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Who inspires you?

I have decided to do something different since this is a new year. I am going to do monthly posts about people who inspire me.
This month’s Inspiration I have chosen¬†
Shannon Fleming.
Weight loss Journey January 2nd, 2016 and ongoing
Exactly a year between the 2 pictures.
Starting weight 248.6 & Now 177.9
70.7 Lbs lost!!
I Interviewed Shannon about her journey, here is what I asked her.
1. What made you decided to go on your weight loss journey?
2. Was it challenging getting started?
3.What steps did you take to continue your journey? 4. What was the hardest part? 5. Who are your biggest supporters and how did they encourage you? 6. If you could give any advice to someone having a hard time with losing weight, what would it be?
Shannon- 3 years ago, I went through all the pre op work to have the sleeve surgery. I backed out a week before because I was scared that I would lose too much weight and not have any control over it. At that time, we were busy so I put my weight loss on the back burner. Fast forward to December 2015, I said that I was going to start my weight loss journey to lose 20 pounds before having my 2nd back surgery. I started by replacing 2 of my meals with protein shakes and having a light dinner. As I got into a routine of what I was eating, I added walking to my routine. I started seeing results, but didn’t know what I had lost until my annual visit at the gynecologist. I had lost 18 pounds in 2 months by walking and watching what I eat. Once I got into a daily routine of my new lifestyle, I didn’t look back. It has been pretty easy since I started to be honest. As I started losing more weight, I was really motivated to keep going so after I hit 20 pounds lost, I didn’t stop. I have completely changed my eating habits. It isn’t a diet for me. It’s a lifestyle change. I’ve been overweight since my early 20’s. I got married, we started a family and as the years passed I started gaining weight. I never stepped on a scale or watched what I ate. I didn’t eat a lot, it was what I was eating that was the problem. As you get older, you think about what’s important for your future. I want to be here on this earth as long as i can so I can see our daughter grow up and start her own family. I want to be here for our future grand kids. We’re working to secure her future so she never has to worry about anything, so I want to be as healthy as possible to make that happen. I want to explore the world because there’s so much out there to see. Life is too short. My husband has been extremely supportive during my journey. He’s still getting used to seeing me smaller than I’ve been in years. He walks with me and cooks some of my food when I meal prep. If we only need one thing at the store, we will get it but walk the entire store. Sometimes we walk the store multiple times. We go to the mall quite often now just to get exercise. Our daughter, Amaya loves to walk now as well and we have a girls night out shopping to go exercise. They also eat the foods I cook for when I meal prep. I have them looking at nutrition labels now, which they never did before. They tell me how proud they’re of me. I’m so thankful to have such loving and supportive people in my life. I started using the S Health app on my phone when I started my weight loss journey. It’s fun to see how many steps you can get in one day and to beat your step record. My record right now is 51k steps for one day. We got the last 20k by walking the Las Vegas strip. The first 30k was from shopping and walking my treadmill. Sometimes, we’ll go to Fremont just to walk on our date night. Seeing the changes as time goes on has been something I’m still getting used to. Especially my collarbones. I’ve lost 10 pants sizes in one year. A size 18 to a size 8. I went from a 3x tops to size small and medium. I post pictures on social media and found that this has been helpful for others trying to start their own journey. For someone struggling to lose weight, I would tell them to not set goals that are unrealistic. I only set one goal in the beginning and that was to lose 20 pounds. Now my next goal is 100 pounds. I’m currently at 70.7 lbs lost in one year. I don’t get frustrated when there isn’t a change on the scale. I’ve went a week without losing any weight and lost inches so the scale isn’t the only thing you should go by. Staying positive is the biggest thing. If you lose a 1/2 pound, that’s fantastic. It adds up.”
Here are some photos of Shannon during her journey, showing her amazing progress.


Shannon- “May 2015 on the left and today on the right. So crazy! – 58.5 lbs”


Shannon- “Exactly one year between pics. -66.5 lbs. in 11 months and 3 weeks.”


Shannon- “This is what a size 8 looks like compared to a size 18. 10 sizes in 11 months. I’m still amazed. I was mainly a size 16, but these were my biggest pants that used to fit.”
Shannon’s portioned Christmas plate.
Shannon- “November 2015 vs. November 2016. It wraps around me now and I can fit both arms in one sleeve. -61.4 lbs in 10 months.”


Shannon- “Left pic is from 2013. Right pic is today. -63.5 lbs.”


Shannon- “Didn’t have a full body before pic in this, but this is the after. This fit me last year.”


2014 vs 2016

I have been watching Shannon’s journey/Progress on Facebook for the last few years and her motivation has really inspired me. What she is doing isn’t easy but somehow her motivation is still going strong. She hasn’t had any of the weight loss surgeries, done any of the weight loss programs or dieting pills. She did this on her own. Women now come to her for help and motivation on how to lose weight. Shannon you are a huge inspiration, not just for those struggling with weight loss, but for those who have a hard time staying motivated. You inspire me to keep going, to stay motivated in what I want to accomplish.

Thank you for being such a huge inspiration!

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