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Averie is Two!

It seems like it was just yesterday that I was in the hospital having Averie and now, she’s two years old! Time does fly. I don’t like it.

Averie has her own little sassy personality and she is so intelligent in so many ways. Let me just tell you, terrible two’s are in full force with this one. It’s to the point where I refrain from taking her in public… Except for Walmart. There’s always kids throwing fits in Walmart, so she fits right in there. The best termĀ  still to be used for Averie is Sour patch Kid. She can be so grumpy and mean and scream in your face but then gives you a hug, asks for a “Kissey” and tells you she loves you.
Averie is a good mixture of both Mommy and Daddy. She’s a girly girl who loves to wear pretty things and loves glitter but is also a tomboy who loves her brother, dirt and just to be messy.
She’s like a little tornado, honestly. She can destroy a room in minutes, but luckily, she is just like her mama and likes to clean. Most of the time, I can get her to clean up her mess. I did get her a kid cleaning set for Christmas. Hahahaha.
Averie has become a very picky eater. Her favorites right now are string cheese, pizza lunchables, anything pasta and pouches (Applesauce in a pouch). She’ll try new things sometimes and like it that day, but then hate it the next day. It all depends on her mood. Oh, her favorite thing to ask for is a snack, meaning fruit snacks. There was one day where she only wanted fruit snacks. All day. At least they are made from all “natural fruit juices”. This is how I make myself feel better about allowing my kid to eat fruit snacks for breakfast and lunch; all natural fruit juices.Ā 
Averie’s pediatrician toldĀ me that she is advanced with her vocabulary. She was saying full understandable sentences at 18 months old. She says:
-Please Mama, Daddy, Gee-ma or whoever else she is addressing
-Thank you and you’re welcome
-Why are you crying?
-What’s wrong? Are you okay?
-I love you
-Where did so and so go?Ā 
-See you later
-Can I have my tablet, please?

She’s just so smart. She still gibbers, but honestly, I think she mostly does it just to hear herself talk and for me to ask her what the heck she is saying. Lol.

So I use to be so against giving my kid any electronic device at young ages, but one day she was throwing a major tantrum and nothing was calming her down so, I turned Mickey Mouse on my phone and handed it to her and it was like she already knew how to use my phone. I never use to let her play with my phone. I think kids now areĀ programmed to know how to use an electronic device. Now, she has her own tablet which is actually beneficial to her. It’s helped her learn her numbers, letters and colors. She can count to 10 on her own and she knows most of her colors. She can sing nursery rhymes and her favorite right now is, Head, shoulders, knees and toes. She even knows the moves for that song. She only watches and plays educational things.
Overall, my daughter has grown incredibly and has learned so much. I can’t believe she is already two years old. Just the other day, I put her down for a nap in her room and after 10 minutes, I hear someone talking and it sounded like my step daughter but it was just Averie and I here. Averie was having a full on conversation with her baby. Like actual sentences and words.
Seriously, enjoy them while they are little. They really do grow so fast. From cuddles and formula to tantrums and wiping boogers on you, over night it seems like.Ā 

Happy birthday sweet baby girl. I love you more than words could ever describe and I wouldn’t change a hair on your head. I’m not going to lie, I have thought about a baby straight jacket a few times. Don’t judge me people.

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