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Toddlers 101: Guide To Toddler Proofing Your Life.

For all you first time mom’s,
If you think your new crawler gets into everything, you haven’t seen nothing yet. Toddlers, they run. They run and jump and climb like freaking ninjas. You think I’m kidding? Come watch my 2 year old for an hour. Hahahaha. Don’t worry though, there are ways to toddler proof your life. I’m not gonna lie, there is no accurate method to 100% toddler proof.

Safety Gates
These are perfect for rooms with no doors, like the kitchen, unless you have an odd shaped kitchen. It seems like the kitchen is my daughters favorite room other than the bathroom. Thank goodness the bathroom has a door. Lol. Speaking of bathroom doors, this brings me to my next item…

Doorknob/Handle Safety Locks
I haven’t had to buy these yet because the knobs we have, Averie can’t open yet. She can however open the door handles that you just have to pull down. Found that out when we went to visit my Grandma out of state and Averie opened the front door and walked out. She didn’t get very far, but she kept going back to that door the rest of the day once she figured out how easy it was to open it. Lol.

Cupboard Locks
These are essential! Especially for the cleaning supplies cupboard. Unless you plan on following your toddler around the house 24/7. There isn’t a cupboard that my daughter doesn’t try to get in. The pan cupboard is her favorite. If you keep pans in a low cupboard like I do, I highly suggest locking that one too. Averie dropped a glass pan lid on her foot once. Nothing that her Mama couldn’t kiss and make better but it could have caused a serious injury.

Toilet Locks
Yes, I am suggesting to lock your toilets. Toddlers LOVE to put things in the toilet and flush. They also think it’s a fun water table and love to splash in it. The other day, my husband didn’t shut the door to our room, which I constantly remind him to do and Averie disappeared and we found her in our bathroom, sticking all her toys in the toilet, saying she was giving them a bath…

Toddler Sippy Cups That REALLY ARE SPILL PROOF
I cannot express enough how much I love these cups. The kids drink from them like a regular cup but it has a rubber thing at the top that makes it spill proof. My daughter thinks it’s a “Big person” cup so she loves it. Warning: Cup becomes non-spill proof when thrown at wall or ground in a tantrumous rage.

All of these toddler proofing items are awesome and work great. Tip: If your child is a climber and the safety gates are nothing for them, get two and put one on top of the other. Oh, and don’t even bother buying shelves. They will climb those. Toddlers are ninjas AND monkeys. Not a good combo.

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