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First day of daycare.

Ever since Averie was born, I vowed to myself and everyone that I would never put her in daycare. Yes, I was one of those mom’s. Over protective and worried, but when a mom has a full time job and no other options, we gotta do what we gotta do. It all happened so fast, that I didn’t really have time to mentally prepare myself for the fact that MY CHILD IS GOING TO DAYCARE. So, needless to say, I am sad. lol
For the last 2 years, everyone kept telling me how I should put her in daycare for this reason or that reason… For one, NO ONE should be telling me what I should or shouldn’t do with MY kid. Anyways… I ignored everyone. I read too many horrific news stories about daycares, so of course, I was terrified.
There are ways to prepare you and your child for their first time going to daycare. I had to try and cram all of these together in one day, so it was pretty overwhelming for me.

Research Facilities And Reviews
Calling and researching more than one daycare helped me. Talking with the directors and hearing about the class rooms, curriculum and just the general environment eases your mind so much. Make sure to read the reviews written by the parents who have used the daycares as well.  It helps to hear another parents positive opinions about the daycare.

Take Tours
Take your child with to do the tours. Let them interact with the kids and see the environment. The day before Averie started daycare, I took her with me and she was shy at first, until she saw a group of kids her height. She ran around like a monkey and didn’t want to leave. She loved it. She made a friend within 5 minutes with another little girl who is her age and has the same name as her.

Ask Many Questions
Let your worried, Overly protective  mama come out and ask many, many questions. No question is a dumb one when it comes to your baby. You need to feel comfortable too!
Ask about payments, Lunches, what you need to bring, how their days are planned, what they are being taught and if they have any extra programs that your child might like. Pretty much anything your heart desires.

Prepare The Night Before
This was a big one for me. It helped my anxiety to have everything ready and organized . This is especially important if you aren’t the one getting your child ready in the morning and your husband it. lol. If your husband is anything like mine, he forgets things… Often. I got this text from my husband on my daughters first day of daycare, “I hoped you packed everything for her because I just left and didn’t pack anything else…” He didn’t even look in her bag!

Lunch Prep For The Week
My husband went out the night before Averie’s first day and bought her a lunch box and for whatever reason, he bought her a Frozen one. I don’t know why, she’s only seen that movie like 2 times and she didn’t like it. lol
We went on Pinterest to look for packed lunch ideas for toddlers and planned for the week. Sooo much easier to do it this way.

I told my husband to take a picture of her after he gets her ready and send it to me and he sent me one of her crying… Really, husband?! Then after he dropped her off, he calls me and says, “She was fine… Until I left. I heard her balling when I shut the door.” WHY WOULD HE TELL ME THIS?! I could smack him.

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  1. My baby is 8 months old and we are planning on putting her in daycare in a couple of months. I will definitely be using your tips

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