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I need to be more consistent…

I started this blog around two-ish years ago I think, because I like to write and share my ideas, which I still do but how on earth am I suppose to remember to do it consistently?!

My Life has been so hectic these past few months that maybe the thought of blogging about it slips my mind..? Can I still use the excuse, ‘Pregnancy brain’ even though my daughter is 13 months old?!
I get these random urges to blog but then either draw a blank and end up staring at my computer screen for 45 minutes or I just have so many ideas and end up getting overwhelmed and say, ‘forget it, I’ll do this later’… *2 months later*  

I love doing this so it should’t be so difficult, right?

*Gives self motivational pep talk*

I have some pretty interesting ideas for future posts, if I can remember to keep up on them.
I’m thinking more inspirational posts because we could always use more of this kind of stuff in this world, right?

Maybe some DIY crafts, Easy dinner ideas, random interviews about various topics and just some other random things I might think of. Why? Because being a mom, a lot of random things happen, that’s why.

I would like you’re guys input though.
What would you guys like to read about?
What would you guys like to see? 
Please, do tell me.
I’m a mom and wife of many random talents that I am willing to share with you.


 Her smile is contagious, isn’t it?


I just absolutely love the crap out of my kid.

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