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Happy first Birthday to my Baby Girl

Today is a bittersweet day for me. My baby girl is one year old. My pregnancy went by so fast and her first year did as well. She has such a personality already. She is sassy but sweet. The best way I can describe her is by saying she is a sourpatch kid. She will yell at me but then give me kisses.

Her Likes:

  • Music
  • Tarzan
  • Doc Mcstuffins
  • Shoes
  • Baby Cheetos
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Spaghetti
  • Bath time
  • Her brother
  • Brother’s room
  • Her babies (Stuffed animals)
  • Bracelets
  • Anyone’s bellybutton
  • My lips Lol
  • DVD Shelves

 Her Dislikes:

    • The word “No”
    • Peas
    • When anyone walks away from her
    • When shes locked out of the kitchen
    • When we won’t let her eat dog food
    • Basically when she doesn’t get her way
    It’s amazing how much babies learn in just one year. She is already so smart. She was saying “Mom” & “Dada” around 8 months old. Today, on her birthday, she stood up on her own for the first time…of course I was not in the room when she did it and her daddy didn’t have time to record it. *Sigh* She has refused to try and stand. She wouldn’t even straighten out her legs when we tried to help her stand. I know she will do it when she is ready to.
    What She has learned recently:
    • How to wave. She actually waves at people the right way and not at herself like most babies do at first.
    • She says, “Ohhh Cool!”, “Pretty”, “Haaay”, “Bath” and her own little word that I have no idea what it means, “Bacah”. 
    • If you ask her where her Piggies are, she will point to her toes and if you ask her where her nose is, she will point to that too. We are working on the rest. 
    • She does the “Roll em” part of patty cake.
    She learns things pretty fast actually. Her papa taught her how to say “Pretty” and she got it in one day. 
    I couldn’t have asked for any better in a daughter. She just puts a smile on everyone’s face. She dances all the time and she makes sure everyone is watching. Today we were talking to a police officer and she wouldn’t stop staring at him. He waved at her and she got this huge grin and waved back. 
    She is so entertaining. She will laugh if she hears anyone else laugh. She still does her little fake cough that her Papa taught her but it works to get her to open her mouth when I am trying to feed her. 
    This year went by too quickly for me. I remember having her like it was just yesterday and now she’s one!!! I am super proud of who she is and that I get to be her mama. I do have to admit, she does have my attitude (Poor Erich. LOL). I think she has qualities from both mama and daddy equally. She’s sassy like me and stubborn like Erich. some people say her eyes look like her dad’s and her mouth looks like mine. I don’t know. lol. But everyone tells me that she looks exactly like her brother did when he was her age! 
    A bit of advice to mamas with newborns & mamas to be, Hold your baby close, any chance you can. Cuddle with them whenever you can. Pick them up when they cry as often as you feel.  Don’t listen to others when they tell you to “not spoil your baby”. When they get older, they won’t always want to cuddle or be held and it’ll break your heart. Your babies don’t stay babies forever, so let them be babies. Don’t let anyone tell you how to parent or make you feel like you aren’t “doing it right”. 
    My Baby is One. *Sobbing*

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