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Every Mom Life Is Different.

Moms are always comparing their lives and issues to other mom’s. “You don’t have to deal with what I  have to…” “You have it easier, my life is all over the place…” etc. No mom’s life is easier or harder than another. They are all hard, but in different ways. Being a mom is the toughest job out there. We all face the same, but also different obstacles being a mom. We need to support and stand by each other. Let’s take a look inside another fellow mom’s life.

I interviewed one of my friends and asked her a few question.

My name is Angie. My husband, Justin and I met 9 years ago. We welcomed our son, Nicholas in 2010. We currently live in Eagle, Colorado and love being in the mountains. Like most families, we face different scenarios constantly that we work together as a family to overcome.

Was becoming a mom anything like you expected?
I knew being a mom would not be easy, but I did no think it would be this difficult. I was 19 when my son was born and I didn’t know what the heck I was doing. I still don’t, but one thing I learned is that even though it’s not what I thought it would be…It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me.
What is one of the obstacles you have faced being a mom?
My son was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum at the age of 5. My husband and I always knew he wasn’t at his level of speech, but were constantly told to not compare him to others. Learning about how to discipline,  or even how to interact with him was hard. We didn’t know if this was something we could handle as young parents. However, my Dad told me, “Special kids are given to special parents” and I truly believe that. We got this!
Who is your support system?
My family and surprisingly, the school system here. Together we get through it all and with their help, I feel like I can accomplish anything.
What is one of things you love most about being a mom?
I love that everyday I learn something new. My son constantly amazes me, and I love that!
Tell us one “Proud mommy moment” that you’ve had.
My son read an entire book by without stumbling over words or asking for help.
What are your thoughts on Mom’s criticizing and belittling each other?
Why criticize someone who goes through hardships just like you? Sure, all kids are different, but we are all still learning. There is no perfect way to raise a child. just YOUR want for YOUR child.

You don’t truly know what goes on in another Mom’s life. You don’t always know what they face. Don’t assume that their lives are easy just because they don’t always talk about it. Don’t assume assume they don’t have difficult obstacles because they are stay at home moms. Just son’t assume period. Mom bashing based on an assumptions is so not in. Mom bashing in general is so not in. Support your fellow moms. 

Let’s be friends.

4 thoughts on “Every Mom Life Is Different.

  1. Thank you fore sharing your journey!!

  2. Always choose kindness. You never know the hardships others are going through.

  3. such an interesting post — great read.

  4. I enjoyed reading this interview! Life is different for everyone, especially Moms.

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