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Sick Baby’s first Christmas.

Nothing is worse than seeing your almost one year old miserable. Averie got sick on Friday the 23rd and continued to be sick for about week. She was full blown sick on Christmas and was just miserable the entire day. [She did feel okay enough to enjoy opening her presents and played with them for maybe 20 minutes.] She didn’t sleep through the night for the whole week she was sick and just wanted to sleep with her mama! She woke up crying anytime she fell asleep, had diarrhea and had a fever. Needless to say, Every part of her sickness was just miserable for everyone. Luckily she is feeling much better and is back to her happy playful self. Thank the lord. 

Doesn’t she just look miserable?! We had lots of extra cuddles that whole week.
This was the first time that she has ever been sick so naturally, I was freaking out, especially when she had a fever that just kept coming back. Gotta love baby Tylenol. 
So of course, everyone spoiled Averie. Our house is filled with toys that we have no room for. Her Uncle Shair & Aunt Maria got her this Bouncer which she absolutely loves. If you tell her, “Averie, bouncy bouncy.” she gets all excited and starts bouncing. Maybe this will help her to want to stand because she still won’t do that. lol
We went to her godparents (Todd & Tina) house on Christmas and of course, they got her things too. She got books for her godparents got her books which she is really interested in now. She even “reads” (Baby gibber) while she turns the pages. Her god sister (Karissa) got her a really cute pink kitty that plays music. Omg, Averie just loves that thing. She hugs it and dances to the music. Karissa is her BFF for sure.
[We talked to Todd & Tina yesterday and I guess they are all sick over there. My kid got them sick.]


Averie got lots of toys and clothes from everyone. She got more stuff then I know what to do with. She got 2 toys from us, 2 toys and a ball pit from my dad and sister, a stocking full of toys from my mom, more toys from her sisters mom… Note to self: Get a bigger toy box. I’m pretty sure she enjoyed the wrapping paper and boxes more than the toys. She normally doesn’t like anything on her head but my mom stuck the bow on her head and she was too sick to even care. 

 I really didn’t get any pictures of her with anyone else other than my dad because she was just too miserable. She use to be terrified of my dad and would cry if he even look at her so I am so happy when I am able to get a picture of the two of them.
So after Christmas My good friend Marcellus and his Fiance were here to visit. Marcellus has been my best friend since 8th grade [Even though he doesn’t remember that]. Him and his fiance moved to Colorado 3 days after I had Averie and weren’t able to meet her until  last week. Marcellus naturally has a loud voice so I thought for sure Averie would be scared of him but I was wrong. She actually reached for him and sat on his lap and let him read her book to her. Cutest thing ever. 
I wish I could say that I took a family Christmas picture but I would be lying. With Averie being sick, I kind of just forgot. Oops. I hardly took any photos actually. Shame on me. lol
Averie just wanted me to hold her the entire day.  I really wish I would of gotten pictures of Averie in her Christmas outfit though. I’m probably still gonna do that. lol
I hope you all had an amazing Christmas. We did [Besides Averie being sick of course]. 

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