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Toddler 101: Road trips with toddlers made easier.

We all know that traveling with toddlers isn’t the most fun. They get restless and tired from being confined to their car seat and then morph into demons. Don’t worry though; I’m here to help you make traveling with your toddler better for everyone in the car.
Dress Them Comfortably
Dress them in something easy like, sweatpants or leggings. Would you want to sit in a car seat for hours in jeans? I think not. If it’s cold out, loose long sleeves, but remember to not put your child in the car seat with a big poofy jacket on!! My daughter is always messing with her shoes like they are bothering her when she’s in the car, so I put her in slippers for long car rides and she doesn’t fuss with them.

This is a lifesaver for me and my daughter. Having Hotspot helps too but it isn’t necessary. You can download movies on the tablet from Netflix before hand for your road trip. Unfortunately for me, my daughter likes to watch videos on YouTube so I use my entire Hotspot data on her. There are also a ton of fun learning app that you can download as well. Don’t forget the tablet charger!
Comforting Items
When going on a road trip with my daughter, bringing the things that comfort her helps tremendously. I bring my daughter’s blanket and one of her favorite babies. I really bring her blanket to prop her head up when she falls asleep. Lol
THEY ARE ALWAYS HUNGRY AND ALWAYS WANT SNACKS! I bring granola bars, fruit, cheerios, juice and water. Don’t forget the spill-proof cup! For thanksgiving, I made toddler trail mix which is perfect for road trips with kids. I shall leave the link…Here . I’m telling you, kids love this. My 14 year old step son was eating it too.
Take Frequent Breaks
Make frequent stops so your kids don’t get restless or get leg cramps is essential. I know this delays your trip time but trust me, it’s better to be late than to have a miserable toddler in the car. Besides, when traveling with toddlers you should of planned beforehand to take frequent breaks.
Trolls Soundtrack
Whatever movie or TV show your kid is into right now, they change often, bring the soundtrack. My daughter is into the movie Trolls right now and absolutely loves the soundtrack. Anytime we’re in the car and a “Trolls” song comes on, she sings and dances.
Have fun on your next road trip with your little’s and make sure you are prepared. I highly suggest making the toddler trail mix! 😉

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