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California trip part 3/ Utah Trip.

I know I went to California like 3 or 4 weeks ago so this is a bit late but, better late than never right?

So the day we were leaving California, we stopped at the Calm Museum. It’s an animal museum in Bakersfield. Averie loved it. She got to pet and feed animals.

I think my husband had more fun feeding the animals than Averie did. 
This duck was the only brave one that came completely out of the water to eat out of our hands. 
On our way to California, we saw this cool looking train tunnel. I wasn’t able to get a picture of it on the way there but Erich made sure I had my camera ready when we were leaving. 
Even though all we did was visit a museum while we were there (Other than Erich training), we enjoyed being out of Las Vegas for a week. It was great to see different scenery for a change and not see the Las Vegas strip.

We had a nice 6 days in California!

We got back to Las Vegas on Friday night and then went to Toquerville Utah the next morning to see my grandma (Averie’s great grandma) whom my husband has never met. We enjoyed our time with my grandma and My cousin, Savannah who Averie took too real quick. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of My daughter and my cousin together but I did get one of Averie with her great grandma.

We spent so much time in the car that week. Averie did so good with the car rides to and from but when we got home from Utah, she wanted nothing to do with the car for days. Can’t say I blame her, I didn’t either.

I cannot say enough how important it is to spend time with your family. They aren’t going to be around forever. I am thankful that Averie and I got to go with Erich on his work trip to California and I am especially thankful that Erich got to meet more of my side of the family and that we got to spend some time with them. 

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