better. Totally agree with all of your points. Sometimes as a mum you feel alienated by your friends who are not yet mums when in fact you are still you but with just more purpose on life.

  2. ļæ½ļæ½Yes!!! Even some other parents donā€™t understand! And postparum depression is so hard! I struggled with it myself and felt so alone. Being a Mommy is hard!

  3. Yep! non parents just don't understand, lol.

  4. PREACH! You're right my boy is my best accomplishment ever.

  5. So true. I always say my son is my best accomplishment by far- though I'm always so tired with a three month old my heart is so full!

  6. Very True! I am 3 years into motherhood and still don't feel completely “normal”

  7. All 100% true. I have felt like such a bad friend at times!

  8. So many people don't understand!!! So important to communicate with non mom friends.

  9. Oh how I wish these things were understood. Great blog hon!

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