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Married To A Mechanic: 8 things to expect. 🔧

Since I’ve started blogging, I’ve only blogged about my husband personally like once or twice, so this is dedicated to my mechanic husband.
Erich has been working on cars since he was about 14 years old, so 20 years. He does it for a living but on diesels. He does it in hi spare time as well so basically, all the freaking time. Here’s what to expect if you date a mechanic.
Car Talk
Mechanics talk about cars like 24/7; Parts, make and model, they even try to explain to you how certain parts work. If you tell them you don’t understand, they will explain again, in depth with more detail, which is even more confusing. Either go on Google and learn a little bit or pretend you understand what they are talking about.
Oil & Grease
White anything is against any mechanics beliefs. I have to clean the walls, counters, appliances, PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING at minimum of 3 times a week. They are usually covered from head to toe in oil and grease. Honestly, I think they bathe in it. My husband says, “You didn’t do it right if you didn’t get dirty.”
Disappearing Dish soap
If you re ever wondering why you’re running out of dish soap super fast, it’s because mechanics favorite soap is dish soap. Especially Dawn. I had to buy my husband his own soap and sponge so he would stop using all of the soap and sponge that’s meant for the dishes.
Ruined Clothes
They don’t really care if they ruin their good clothes. They would wear anything to work if their wives (Like me) didn’t stop them. My husband has ruined so many pairs of good jeans to the point where he is always down to one pair. Which he is totally fine with…
Car Fluids Consumption
This one is just gross. Every mechanic can probably tell you what every liquid you stick in a car or every liquid. that comes out of the car tastes like. They don’t care how filthy they are, they will eat a sandwich with black, oil and greased covered hands.  My husband says, “A little oil never killed anyone.”
They find it attractive…
Mechanics absolutely love when you get under a car and work with them. They love women who aren’t afraid of getting dirty. Honestly, I think they love it more when their women are in dirty, oil and greased filled duds (The word my husband uses for work clothes) rather than lingerie. lol
So many injuries
They injure themselves all the time. I’m not talking scratches, I’m talking bloody gashes that probably need stitches, but they’ll never get stitches. They think glue is just as good as stitches. I can’t tell you how many scars my husband has. As a matter of fact, he came home they other day with new gashes… ON HIS FACE.
Free Car Work
Ever since I met my husband, I’ve gotten free car work. This is a huge bonus and totally makes up for the dirty house. I never have to anything to my car myself or take it to a shop. He even pumps the gas for me when we’re together. lol


8 thoughts on “Married To A Mechanic: 8 things to expect. 🔧

  1. I just have a huge smile while reading your post,specially about dish soap 😂. Yes the biggeat advantage is you don't have car expences!!! Have a happy life dear!!!

  2. I fuss at my husband so much that now he knows not to step one foot in my bedroom smelling like a mechanic shop. As a matter of fact, I am going to get on him right now because I just realised that he did not take a bath but is in our bedroom. LOL

  3. OMG! My hubby is totally hands off when it comes to cars, he'd more than likely call your hubby! Awesome post.

  4. My husband is not a mechanic but does work on our vehicles. I can totally see him in a lot of these things!

  5. Awwww….I make my husband, who actually doesn't work with cars but still gets quite messy, take a shower a soon as he gets home. I won't let him touch me or the kids! Haha So much for finding husbands who have a nice office job…

  6. I love this! My husband is an auto tech and he comes home covered in oil and grease! And it truly is 24/7 car talk, sometimes I just tell him I need a break hahaha.

  7. Eww at the car fluid consumption!! Hahah. Nice post.

  8. I so relate! My husband is an electrician by trade, but also likes to work on cars, do carpenter, and wants to learn welding/metal work! He's always getting hurt, but never does anything about it. And always dirty! Haha. We buy more clothes for him in a year than we do for me in 5 years!

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