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Dear Stay at home moms, I give you props.

The other day, My friend Ashley Moore wrote a blog post, called, Dear working moms, We struggle too. I thought I’d write a response post to hers.
For the first year of my daughter’s life, I was a SAHM. Today, I have a full time job, working 40 hours a week., and yeah, being away from my kid is hard but honestly, in my opinion, being a SAHM is harder by far!
For all of you (dads included) who think staying home with the kids is a cake walk, you must have some screws loose! It’s hard. It’s physical, emotionally and mentally hard. No joke. Don’t get me wrong, I loved being home with my daughter- I got to see most if not all of her firsts which is amazing, but being a SAHM doesn’t just consist of experiencing your babies firsts. It requires cleaning, feeding, more cleaning, diaper changes, laundry, more feedings, more laundry (laundry is never ending by the way), cooking, more cleaning, doctors appointments (alone, which are awful when your little is getting shots), and so on and so forth. If the mom is a breast feeding mom, then you can just forget about the other house work that needs to be done. Their babies will be attached to them pretty much most of the day or they are pumping and if you think breast feeding moms can just clean in between feedings, you are wrong. Breast feeding is so draining. There’s barely any sleeping, so you best believe that these moms are going to sleep for the short periods of time in between feedings while their little’s are asleep instead of doing laundry or dishes. Sorry, not sorry.
Now, let’s talk about the social life of a SAHM. Yeah… It’s non-existent. When I was a SAHM, I was eager for my husband to get home to hear about about his day, tell him about the color or physical appearance of our child’s poop that day, or pretty much anything. It’s hard to hang out with your friends who don’t have kids and sometimes just as hard to hang out with your friends who are moms because like Ashley said, sometimes things don’t always align right.

I give major props to the SAHM’s. I do honestly believe that your job is harder. I can say this because, I’ve been where you’re at. I’ve felt what you feel. I know how lonely and tiring it is. I know how lame you feel for knowing every song from Mickey mouse club house or whatever your child’s favorite show is. Trust me, I do know.

As much as I love my daughter, I wouldn’t choose to be a SAHM again. I like getting up at 5am and being to work by 6am every morning. I enjoy the wind down drives home. Honestly, I like missing my daughter. I love the excitement I get from my daughter when I get home from work. I love all the welcome home hugs and kisses she gives me.
For those SAHM’s who have more than one kid, you ladies deserve an award for staying home and still putting a smile on your face while pretending you aren’t close to losing your sanity. You deserve a weekly paycheck and your own show on TLC. You are the real supermoms.

For all of you who hasn’t been a stay at home parent for more than a few months or hasn’t been one at all, watch what you say to those parents who have. They work hard too. They don’t get paid. They often miss meals and rarely sleep more than 2 hours at a time and unfortunately, often go days without showering. Be compassionate and understanding. Whether you are a SAHM or  a WM, we’re all moms. Let’s lift each other up and be there for each other.

With love,
A former SAHM who is now a WM.

Read my friend, Ashley’s blog.

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